Mar 31, 2010

Eastery decor that's out

Well, 1 thing you'll learn about Beagle Run Cottage is we don't get all in a fuss about being perfect around here.  I try to put my best foot forward but usually am too busy trying to catch up on laundry.  I'm totally and utterly surrounded by perfection here in the Nasa Bay Area!!  I'm a mis-fit toy!!  Here is what I managed to put out.  I seem to always dream bigger than I can achieve.

I enjoyed most of the day out in the backyard on Monday.  We had a teacher~in~service day and me and lil guy picnic'd and sat out in the beautiful weather. 

I stuck a bunny from the front yard back here by my backdoor in this fun Spring planter.  I used the 2 cotton bowls that have been out here since fall.  Look at Jack Beagle watching the fun.  He wants that bunny.

Here comes Peter Cottontail...hoppin' down the bunny trail..
Hippity...Hoppity...Easter's on it's way!

Still in works but getting closer to spring decor here at my backdoor.

I love this tiny vignette to the left of my craft room desk.

At my front door.  Can ya'll see why I never get to show you this tabletop in never happens?  I can only seem to perfect 1 little vignette at a corner at a time.  I have to keep a candy dish up here to keep the dozen neighbor kids from running all thru my house.  They all think they live here or something.
Looks like the Easter tree is not gonna happen this season even with all ya'lls gorgeous posts and my new egg house ornament.

I thought I'd put that lamb's ear in this lamb but instead I put some allysum.
The same day I played in the backyard I was making bunny baskets!!
I love to get gifts together.  The 2 bunnies went to prayer partners.
I have 2 "dumpster dives" to show ya'll today.  This potting bench was 2 doors down at the curb and I made hubby help me drag it to Beagle Run Cottage a number of years ago.

I stopped at my fav cottagey curb on the way home from baseball batting cages last night and put this in the back of my vehicle.  LOL!!  It looks just as aged as my door.  I still need to work all the details out here.  I want to hang a sign on it...BLOOM
I hid this little bowl in my craftroom so I would NOT put it in a basket to give.  We need some chocolate around here too.  I heard some bunny nibbles while oldest was waiting for carpool to show and now I realize he probably took a cadbury egg and I KNOW he ate a fruit roll-up.  I saw the paper fodder after he was gone.
Sneaky, naughty rabbit...kinda like our naughty beagle who eats the cat's food.  I better hide that little bowl better. 
Glare alert.  My high school friend stitched this and got bored of it.
It makes me think of this scripture I have on a t-shirt:
Behold, I tell you a mystery: 
We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed.
                                ~1 Cor. 15:51
Now, my dears, you may go into the fields or down the lane, but don't go into Mr. McGregor's garden.
I got this sweet little picture for $1 at a resale shoppe.  The Potter image is on porcelain
I captured a bunny to mesmerize me when I'm sitting on the couch.  You'd think I'd get up and worry over the messy bookshelves and superglue the IKEA cabinet door back on.  Not happening yet.

Well, forgive the dust bunnies and unpreparedness and you'll be welcome to Beagle Run Cottage any ol' time!  Even when I know for weeks that I have a party date hoppin' around happenin'...

That's all Peeps!!
looks like they are building a pyramid to escape out the top hatch.
xox, DeniseMarie

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Mar 29, 2010

Spring blooms galore

I had to go back to the car for the camera when I saw this field of yellow wild~flowers.  It is so un-expected right in the middle of a park where oldest was practicing baseball.
Simply gorgeous..girls, I wanted to roll in them!

You can kinda make the field out in the background here.  I was busy focusing on these pink blooms.  It is so magical to see the brilliance of colors in a bleak or stark surrounding of dead grass and dead looking trees.

Have you gals ever seen Texas Bluebonnets?  This year I'm just gonna ditch dive for photos here running errands and staying close to home.  Me and youngest son are gonna take Jack Beagle to the dog park soon and I'm gonna brave the dangerous street for up close photos of the bluebonnets.  Can't wait to post on that outing.  Ya'll are gonna love our dog park.  It is some good that came out of the hurricanes that have torn thru our area in the last few years.

These were planted at a Dr.s office on my way to get gas.

These were at the gas station while my car was filling up...gulp, gulp, gulp.  I love it when they are in totally unexpected places.  I almost slammed on the brakes yesterday to get ya'll a picture of Buttercups.  They are sweet pink bowls and I've grown up admiring them around here.  My mom loves the Indian Paint brushes, they are red and look kinda like the blue bonnets.

Bloomin in the sunshine...xox, DeniseMarie

Mar 28, 2010

Vintage Love

Here ye...hear ye...Holly at Banner Haus made me a custom bloggie doggie banner!  She totally rocks!!  I love it!!

Vintage Love!! 
I have NO idea why I'm so captivated by all things vintage.  When my mom or hubby walk thru an antique mall or junk shop with me they are 3 aisles over and I'm still fascinated in the 2nd or 3rd display area.  I got this old funky door for $20 at my fav shoppe that sells stuff shipped over from Europe.  I imagine it was on a really neat cottage out in the fields somewhere quaint.  She needs some attention but I love her.
I love Joan at Anything Goes Here!!  She is 1 of my very 1st blog friends.  I won an awesome book, Blogging for Bliss, from her right off and got thrown into the incredible world of blog crafters.  Joan has the most keen eye for vintage gadgets and can re~work them to something hip and funky to display. 

I find a lot of my postcards out at antique malls or junk shops.  I won't pay much so I have to keep searching but I hit a jackpot last summer in Virginia's Eastern Shore B&B community of Cape CharlesIt was so bloomin' hot in the shop that I thought I would faint while looking thru her huge stash...but do you vintage lovers think that stopped me? 
Uuhhhh, that would be a No..
I think I forced myself to stop once I found $12 worth at a $1 each.
I didn't pay more than $2 for any of these shown:

absolutely gorgeous...
April 16, 1908~Pocomo Lake, PA
May 27, 1919~Copeville, VA

Newness of life themed...
Mar 30, 1907~Johnsville, MD
Mar 24, 1921~Chipley, FL
ye old rugged cross themed...
blow~me~away beautiful bunny and chicken themed...
Apr 10, 1909~Petersville, MD
Kitchen window (bad shot)...
April 22, 1916 South Boston
Peeps...are ya gettin' me..postcard Love!
April 17, 1922
Portsmouth, VA

I got this at a local antique shoppe.  It is vintage inspired greeting card.

Girls, I had to have this peridot vintage inspired ornament..
Nate's birthstone is Peridot!

I think I've had a thing for chickies this Spring.

This is my Easter tree last year.  See my Radkos and my sugared and velvet eggs with pictures of Hubby when he was growing up.  ;-}
OMGosh...Lamb planter!!  Got him a few years ago in Galveston, TX at a funky antique shoppe.
I always fill it with Lambs ear or alysum.
Italy Pottery!  I probably should never put dirt in it but I'm learning to enjoy my things.
These sure seem vintage to me. 
I've had them for many seasons.  Probably got them at Ross or Marshall's on clearance...after Easter 1 year.  I'm not the smartest bunny ever!!  I think I actually bought these with the Mrs. missing her ears but do you think I even noticed until this year??  that too would be a NO! lol  I've just always stopped short of noticing because I'm giggling at her cracked egg bonnet.  I gotta find some funky ol' pieces of metal to try to rig her some ears.  This is the window in front of my crafting studio.  I've lost enough plants to now re~think this area.  Gotta bring the birdies over here so I can look over at them from my desk and smile at them.  Sonic Kitty loves to perch here now...I've moved just enough stuff that he can sit and look too.

Mar 22, 2010

Cottage Entrance

I've had some time to play in the cottage and around the yard.  Let's take a few peeks at my yard and entry.
I used a bunch of Windex to be able to take this photo.  A dozen kids ring my doorbell every week so lots of fingerprints and faces against the glass.  lol

I was trying to look serious when I was spring cleaning at my front door but I kept my tongue in my cheek while I was hanging...yet another bunny on my property and labeling our home...
Beagle Run Cottage (beagles hunt bunnies). 
If I were to freshen the name of my blog it would be to this or
The West Nest.

Jack Beagle has the run of the place and the kids on my street find him out front (naughty boy) even more in Spring than we hear him barking in the back yard.  I may have hubby help me put the name on wooden plaques for the front door and the back gate.  This is just cardstock and scissors and the computer.  I need to learn how to arch the lettering??  I am between this and putting my house numbers right there like so many are doing lately.

This is his Milkbone doggie toy from Big Lots.  He loves getting new "babies" for Holidays.  If you step out back and he's sunning himself he's gonna run over to ya with a lovey for you to throw and run around the yard with him for a few minutes. (If you give a beagle a lovey...that could be the next book in the give a mouse a cookie series.)

Back inside, I got this newest bunny for $3.99 at Ross and was gonna hang it on my mailbox but decided to hang it on my front door.  I got out my green gingham wire edged ribbon (Ballard's clearance) and used it for the rigging.  I love ribbon...what girl doesn't??  I could bathe in it!

Coming up the front walk..
Left at the front door.  A hodge podge of blooms and a vintage Easter image.
Left inside the door.  My newest bird house and a sweet birdie looking for seeds.  I had to have this fabric remnant at Hancock fabric last month...Love at first sighting.  I had no idea it would be perfect for this console top.
I would sooner live in a cottage and wonder at everything than live in a castle and wonder at nothing.
~Joan Winmill Brown
Here's my garden metal bucket that is probably an ash bucket (Vintage Thingy).  I stuck the yellow stems and some hydrengea stems from Dollar Tree together.  I lost a lot of tropical climate plants in the garden so I am fauxing it up until I can get it stocked back. $$$
Look what came in the mail ...
Speaking of Bunnies and my cottage, Carey from Chicory Nits sent me a gift!!
Carey, you delighted my heart!!  Nate saw it all set up and loves them.  The sweetest little taper candles and bunny holders ever.

xox, DeniseMarie

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Mar 21, 2010

Reveal & Some Art

We put all the names in a baseball cap this weekend and out popped...
Suzie Button, who wrote:
I love blogging because it's brought into my home and life the beauty and
creativeness of women all over the world! 
Perfectly said, Suzie!!
Your package is on it's way.
Ya'll I'm so bummed!!

Things happen right...
Well, my mom gave me this cool blue and white vase several years ago and I was so excited when I saw Tina at Enchanted Rose Studio do a post on her tall florals.  Her motto is if you are gonna go faux, go big or go home.  I was so proud of these long, yellow stems I got for $1.65 each at Michael's and before I could put rocks in the bottom of the vase it fell over and made MORE mosaic pieces for a future project.  I was just about to go back out to get 3-6 more stems to really big it up and heard the smash on the patio floor.  The wind has been crazy this season for Houston.  We usually are hot and no breeze this time of year.
The Stems do look really good in an old metal garden bucket that I've also had for years.
Speaking of Art...
Art appreciation moments on the Highway around the chemical plants in SE Houston.

There are at least 4 of these heading in and out of the San Jacinto Battle field park area. 

This HUGE tanker strolled by our window at the San Jacinto Monument Inn Restaurant this weekend.
It is as big as a Cruise Ship.

The sun is shining more often in Houston, Texas...I hope where you are too.

xox, DeniseMarie