Jul 31, 2009

Happy Pink Day

Yes, this is me in my P.J.s...taken by Naters. That is a pink pig in the background that I'm suppose to give to Mother-in-Law (pig farmer's wife) and that dark pink Hippo on the ground under it was in Jack's Easter basket. Let's go out the front door... All the way out to the curb, this is my summer mailbox flag with pink flowers.

I'm highlighting the rain lily bulbs that my moma gave me. They multiply when you are not looking and you don't even know it until it finally rains. They come up about 2 days later as a pleasant pink surprise and then they are gone until it rains again.
In the bed I just showed there are 2 pink crepe myrtles in full bloom right now. We had to kinda prop these babies up after Hurricane Ike came thru...whewwww, we were blessed not to lose them totally (only lost 1 big limb out of a tree).

Here are some rain lillies tucked into a pot and brimming over onto the bed. Yes, dear...my garden could use some tending...but it's stinkin' hot outside, ok.

A pleasant little pop of them right before we hit the front door...the neighbors already know I troll around in my p.j.s but still...let's get back into the a.c.

Edited Sept. 2010 for The 2nd Pretty Packages Linky Party:
I had so much fun putting this together with heart punches, ribbon, a pink gingham holder, shredded white tissue and Raspberry bath products.  It makes for a great presentation. 
This is a tray tucked right by the front door for thank you gifts for friends that are driving my kids around for me and remembering me or the boys when my fibro acts up. This is a raspberry bath foam and lotion and the little tag says Berry special thanks. It will be fun to have a give-away sometime this Fall-my fav time of year.
We are journeying from Texas to North Carolina to the farm that Scott's parents live on...may be out for 2 weeks...I'll try to post while away. Love and Blessings to ya'll!!

Jul 30, 2009

Jakes still a pre-teen

This is my precious pre-teen who will turn 12 very soon. His daddy bought 6 tickets to see the Astros play ball so we invited 3 buddies over and I did an impromptu party for him. I got out our God thinks you are special today plate for the b-day boy. And we sang, yes we did.
These boys went thru 2.5 gallons of milk while they were on the premises for 24 hours!!
Got Milk?

I had all of this party fare in my papergoods cabinet and got it out really quick as they were all arriving. I had a SpiderMan 2 cloth that we had never used so even though they are getting too old for it, I got it out...they loved it all. He picked the German Chocolate cake out. I loved these 12 gold candles when I grabbed them at Garden Ridge clearance. I love the whompy placing too.

The boys mom who runs our RA group at church (like BoyScouts) said to me when I showed it to her that they may be starting to look too old or too cool for this fuss, but they really do still love it. Ok, enough...I'm getting all emotional about my baby getting ready to spend his last year as a pre-teen. Hit my button over at the top of my blog that says Tablescape Thursday to see more.

Jul 28, 2009

Seein' Red Today

I had soooo much fun making these bags for the walkway for my 4th of July BBQ. I got the $2 flags at BigLots and took all 3 colors of the bags from a bag of 50 from Michael's clearance a few yrs ago and used my big star punch to cut the "holes". I used 2/$1 flameless tealights from Dollar Tree to put inside for a safe flicker.
They aren't quite in a good enough place of honor but peeking out of the corner of my craft room hutch is Ragedy Ann and Andy. My MIL gave me these. The Andy was my husbands when he was young. And, she had Ann made for me about 10 yrs ago to match him...is that precious. They usually read books to each other or pass love notes.

This is a pic of someone's lego room found on the net when I was browsing around for Nate!! Can you imagine the money and time in this room? They painted the window trim bright red and put a ton of them up on the plates of the wall. Wow, I thought we were into legos.
Hope ya'll have a Happy Rednesday!! Please join suelovescherries to see more red. xox!

My 1st 3 or more Tuesday

This could be a post on 3 or more pieces of furniture in the cottage that could use some TLC...
Happy 3 or more Tuesday. Hope ya'll are in the mood for Tassels. I'm doing this post for Melissa'sHeartandHome. I bet she thought I didn't see her comment that she wanted to see my tassels. They bring me JOY. :0)
This 1st one is on the entry console that needs a serious overhaul. I'm gonna paint her and distress her this fall when the boys are back in school. Maybe use the rub and buff that Cindy at MyRomanticHome always uses. I also got her some new jewelry at Overstock.com in oil-rubbed bronze. The tassel was really cheap somewhere recently...either Ross or Marshalls, can't even remember. I like it's size and it has a touch of the green that I love. This is a Christmas ornament I have had out for a few years, can't put her up. This is my Master bedroom bedside lamp. When Fibromyalgia acts up and I'm sitting with a heating pad there or my temp is elevated or the boys are sceamin' and playin' wild in the house...I just glance over for God's PEACE reminder. I try to have the Peace that passes the understanding of the circumstances.

This is an Angel tassel that was on my antique desk until I placed a little order or 2. I've had this for years too. This is the display case near the bed side table. I added the ribbon for even more fluff. I guess she helps me stay calm and keep carrying on too.

Got this one in my craft room (which is a mess right now). It is just hanging out until I figure what to do with her. I think I got her for $3 at TJMaxx clearance aisle. Score!! Love everything about her.

OK, this is 1 of 2 I've ordered from somewhere here in Etsy stores. It is prettier IRL and this is the antique desk in my craft room. She watches me as I work and write and enjoy the window table. I love the way she peeks around the big ol' bow. I have a hand signed thank you note from Jen for this or the next 1. I didn't even have an account when I found them so cannot give appropriate credit but if ya'll recognize the work of these fine women let us know. :0)

This was a splurge on Etsy too. It was meant to be a Valentines decor item so I got it after Easter discounted. It is in the breakfast area. I'll open this anniversary hutch and let ya'll peek inside sometime. Does she not say chocolate dipped strawberry or what? I love her and since she looks so good with the kitchen curtain..she stays and reminds me to ...
have a happy heart and be joyful always, again I say rejoice. xox!!

Jul 27, 2009

Blue Monday

We had a playdoh playdate with our neighbor last week. I thought they'd go off and play for the hour she'd be with us but NO...they wanted me to MAKE homemade playdoh to add to the last remaining tubs they could find in the toy cabinet. I looked it up on the internet and found a homemade, no cook recipe and got out my blue mixing bowl. They found a tub of blue so I made green (the only food coloring color I could find) I also found some blue plastic ware for them to use to cut and form their makings.
Marcie, I guess got entranced by SpongeBob's blue eyes because she made him a Crabby Patty with her blue burger special talents.

Meanwhile, Nate was busy making his rainbow of hearts.

You never know what fun might get mixed up if you'll allow the children to beg you into mishcief makin'. I certainly didn't expect to make a batch of homemade playdoh that day...
Happy Blue Monday!

Jul 26, 2009

My 1st Spiritual Sunday post

Here is a simple picture of playdough hearts hand cut by my son and meticulously laid out. It makes me think of several scriputures.
How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity. -Psalm 133:1

Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. -Hebrews 10:24

Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. -1 John 4:7

The Lord had done great things for us, and we are filled with joy. -Psalm 126:3

A happy heart doeth good like medicine!! Be blessed! Be full of praise and thanksgiving!!

Jul 25, 2009

Christmas in July Party

Merry Morning to anyone out there dreamin' of their Christmas '09 plans. We are peeking in on a Christmas in July breakfast set up for 2.

I love this silverware and underbought 15 years ago when I got it. It is Faberware and is a love knot that also looks like an apple or berry to me. I'll never be able to buy more on Replacement China because it is so high$$. I got the green placemats at a resale shop, the red at TJMaxx recently. I love scrolly, fleur de lis and wheat shaft design. This set of 8 salad plates are from Dollar Tree and don't they remind you of my everyday $1 clearance Kroger plates? There are 4 different designs on them. You get a peek at my new BB&Beyond clearance napkins too with a wreath ring.
And here is a great morning light shot. We got the glasses at Lenox right as a Mill store was closing their doors. It was an anniversary gift several years ago. My helper and I sugared the glasses for you by rubbing the rim with lime and dipping into my pink sugar. I got that red rose/berry floral for $1 Hobby Lobby 90% clearance last month without the ceramic vase. I am a huge Cardinal fan!! I love the red boys and the brown girls just as much. There is a pair that visit me daily, so I tucked a few boys in flittering around looking for your attention.

I think this poinsetta plate is my fav of the 4...there is a holly and Pine tree too. We set some red grapes out to wet your appetite. We also set out some favorite Christmas books to thumb thru.

My helper is pleased with our results.

We think we hear a girl cardinal flittering in to get a glimpse of all the fuss...
Love and blessings to you all!! Please check out Maggi at Just add glitter and stir for more fun.

Jul 23, 2009

Tablescape Thursday-Summer casual

Very casual setting going on here. I still haven't even done placemats for ya'll yet. And, although I bought some last week and my mom and I made some...still no cloth napkins. I marinaded boneless pork chops and told Mr. he'd be mannin' the grill last night. I also had him do the Italian sausages. I had these key limes in the fridge so added them to the lemonade glasses. These are my $1 Dollar Tree dishes. I bought these 4 a few yrs ago and love them. They must be sturdy because they've survived pre-teen dishwasher in the house. :0) Since I was doing strawberries as a side dish I used these.
I'm still a novice and hope our wonderful hostess forgives my rough edges. I forgot to take a pic with the rice pilaf showing and yes...again, I took advantage of the fact that the Mr. designed this whole breakfast table/bar to sweep all crumbs and debris right on over into the sink.

Can't figure out how to delete this last pic showing I hadn't even fixed the paper towel napkins for ya'll...Love ya...Happy Tablescape Thursday..can't wait to see what Between Naps on the Porch, Susan has done for her 48th scape!

Jul 22, 2009

my 1st Rednesday post

I've been excited about Rednesday ever since my buddy over at St.Michael'sWife showed her pretty red toile dishes. So, I was browsing around this a.m., coffee cup in tow and I found: my secret garden...So, I tied in: This is my Kitchen curtain that inspired the entire kitchen theme after we gutted it. I love it!
Which is why I got the 8 salad plates 1/2 price at Ballard's Designs. I also found 4 ramkin dishes for $5 at RossDress4Less that match perfectly...I think I see a Tablescape Thursday comin on. I even looked up on FoodNetwork.com what I could make in them and will try a neat macn'cheese recipe 1st for my boys.

And...speaking of my boys...here is the pride and joy of my life...Jake. He had a great All-star baseball season this year but had to take runner up at the District championship. He is not wearing it here but you'll have to believe me for now...we have about 15 red ball caps in our home, between hubby and 2 ball players. :0)
Have a Happy Rednesday!

Jul 21, 2009

My 1st second time around Tuesday

This is an old light fixture found at my fav antique shop, my hubby adapted it to work here. :0)
pic does not do it justice but I'm too lazy to re-do the shot for ya'll. It is milky with green, purple and white and has beatiful sculpture to it. I drug 3 of these home years ago and 2 are hung.
Underneath the light is this mirror gotten at a thrift shop 1/2 price...I love it! Look in the reflection to find my mother-in-laws old washboard she gave me. It has scrapbook paper and a fav scripture embellishing it. Love the rusty patina.

Like so many of you, I too LOVE re-using frames found at thrift shops esp. on 1/2 price days. I also recycled a piece of fabric that was once used in the Master bedroom. I printed a fav scripture from the computer on a piece of cardstock to do this. It sits near the "throne" for contemplative moments. LOL!

This is right outside the backdoor of the muddroom coming into my home. I decided after seeing so many lovely posts to use what I have and enjoy it everyday. These are florals I had once had in the formal dining room that is a mess right now but I made an arrangement here in this basket that was gotten at a thrift store and was once in my craftroom. I added trim gotten on clearance at Joann's fabric recently to make it even better. I love it and it cheers me that I free-cycled it from my stash. It has an embellishment just for me as I'm coming out the back to go grocery shopping or to take that trash can to the front curb...It, of course, says BLOOM and has a bee to remind me to BE CHEERFUL, BE THANKFUL, BE HAPPY!!

These old bottles inspired this post. We are looking at the beautiful (to me) old bottles in my muddroom window. Also, the stained glass window piece. I got the window at a local antique favorite shop in Alvin, TX (same place I got the light fixtures) and across the country in Virginia...Eastern Shore...I found the beach glass bottles. On the Southern area of the Eastern Shore is a family that owns a beach front home and runs a fabric shop and the son has a bunch of "junk" he sells that he finds washed up on the beach around the area. The entire eastern shore is a group of fishing villages. I snatched up as many bottles as I could for $1 each or less.
You ladies rock my world!! You've inspired me to keep Bloomin' right here where I'm planted and fan the flame of the love and wonder that the Lord has instilled within me. Go out there or into your stash and create something beautiful to enjoy.
I'm linking in to A picture is worth 1, 000 words for 2nd time around Tuesday with Diane.

Jul 19, 2009

my 1st blue monday

our beloved beagle, Jack, cuddling in an unpainted section of the stairwell with his blankie. :0)
dear friend's boys with my boys woohoo'n on the slip-n-slide a few weeks ago. Jake w/blue lips.

And here's Nathan (Nate the Great) my youngest son being baptized last Sunday morning as his public confession of Faith and his love of Jesus. He made me stand up and wave to him so he'd know just where his moma was in the crowd. xox!!

This was my first official blue monday as I was late to the party last week. I'm looking forward to having something to show now and again, hope to enjoy ya'lls post as well. Have a blue Monday

Jul 18, 2009

My 1st Pink Saturday

I'm still learning the finesse roaps on posting. I love PINK! I'll never outgrow it!
Yes, this is a terribly goofy shot of me in my fav pink terry zip short sleeve jacket and pink running around hat, you girls know the drill...when you didn't shower and fix your hair. Ok, the camera should never look that closely at me again. PINK LOVE...Denise-Bloomin'

Jul 17, 2009

My 1st Foodie Friday

I'm trying to toggle to both FF and TT and share the Peaches and Cream French toast
that I made for my guys this week. Here is the simple recipe:

16 oz loaf French bread, cut into 8 diagonal slices (kinda chunky) 1/2 c milk
8 oz cream cheese, pkg softened 1/2 t vanilla extract
1/3 c peach preserves (mine found at TJMaxx) 1/4 t cinnamon
3 eggs optional: pwdrd sugar, maple syrup (as if NOT!)

Cut a pocket into each bread slice by cutting from the top crust side almost to the bottom crust. (Be careful not to slice completely through bread.) Combine cream cheese and preserves in a small bowl. Spoon mixture evenly into each pocket.

Beat eggs, milk, vanilla, and cinn in another small bowl until well combined. Dip stuffed bread slices in egg mixture, letting excess drip off. Spray a griddle or skillet with non-stick veg spray. Cook bread slices over medium heat until golden brown, about 2 min on each side, turning once. Dust each slice with powdered sugar and drizzle with maple syrup. Serves 4

serve up for smile after smile. Add some smoked Wright brand bacon and you got it!!

Jul 15, 2009

my 1st tablescape Thursday

I got a new cookbook this month, Family Favorite recipes by Goseberry Patch so I had found Peaches and cream French toast and got the table ready to surprise my husband and boys. The flowers were from this weekend (youngest son's baptism) so I worked with them.
These salad plates were ordered from Ballard's for 1/2 price this month and go well with my everyday stoneware called Isabella that I got at Kroger's for $1 each. Just to remind me about my Fransiscan apple dish collection I got the tea cups out to serve milk. I think it coordinates good with the new plates.

Jul 13, 2009

take a dunkin' kid

My dear son, Nathan, was baptized yesterday and I'm still over-joyed about it. He was so proud and loved having friends and family over afterward. The time was finally right for him. He's been wanting it for about 2 years and you can imagine momma was wondering what the Lord was doing making him wait and pant for the occassion to be perfect. It was my mom's 1st Sunday off in years too. If I ever figure out that God knows way better than I do and learn to relax and enjoy the time in-between, well I'd just be a whole nother person.

I just got my 1st month of Guidepost magazine and already found a great saying to post here:
"If things are tough, remember that every flower that ever bloomed had to go through a whole lot of dirt to get there." -Barbara Johnson
God loves dirt and brings beautiful flowers and fruits up out of it. I guess we better get use to our hands having some mudd on them. :-)