Sep 29, 2010

WNWNWed #2

It is Waste Not Want Not Wednesday#2
We are using what is in our hands or doing without today. 
I must have learned this phrase growing up because it is ingrained into my fibers.  Actually, it drives my family batty that I always have a pile of stuff I'm saving to use for something; the kids and Hubby are baffled????  What? you are gonna do what with that?? lol

Kleenex box..empty and ready for the trash...
They come in such cute, stylish and sometimes seasonal decor. 
It is your money on that cardstock quality box. 
You already spent that money and if it is not crushed by a basketball-dunking-teenage son who wants to make 3 points on it, then you can FREEcycle a bit of it. 
Kleenex brand spent serious $$ conceptualizing those boxes.
I'll have to show ya'll something I've done with the oval 1s that are kinda new.

Are ya just gonna throw it out?  Not me..
I was able to get a few scallop circles and some rectangular pieces from this box before disposing of it.  I've gotten some awesome pieces from catolog covers in parchment paper; James Avery is a local jewelry store that my boys and Hubby get me charms from for my bracelet.  I love cutting that front and back cover up.  It comes in a different color about 4 times a year. :) I use them for tags for gifts, 3-D altered art pieces.  Sometimes I double stick tape them together so both sides are pretty & sometimes the backside is what I write on.

What ya got??


  1. Scrap booking is really a very conservative hobby if you know how to recycle like you do! I found your Christmas blog today and am a follower now. I want to participate in your Christmas meme...I'm such a Christmas lover!

    Have a wonderful day,
    Doris and Gizzy!

  2. What a wonderful idea! You've totally inspired me. I'm going to start cutting up those things for tags. :)

  3. Great idea and a woman after my own heart! I save the boxes and put small bags, large bags etc in them. I like the idea of using for tags and such.

    Joined up with your party but I am not sure it worked- I don't see it on the post.

  4. Like MaryEllen I use my tissue box to hold plastic grocery bags I use in my bathroom trash can. I bought a bunch of handkerchief's on ebay so I no longer buy tissues. Though I would if one of us got the flu or a really bad cold. Wouldn't want to spread those germs.


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