Feb 27, 2013

Master Suite touches

Waste Not Want Not Wednesday
I may figure out Mr. Linky sometime soon.  It should come back to me easily.  Here is this weeks free-cycle/re-cycle projects.
I have been working in the Master Suite since before we took possession of our new to us home 2 yrs ago.  I purchased a found object for 1/2 price, $50 and off I went on my newest tangent.  I have built the room up over time.  If you saw the canopy treatment I gave up to move...this would make sense to ya. 
It is an ornamental window salvage piece.  My Aunt helped me add my favorite fabrics and find the right floral swags to intertwine.  I lurv it!!  This all hangs above my bed.

Once that was all up, I set my sights in our bathroom.  It is white on white & beige all over.  Hubby thought I was crazy but helped me recently with a curtain treatment.  I bought the panel like 1 yr ago at World Market clearance for $12.  It has been waiting in my closet for it's reveal day.  I dug into my vintage door knob collection to hang the panel.  We used a scrap of trim from our prev house as the backer-board.
Here she is with 1 knob mounted.
Here is the much prized collection of old...funky knobs, aka..vintage thingies.  The curtain panel has large wooden rounds at the top to hook around the knobs. 
In place and up close.  I love the patina of found objects and the history and the re-inventing.
Even Hubby is suprised how much he likes it.
A little perspective.  The mirror wall makes the color double.
Sweet lil Bird Tassel to tie back the curtain.
sad reminder of the desperate need I had to fill the space.

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Feb 22, 2013

Spring touches

I am taking down the Valentine's banners I made this year and replacing them with Clovers and burlap.  I have to carve out moments when I can during pre-Spring baseball!!

I hit a mother-load clearance at Hobby Lobby after Christmas in their fabric section.  I would have just pushed a cart of the rolled up remnants right to check out if I was a serious sew`er!!  But, I am just a crafter so I picked a few out of each cart they had.  There were about 4 carts FULL.  I was able to make my Valentine's banner with the glittered red felt piece I found.  This is bright green terry fabric and burlap.  I found the clovers last Summer on clearnace at Hancock's Fabric.

I found a package of 10 glittery shamrock's at Kroger's clearance sometime?  I love to find after event clearance there.  Usually while I am getting Nate his breakfast biscuits in the frozen food section. lol

25 cents..& 3 diff sizes and colors.   I'll use that up in a snap.  Gotta head up to the boys bathroom mirrors to see if they left their Val banners Momma made them up.  Check this out:

Can't wait to replace the Val banners for them with these images being the centerpoint of whatever I manage to create.  Oldest is a 10th grader pitching for Varsity today!!  My 7th grader is SOooo nervous.  They have yet to announce the final Shot and Disc Team!!  We thought he made team but there are more cuts coming and he gets all worked up!!  Poor Guy...Momma has been talking it up to him as his kinda events for a few years now.  I need to fix the print-out but you get the idea.
Anyways...I have 1 hanging in place..
Something to cheer the boys as they race up the stairs for some down-time.

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Bloomin....may all your clovers have 4 leafs,



Feb 14, 2013

Valentines swap

I participated in a fun swap at Cookies & Cream Crafts.
What a great way to start off the swap'n new year.  I can only hope that my partner liked what I made her.  I love what she sent me!!  I got to meet a Mom of  2 lil girls in Colorado.  Sarah Cody is the founder of www.Storkologie.com and her and Hubby have an Etsy together.. Stitches N' Twigs .

I squealed with delight and can't believe she made me this!!!

Really??  I could NOT have imagined a more perfect piece!  She got me!! 
Those are hearts in her pony tail!!
She is growing irridesent heart buttons!!  yummo! (can't fix pics)

I made my partner a banner.  I have admired all the banners that are all over pinterest and blogs for a while.  I have been putting 1 up in the breezeway between my breakfast room and living room.  Mostly when we have a baseball party.  I spun off of that idea.
I used the prettiest clothespins I have ever seen.  Got them at Michael's.  I placed a sachet right in the middle of the banner.  It is filled with aromatic Lavender.  Her business and passion led me to this. I hope when she opened the package..it was a great smell that hit her 1st.  I used strips of fabric like I see so many peeps doing and tied them on like I usually do ribbons.
She loves dragonflies so I added a few and some heart buttons.  I hope you can see the bunny butt.  I glued the lil pom pom on there hoping her lil girls will see it.  She loves bunnies like I do.
This is a piece of me.  I love the colors and cardinals are a fav bird.  Kinda like sending her my love.  Now I can see I should have made a lil banner piece with the birdie that said Texas love & my blog name on music paper.  Darn..
This is a piece of her.  She loves elephants from time spent in India.  It can be enjoyed from both sides.

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Feb 10, 2013

U Rock

I'm always trying to help my youngest display his marbles and rocks.  He still loves them.  I was at Goodwill the week before his birthday in January and spied this golf ball display cabinet for $14.99.  I knew it had to come home to Momma.  I knew he'd love it!!

He ran it right up stairs and prominently displayed it on his bookshelf unit near his bed. 

U totally Rock..have a great Valentine's Week!!