Sep 24, 2010

banner over me is love

Uh, oh...I can't figure out how to load pics anymore from my computer into a post??

I'm preparing my Pink Sat. post and it ain't gonna happen??  The new options don't offer me access to my computer files or desktop so this is what peeps will see on Sat...going old school. lol 

Does anyone remember this was my very 1st Blog banner?  My buddy at Texas Preacher Woman helped me with my blog set up and she surfed thru The Cutest Blog on the Block banners until this above banner struck a nerve for both of us for me.  I used Bloomin' for a solid year and then morphed.  I'm still changing my blog vibe every once in a while.  We all should be willing to change a little.

Happy Weekend

Happy Pink Saturday with Beverly at How Sweet the Sound.



  1. that's a very pretty banner, did you make it yourself? it's so pretty. I love your new Fall look. How's the moving coming along?

  2. Blogger has changed the photo upload part and I had to go back to my Picasa to post to the blog. Hope you can get it worked out.

  3. Okay, I'll see if I can help..things have changed at blogger a little..I like the new way better because you can choose where to put the photos, enlarge and remove without problems..before you had to upload them in the order you wanted them to here goes...wish I could show you a picture...In the new posting window, on the tool bar at the top where it has font, color, highlight, etc. come over to the picture frame and click on that...If you are uploading from your computer click choose files from atop the right space...this opens up your picture file on your would then highlight the picture you want just like can load all the pictures you want to use in a file, click on them all to highlight once they are uploaded to the little box, or you can highlight them one at a time, click on add selected and they will appear in your post window...does this help? When you want to remove one from your post before publishing, just click on it and you'll have an option bar come up...If you are uploading from a website or picassa, you would choose those in the left window...Blogger now has a preview option for your post before you publish which I like.
    Mama Bear

  4. I'm afraid that I can't give good advice. I know that when I go to post a new post that at the top on the tool bar an icon comes up....then a search....then I post. I don't imagine that is very helpful.

    Am I dreaming this.....did you want to be in the Christmas swap. I thought I saw somewhere that you said so. Just let me know. It will be fun.
    The more I see your banner, the more I love it.

  5. I love your blog banner- its cute! And I'm loving the fall vibe in the background!


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