Sep 10, 2010

Pigs, Cows, Roosters & Beagles

I sure wish I had time to play more with this meme and hope she'll keep it going.

Happier Than A Pig In Mud is Hostessing
She is toggling off of the infamous Rooster Parties we all love from Barb at Bella Vista.

Found this in my archives of Hubby and Lil Guy having an awesome breakfast before school and work 1st week of school last Fall.  I had set the whole scene with a cow teapot and creamer that Hubby bought me years ago, happy yellow flowers in the creamer...pig and bale of hay and the ticking napkins and placemats.

Oh, and the William Sinoma farm animal napkin rings and Mother in Law's olden milk glasses.

My Piggy is way up in the rafters of the Kitchen cabinet display.  Oink Oink!!  I love Farm animals~always have and since Hubby's parents have a Pig farm along with their acreage...I'm lovin' them forever.
I wish I could access a pic...if I ever even got 1 of my lil potty room that was off of the laundry room before we tore down the wall between them to make it a muddroom.  I had the whole decor cows and pigs!!  I've parted (painfully) with most of that decor.

I felt obligated to show ya'll a shot of Mother in Love's Sunflower garden from 2008.

I have never shared with ya'll my extensive Muffy VanderBear collection.  Here are some of the barnyard animals that youngest and gal from next door played with last year.

Dear G'ma from Massachusetts sent this to me.  She is grazing among the wheat we planted from seeds youngest gathered last year.  I think the cow was because they are from a Dairy farm area?

Just a reminder of my beloved rooster edged kitchen window treatment. funky Rooster that clucks all over the house.

I have GOT to show ya'll my master suite this Fall.  It is inspired from this Waverly Toile Farm bedspread my momma gave me.  See the Turkeys running around? identity crisis is OVER..
Bloomin at Beagle Run Cottage it is!!
Unless I can edit the banner to read simply~Beagle Run Cottage.

It is all Jack Beagle's fault. 
Thanks to precious Holly at Banner Hause News for not only creating my banner, editing it for me more than once, but giving me sound advice about my bloggie.  She has the most awesome olden images anywhere and my prayer is that the Lord would chase my Donkey fren down to bless her for all the blessings she gives by sharing her gifts and talents in blogland.

Hope your weekend is something to CLUCK about.  lol



  1. Very cute. I love beagles. They are so cute.

  2. Girl you are going to need a way to alter that header as needed!!! Don't forget you can use Picasa and Photobucket, as well as Picnik, to edit and create banners easily and completely free!!!

  3. I enjoyed seeing your collection.
    Mama Bear

  4. DeniseMarie, it's obvious that you have a true love of the farm, right down to your cute hound dog! Everything is so great, lovin' the toile and your rooster curtains! Thank you so much for joining the Barnyard Bash:@)

  5. Oh my goodness, that teakettle is absolutely adorable!!

  6. I just love that grazing cow! and the pig in the photo at the dinner he on a haybale?

  7. These are great pictures! So adorable!!

    Have a great weekend!


  8. That pink pig teapot is adorable. So glad you came to the party to share your barnyard with us. I also love the Muffy Bears.

  9. Hi Denise. Thank you for my fall swap goodies. I love it all. I will post pictures soon. The recipe and cookie cuter were really cute. Love the towels and the slippers and of course the chocolate. The swap was fun. Thanks. (((((HUGS))))

  10. Great Barnyard critters you have there. The table is so cute!
    Love that toile too!

  11. I'm so mooved by your pictures! LOL I've enjoyed catching up with you. Hope the rest of your weekend is great!

  12. Awww! I love all the farm fun! The William Sonoma napkin rings are too cute, and I'm obsessed with milk jugs, but never thought of doing more than decorating with them. :O)


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