Dec 28, 2010

Blessings abound

I'm changing my blog decor& banner a little.
And we've been playing at the new house too.  We found a fitting table for the breakfast nook.  It was meant to be here.  Also, my Mom loved her 3 tiered desert tray (we put it together & used it here) that we gave to her for Christmas.  She could not believe such a treasure existed to match her Santa dish set.  It was great fun watching her open all 3 special serving pieces.  She got the tiered, a gravy boat & utensil pot.

Mom & I used a Paula Deen recipe to spruce up our Christmas spiral ham.  It was basically whole cloves and pineapple & cherries all added to make it pretty and sweet tasting.  I found the recipe on Food Network site.  Of course, we glazed it too. 

Jack Beagle had fun playing with my brother's bulldog pup...Moose!  My brother spent $1,800 for this dog!!  We outfitted our entire man-cave game room for that kind of money..that is another story for another blogging day!

My buddy that gave us the nutcracker giant suprised us and popped in on Christmas night.

It is feeling more and more like home here at Beagle Run Way!!
I wish you all a Happy New Year too!

Checking out the last Rednesday of 2010..
Sue Loves Cherries
She is doing a Valentines tag swap...Fun!!
Show n Tell Friday at My Romantic Home

Dec 23, 2010

Christmas is in the air!!

Can you feel it!!  Christmas Spirit...Peace on Earth...Goodwill to fellow man!!
It is palatable this time of year!!, Huh.
You cannot possibly know what you mean to me if you are a blogging buddy of mine!!
Merry Christmas to you and yours!!
Denise Marie

Dec 22, 2010

Martha Stewart is everywhere

Has anyone else noticed that Martha Stewart continuously expands her universe?  We all know she can bake and throw a mean party but I have seen her in new frontiers lately.  I found drawer pulls at Home Depot for my Master bathroom in the Martha Stewart line.

I also used her huge ornaments for outdoor decor this season.  Non-breakables are great.
got them at The Home Depot too. 
Need more...hope to find them 1/2 off.

I've been taping her show again lately and she had a giving episode today and I found a great resource blog that was featured:  What Gives 365...  This amazing woman's Dad died and left them their inheritance and she began giving.  She spent a year giving $100/day to various charities all over the world.

“To do good, you actually have to DO something.”  ~Yvon Chouinard

Martha Stewart and her universe of products, it can be a good thing.  :)

I don't feel complete unless I'm giving. 
I still owe a blog swap gift and Cindy @ RickRack & Gingham a paper delivery.  Fibro has me limited, but I haven't forgotten.

Dec 16, 2010

Food gifts

I love to give food gifts.  It takes a lot of organization the way I do it and I can't do it all the way I plan it in my head!!  :)
This was the 1st time I've done pretzel rods. 
It was a blast!! 
I found the pretzel bags and candy melts at JoAnn's fabric and the pretzel tub at BigLot.
Jingle all the way, Baby!!  DeniseMarie

Dec 15, 2010

Happy Dec. 15th

Physical limitations are hard to respect. 
Neurological processing challenges are unexpected when they hit.. 
But, Thank you, Lord, for Blogging. JOY
At least you can feel like you've gotten out for a moment to share your world.
This is our lil scene in the front yard.  The boys are playing football everyday so I am limited on how much yard they'll allow me to use. lol

An angel, a baby Jesus (my cabbage patch kid from when I was 18) and a cow my G'ma sent from Massachusetts a decade ago. 

I love to sneak out really early am and early again pm to put the spotlight on as peeps are coming and going to work.

Look what I spied out my son's bedroom window the other day too.  Had to share with the Rednesday crowd.  Wonder what she bought..maybe a whole bedroom suite...maybe a chaise lounge or buffet for her dining room.  I didn't see what happened after they drove up.  I just thought it was a cool sighting.

Happy Rednesday!! with Sue Loves Cherries

Dec 13, 2010

Not even a mouse.

All I can say is Wowza!! 
#10 is amazing.
Fabric and yummy layer after layer on this 1.  The fabric is mouses running all over the place!!
This precious mouse was stuffed inside.  He's got a gingerbread cookie, a cool sewn tail and a bell on his hat.
Way too cute!!
what a treasured work of art!!
can't give the proper credit??  a few boxes are missing the tag with name and blog??

I'm running late with my posts, I have a swap box to send and my Fibro is thru the roof.
Just trying to breathe in and out and know it is gonna all turn out fine.

Be full of JOY!!  DeniseMarie

Dec 11, 2010

more lil treasures

Absolutely NO idea who to credit for this awesome Gingerbread Man box???
Love the layers created on this beauty.
Full of fun!  Love the ticket glued inside the pretty colored drawer.
Still need to show my son the paper doll minis..He'll think they are cool.
Kelly rocked it!

Must load more photos because 10 and 11 are so amazing too.


Dec 8, 2010

Rednesday Natecrackers

Can't miss out on Rednesday!!
Anyone remember these?
I've emptied a box (challenged by a friend) into a display case in my new entry hall.

Nate's Nutcrackers! TaDa!
If I had any gumption I would find 1 of my many crystal bowls for the bottom and dump all the lil ornament guys into it to finish the look.  We'll see if that happens. lol
Christmas Joy to see it everyday,
especially on Rednesday with Sue Loves Cherries

Dec 6, 2010


Well, the matchboxes have been established on a lil tree in the living room.
Please come over to Christ is the Heart of Christmas to see some of the discoveries.


Dec 3, 2010

Advent season is here

Hope everyone is being blessed and having a delightful Advent season!!
Linda at A Swap for All Seasons has us all able to check out the treasures as they get unwrapped and opened up all over the country.

Merry Christmas!!  DeniseMarie