Sep 14, 2010

Halloween month treats

Cute ideas are coming from all over the place for Halloween treats.
I love Fall!! 
There is a magic in the air the 1st time you feel a cool breeze that suprises you.  Our temps dropped 20 degrees a few weeks ago with that tropical situation in the Gulf of Mexico.
Now..folks..Zone 4 Southern Texas girls gotta make a stretch in 95 degree weather. lol

Mummy Marshmallows posted previously at Style Sisters
What an inspiring thing she did.  She had a bunch of friends over to share ideas and this is just 1.

I'd love to start having fellowships here again...I think I can. lol
We have a block party and then go Trick or Treat'n together on our street. 

I'm famous for making Nutter Butter ghost cookies but can't find any pics of past years handy.
So...look what you can purchase here.
Ghost and Mummy Nutter Butter Choc dipped Cookies.
I even made spiders 1 year with chocolate colored coating and sign of a pic on internet??

After the 1st year I made these for the party there was no going back. 
Big pre-TorT dinner HIT.
Apparently, Ya'll like these best too from the comments.

New idea this year!! 
I've seen it twice now.  Look how cute, it is filled with fruit snacks.  LOVE this! 
This pic is from Family Fun Mag and I saw it last week in my new mag, Gooseberry Patch Halloween.
Wash them out after and put a tealight candle in it and it'll smell nice, huh.  That is how GbP used them.

Last...and MOST brilliant idea today..

Again..Disney Family Fun idea
Never seen this...never thought of it...DUH!!
My boys will love helping me create something like this for a family dinner even as the appetizer.  They both use to be into dinosaur bones.

Get your file going for party and family together ideas for October.

Joining 3 or More Tuesday at The Gypsy's Corner
Her 94th time.  I have to say I always love when I get to join in.

Just spotted this Sept. Wed meme..

Looks like you can join in Fall Frenzy thru Sept. 30th..great meme!

She's collection Halloween ideas.
See ya at 1 of the Parties.



  1. All of these ideas are so cute! I don't have any little ones in the house anymore, but I think I'd still enjoy making these, especially the hot dog mummies!

  2. Such cute ideas. Love the pigs in a blanket, or mummies.

  3. What cute ideas. You're mummy's with the little mustard eyes are great!

  4. I love fall! It is my favorite time of year and the litlle mummie pigs in a blanket are cute!

    have a great week!

  5. Such cute ideas! It makes me wish my kids were still at home. I'm not sure my husband would truly appreciate the work involved:)

    Thanks for visiting me. I love the name of your blog!

  6. Very cute ideas, DeniseMarie. Lots of creativity....Christine

  7. Cute ideas!! Makes me hungry just looking at them all. I love your background, it is so fall colorish and beautiful. I am going to add you to my other blog too so I can catch more of your ideas!!


  8. Oh my gosh- such cute ideas! I especially like the mummy ideas. I like your blog design as well.

  9. super cute ideas!

    i'vemade the hot dog mummies & the nutter butter cookies before. always such a hit!

    great inspiration pics & post.

    thanks for linking up to the FALL FESTIVAL!!!
    it was a pleasure having you.


  10. So many cute ideas, so little time. Thanks so much for sharing these adorable ideas.


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