Sep 29, 2009

3 Boos to You!!!

Hello Crafty Crowd

I'm on the hunt for my camera to show you how to Boo your neighbors...

I had it at Sunday's ball games and haven't spied it since.

I've got everything out and ready... just need the point and shoot thingy.

If it doesn't turn up I'll use info from the net to post later today.

I'm saying...Boo Hoo right now.

Just didn't want ya'll to think I forgot or blew it off.

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Sep 28, 2009

Boo Blue

Hey Ya'll.  It is time to make ready the yard and costumes for October.  I found a few cute shots from last year to make me laugh and roll up my sleeves to decorate the front yard for Fall.

Star Wars Clone Troopers are all the rage.
They were allowed to wear them to school for book character day.
I work the library at Nate's school and all the boys arm wrestle over checking out Star Wars books.

Different neighbor playing in the street a few hours before the big Trick or Treat event.

Happy Blue Monday!  Please check out Smiling Sally for Blue Monday to see other posts.

Sep 26, 2009

No Doubts or Anxieties?

We all have our baggage, right?  I wish, pray, hope I could get over mine...don't you.  I have so much self-doubt, anxiety and social awkwardness at times.  The Lord says not to be double minded and to be anxious for nothing...and yet I struggle.   I love the Lord with all my heart and have separated myself from the world and the flesh for the most parts.  I have these simple little issues that keep me from soaring to the heights intended for me.  And yet I am his bond servant.

He Delights in us just as we are.  We are most useful and blessed when we just are ourselves.
I find that when I need it...there he is with a "God wink"...a hug from above.  He'll show me a heart shaped cloud or leaf on the ground.  A dear friend whom I've been an encouragement to will share a story that touches me because I didn't realize I touched them.  I matter.  I matter the most when I'm full of those hang ups because that is when he seems to shine his light thru my life to others.  I just don't keep any of it for me and he still keeps using me for his own good purpose.  It baffles me!!

We gotta keep bloomin' where we are planted and shining our little bitty light and salting the earth with his glory, love, mercy, grace.  His lovingkindness is better than life.  Our rewards will be far beyond our greatest hopes.

May he fill you to overflow and may you walk in the Holy Spirit and know that you know that you matter to Him. That there are people for you to touch and influence for the lord just by being you.

I'm tagging in to Spiritual Sunday with Ginger and Charlotte to see what else is going on in the Spiritual atmosphere.

Jack wants to play too

Hey gang!  Nate saw this Jack O'lantern dog toy that I got for Jack and left in the car.
He got to go get a bath at PetSmart last week and I usually make a point of sale purchase when I'm paying for the bath. :P
Look at him He's pitiful.  I may not be a little 2 lb kitty but I can play and be cute too.

Love to ya'll!!

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she also has a Hound Dog ;D
She's gathering PetFellows to blurb about their beloved hounds on Thursdays.

Sep 20, 2009

Seedy details

Happy Monday to Ya'll!
1st item is my fun project.  I love to keep the birds fed and happy.  My hubby loves big tubs of Utz Prezels.  I also have lots of scrapbook paper and punches, ribbon and love olden china pieces...Wallaaaa...
my fun birdseed tub with china scooper.  I used left-over baby shower paper a friend gave me.  It makes me smile to think of how the birds Zoom in and out of my yard to the feeders.  I've had this odd blue tea cup
set away and my big hand fits in the jar opening.

GT 7th grade social studies class is learning about wartime hardships. 
Apparently, there were troubles getting supplies thru and Texans had to "scrape the barrels". 
They used Okra seeds that they scooped, roasted and brewed for .....Okra Coffee...
I passed on sampling.  Sounds similar to Chickory that LA puts in their coffee.

I Hope you have a blessed blue day.  :D

I know someone who is always smiling, Smiling Sally for Blue Monday go check it out.

Sep 18, 2009

Show'n Sonic

Ya'll this new family addition was suppose to be for Nate.  He got to pick him out of a litter of 7 boys.  My friend had the same thing happen that we had a few yrs. ago.  Litter...awwww, cute kitties.  What?? Another, we had to help her out, right?  Meet SONIC...

Our other logic is that Jack Beagle could use a buddy.  He is lonely when the boys are at school.
Right now....Jack is skeptical and feels neglected.
Sonic is rockin' that $1 store red, black and silver blingy collar.

SUCKER!!  But, he loves me and is sooooo cute and sweet.  He woke me up with a kiss on the nose just this am and he'll look all over the house for me and take a nap near ME!  Nate tries to sleep with him but Sonic just meows at the door for escape.  9yr olds are a little too rough.

The afternoon after we got him I woke up from a little nap and there he was at my legs on the comforter. 
This comforter is starting a whole new look in my mastersuite!  I've been saving things to go with it for a long time.  I'll show ya'll some stuff next week. ;D  I love Toile and vintage anything.

Jake tried to act all pre-teen and uninterested...but look at him with Sonic.
Jury is still out with Jack Beagle.  But, this is what we look like when we are trying to pet both. ;P
That is the bedspread I've had for yrs. from Christopher Lowell's line...LOVE IT!! 
It is called Asian Loom but I feel like it looks like Victorian, vintagy thistle.

Can ya'll believe all the new toys and stuff you can get for your pets?  This is a litter box.  Remember the
$1 box...not anymore?  This thing looks like an egg or igloo or space toy.  He gets in there and whirls around and around chasing his tail and then jets out with a Sonic blast.  Boooyaa....

Isn't he a cute lil' stinker?  I had to get out the sharpie markers and mark his turf.   Which is the funniest thing to tell ya'll.  The biggest sucker of all of us is hubby!!  He went to the pet store and got him all kinds of stuff including the litter area.  He swore this was strickly an outside cat...not welcome in the house. 
Hummmm, that took, didn't it? 

Well, girlies...I've tagged into Show and Tell Friday with Kelli (fellow Texan) and will try to do

Man Cat Monday with Cindy.
Oh my...hound dog Thur too.  I think I see a post coming on.

Ear/Sinus infection still clearing up...this antibiotic better kill all the yuckies so I can blog better!!

Love to ya...can't wait to show something vintagy next week.  Was I born in the wrong century
or something?  xox!

Sep 15, 2009

Turkey feathers?

Here is some of my boys Turkey art that I love that stays in the Fall box until Nov. 1st...
So, Why are all these turkeys hanging around?!  It is His Majesty's fault. 
The $2 platter I found this summer.
Remember...I got him at a junk/resale shop in N.C.?
I also got that awesome planter that is shiny for like $2 at a junk shop in West Texas
on Hwy 287 outside of Witchita Falls one Spring Break trip.
Goodwill snag with all the right colors.  30% off too.
...splurged on 2 of these plates to coordinate at Marshall's with some mustard colored
salad plates that will match unless I can find 2 more.
This is where my brain ought to be!  Getting ready to Boo dear friends in the neighborhood.  And,
below....this is still the shape of my get it done 3 banners...
Hope ya'll are better on task than I am.  I am tuning in to 3 or more Tuesday with guest hostess Barbara Jean at The Gypsy's Corner and 2nd Time Tuesday with Diane at APicture is worth 1,000 words..  Go make sure everyone else is doin' it up right and comment galore.
Love xox!

Sep 14, 2009

I'm Blue DaBaDeeDaBaDa...

This pic is in the quaint olden town of Columbus, TX.  I took it of my hubby peeking into his favorite Train shop that was closed for Labor Day.  You can hardly see him hiding behind the street sign with his
nose to the glass.  ;D   Isn't that a beautiful white bldg with blue windows.
This pic is a tall grainery bldg in Weimar, TX right on the Hwy.  It looks so cool with the logo and the flags.
This guy flew right over our truck on the Hwy.  The parachute is gorgeous green and blue.

This is the Texas heat the we get for Fall.  80 degrees with humidity to make it feel like 95!
Hubby laughed at me taking pics on our trip...what post is THAT for?  Let him laugh..
I love starting the work/school week off with Smiling Sally's Blue Monday, she rocks!!  Please be sure to check her out and see al the other posts too.  Comments are appreciated by everyone. :0)

Sep 13, 2009

The presence of the Lord

I don't have a great scripture or poem or wonderful essay with butterflies and birds soaring today. 

I know seeing what ya'll offer will make my spirit soar.  There seems to be a weightiness in the atmosphere right the Lord is taking a deep breath before the next events.  9/11 came and went.  I don't think we packed our church houses to capacity to praise and thank him for blessing us.  I don't think we quite understand what is to come very soon.  I can't find the words to pray so I sing to him lately.  At very random times...I just sing and dance to him.  Maranatha Lord, we love you!

He loves us sooooo much.  He gives us our hearts desire when we love and serve him.  He gave me a kitty to comfort me.

Sep 10, 2009

Fall'n in Love with Autumn

Come on's a Fall Cloche Party, hostess is Marty at
A Stroll Thru Life.  I'm not sure who's been more excited about all of this her or all of us.
Last count is 83 participants.
This is the entry way console and my glass pumpkin jar that has Werther's Caramel candies.
Help yourself.
This is the real cloche in the house! 
We got it in North Carolina at the furniture market when we got our leather couches. 
It was love at 1st sight.  Made in Portugal. :P
I tried to stuff my fabric pumpkins up in there, it is harder than it looks, girls.
Let's move into the Mastersuite to my dresser.  I have a found objects jar going.
Lil fella loves to pick stuff off the ground from Nature.
Those are my wine corks and I found the Hawk feather at the farm this summer.
These are acorns, rocks, pecans, moss...finds of Nate the Great.  He collected an entire cup full of acorns at baseball wonder's game last Fall.  No, I don't sneak this stuff into the trashcan like my friends do.
I promised him he can keep adding stuff all Fall too.
Just above Blog Land Port o' Bliss!
I had to show ya'll Lil Fella's Jack O' Lantern globe. : < }
I think the big Cloche looks better here and it won't get banged into or broken.  The little pumpkin orange garland of leaves looks good on the empty birds nests..birds and babies have flown away.
This is a Trick or Treat station for the boys. I am suppose to make lemonade or Apple Cider in this.
I keep it set up with their ice cream and dessert fix'ns.
I hope you can see the Snoopy Cider and Country Living caramel apple dipping sauce. 
There is also a bat lurking on the cider spout and Pumpkin seeds in the Ball jar.
I gotta get in close to gross ya'll out with the blood-shot eyeball gumballs. (Marshall's)
Some of ya'll don't have to deal with pre-teen boys, they eat this stuff up!harharhar :D
My precious apple cake plate that Hubby splurged on 1 yr. serving up green apples
that need to be dipped in caramels and rolled in nuts...where are those sticks?
This is a cheese dome and mirror ensemble with pears and green apple. 
Look at my baby cloche with Riesen chocolate candies
I had NO idea what it was for until I saw a fellow Dishy using it for a butter pat.
It is from Princess House, my mom gave it to me last year.
My favorite stamp w/orange background.
I would most certainly not be this far along in Fall decor without Marty's enthusiasm.
I wish you Autumn Joy to fill your heart, home and life. xox!!

Labor Day tables

Ya'll we went to Schlitterbaun, New Braunsfel, TX for Labor Day!!  It is an amazing hill country area in the heart of Texas and world renowned waterpark.
Susan, I promise I'll have lovely tablescapes to show this fall and winter!  But, until then...this is one of the most expensive tables we've ever sat at but talk about convenience.  We went woohoo'n for 1.5 hrs. and then came back and snacked.  It's a good thing for a Fibromyalgia chick.  Then off we went again.
This is what I fed the gang before the waterpark adventure.  The expensive accomodations came with a kitchen so we coolered in the goodies.  Got Syrup?  we didn't...had to sprinkle with sugar.  Doesn't it look good on the simple restaurant white dishes?

Dish love to you all and I've got a fall table coming soon after the Cloche party tomorrow.  Susan has an all seasons set up for us today, Wow!...BetweenNapsOnThePorchLove...xox!  DeniseMarie

Sep 9, 2009

letters spell words too

I am late to the party...
These are front and center.  I found the W at Carolina Pottery this summer.  I've been a Block Mother
for years.  I love the kids at the Elementary and Jr. High schools I pray for with!!
I got the mat for $5 at Ross recently and have had the birdcage clock for yrs.  xox blocks. :P
Late Spring I had this Tommy Hilfiger bag monogrammed.  They did a terrific job matching the straps.
This hangs in Nate the Great's room
This is above the entry door that I must put our numbers onto.
This was a dusty blue until blog land.  I painted it cream and sharpie markered w/a stencil and added scrapbook stickers.  The boys love to be served their snacks on this. :P
scraps of  paper and some letters...needs to be updated for Fall.

Always remember to Bloom where you are planted and Pray without ceasing.  Blocks say 16 LUV because this summer was our 16th wedding anniversary.

Loverly blog party and congrats to pulling together a wonderful showing!! Go to Vintage Junky to see even more letter and number postings.  xox!