Sep 17, 2010

Pink it is

Well, I finally told Ms. Beverly to put me down for a weekly Pink Saturday post.  I embarrased myself a few weeks ago and promised a post and did NOT deliver it.  Now...I'm gonna know that I know that there will be PINK on Saturdays

This sits above my head when I blog.  Cindy at Rick Rack and Gingham's daughter swapped with me last season and gave me the bunny.  I love how she's watering the seedlings so they'll BLOOM.

I'm wanting to hostess a Meme myself this Fall and hope it takes off.  So...I'm watering the idea by telling ya'll about my hopes:

Waste Not Want Not Wednesdays
Dumpster Dive'n Diva
this would be on Thursdays

We would show each other stuff that should have gone to the trash, we took out of the trash, we made from something that any other reasonable person would have trashed or did. :S

You can't tell it from the above shot but if you lift the cover of this paper pack that gorgeous scallop is cut out to reveal the 1st sheet of glittery paper.  I didn't even notice the 1st time or 2 that I saw it.  I'll make it into a Matte by trimming it off the cover and using it to scrapbook or embellish something.  I'll also look at all my paper punches and make scallops or squares or circles with that blue coverstock, until I've used it all except the advertising.  I make a lot of gift tags like this.

That is how I roll so I hope I'll touch some heartstring and get some fellow bloggers that roll like I do.  lol
No badge/poster/button finalized yet...still playin'.

Which of the 2 above posters comes close??


  1. Hi again. I like the second one but I always go for something with children in it.

  2. So glad to have you in Pink Sat. It's a lot of fun.
    Love your pinks...

  3. very cute bloom blocks there! I like the second one too! Happy PS! Suzie

  4. Love your Bloom blocks!! Of course I would with a nickname of Miss Bloomers! LOL. I love your Meme ideas...I probably would go for the first I'm cutting back on my hours at work and finding new ways to save money...with food, decorating, and repurposing, etc., and would be apt to participate. The dumpster diva is cute too!! Hard decision...go with your heart!

    Miss Bloomers

  5. Bloom blocks!!! cute!
    Happy Pink Saturday!


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