Jan 30, 2013

Computer/Craftroom Walls

No...this is not getting my Valentine Swap completed.  No Siree..it is not.

This is the wall I'll feast my eyes upon as I walk by to sit at my stool at the craft table.  I love olden china pieces I can find for a buck or 2..even $5.  I have collected all of this over 20 yrs.  I am still on the hunt for a box burried in the garage with the last bits of my china pieces that were on a wall in my previous craft room.  I can't wait to find it all so I can finalize a few spots thru-out my home.  I will add until there is no space left here.

Wanna get close up to a few walls??  No...I do not have time for this!!  lol
  This is what I see if I look towards the entry way when the boys holler...MOM?!  I also get a kink in my neck at the computer when they Holler...Mom.where are you?  And, I jerk my neck from the computer that is on the wall next to/under this wall. 
Look at this..is it SWEET or what?  It was my Hubby's lunch box at some point.  It did have 1/2 of the handle on it but it literally crumbled off.  Wow...talk about Old School!..Vintage!!  They have gone from metal to plastic to nylon thru the years.  My oldest won't carry anything but a plastic bag to throw out when he finishes eating.  I cannot send a re-freezable ice pack or anything of value with him.
Got this from a sweet Blogger but I have not seen her anywhere lately.   I was collecting black and cream Toile for quite a while.  Same reason I have the Toile clock to admire right in the middle of this display. 
Do you LOVE vintage post cards as much as I do?  OMG, I can spend too much time at Antique Malls pouring over every single 1 to get my favs..even when there is no a/c.  This has a special cover on it..hence the glare.  It reads Happy New Year in glittery letters with a purple bloom.  I have a set of 2 round framed prints of Beagles that I covered over with scrapbook paper and added fav post cards.
And...behind my head would be this platter.  I have it front and center.  I got it junking after Christmas for $2.  It reads Joy to the World.  I thought it a great reminder of my Christmas blog and inspirational for Memes and give-aways and swaps.

I'm sure there will be more to share soon.  Now...where is that box???

edit:  I did complete my banner...Yay!  Will share that soon too.

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Jan 29, 2013

knock me over w/a feather

I'm excited today!!  Got a package in the mail...way faster than I expected it.  Sweet Bee Cottage has an Etsy from her Estate sale finds.  She found me a perfect piece and didn't even know it.

It is a beautiful transferware/ironstone platter.  I've never seen a piece quite like this.  I love Transferware and drool over the patterns I see.  This hit the mark for the tablescape I'm building.
If you love her too...You recognize her packaging that matches her newest header.  Sweet lil Bee tag buzz'n by.  She included a recipe from her home (isn't that the coolest idea?) and a note for me.  

I'll share my Spode Woodland pattern soon but I have more pressing matters!!

Why do I swap?  I get so nervous!!  Everyone is so extremely talented that I get all butterflies in my tummy and scared they won't love my creations.  I am trying to put together a banner for my Val. swap and gotta get it in the mail ASAP.  I just need a wee lil last inspiration to pull it all together.

I missed the deadline to put an entry into the Dollar Tree Val Party at DebbieDoos.  I had a youth retreat here and couldn't pull myself from the house full of teenagers to do a post. lol
1 of the things I'm doing when I send out Valentines is send a set of Spring flower seeds to my Grandma in Oklahoma and MIL in North Carolina.  I got the seed packets 4/$1.  I can't send my Grandma in Massachusetts a set because she is in the middle of moving homes with my Aunt.  They get to move Coastal.
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Jan 21, 2013

Goodwill find & fix

I am not intimidated by good quality Goodwill Textiles!!  I found this pillow roll a few weeks ago.  It is lacking any closure but that did not stop me.
I had gone thru a large number of boxes from my craft room and we threw stuff away.  Hubby made me part with gift bags that were worse for wear.
I let them go but not before carefully cutting their bag handles off so I could salvage them.  Here is a pair of those bag handles perfectly used as closure for my new pillow roll.
Bloomin, DeniseMarie

Jan 16, 2013

Laundry Room

Happy Rednesday!!
 How fun for Y'all...a peek inside my Laundry Room.  lol
I am feeling too much winter in the air. I have a few candles burning and the fire going. Let's rev up the laundry to try to warm things up. The sun was out all day Wed!!!
I know you will love my lil laundry line.  Isn't it sweet.  Love the quilt and apron.  Craft show years ago.

This vignette is near the light switch.  My MIL says this...It'll all come out in the wash.  So, I had to get the saying up on this wall asap...tongue in cheek!!

Just below the switch is the constant reminder that I am a baseball Momma. I have to drag these things out of their baseball pants and it is an aerobic exercise..let me tell ya. lol

This is my eye candy. 
This is looking straight into the room.  Stitch works I haven't got the heart to part with yet and a reminder to pray plaque.  See my Vintage Thingy  VICE CLAMP?!  It is a junk shop find...another tongue in cheek reminder that life is messy, clean it up!!  Pressure can make ya pop or you can ride it out and rejoice when it is over.
I'll show ya more once I've cleaned up the shelves and counter top above my machines.  Of course, it is on my long list of spruce up Winter projects. 

It's a VERY cherry world...Rednesday  Let's join in!

Vintage Thingy Thursday at Colorado Lady

BLOOM, DeniseMarie


Jan 11, 2013

Live Laugh Love

My Momma's Mantra of life is Live...Laugh...Love.  She has an exhuberant, contageous zest for life.  She is always upbeat and always ready to roll at all times.  Me...maybe not so much.

Can you laugh at yourself?? 
I picked up these numbers at Home Depot the other day while getting supplies for Hubby.  Apparently, I use the number 52 a lot.  My sons and Hubby have pointed it out and it has become a family joke.  My go to number...when exaggerating is .... 52.

This is a $39 lamp from the clearance aisle at TJMaxx.  I got it for $25 because I love everything about it.  I thought it would go in 1 of my boy's rooms but for now...it is in our gathering together room.  I do need to straighten out the numbers a little, but there they are for us all to get a laugh or grin from.  I think I like them wonky..just a lil less wonky maybe.

Learning to get a Laugh out of myself more often!!

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Bloomin, DeniseMarie


Jan 9, 2013

Craft Desk Realized

Well, wonderful and talented bloggers, I have a desk in the computer/office/craft room that is fit for a Crafting Queen.  We had the glass top installed and it is up and running.  I am so inspired I am already starting to gather goodies for a give-away, for swaps and for blog buddie gifting.

Hubby inspecting the glass install.
The bunnies were tumbling all over and we had to settle them down before the glass could go on top.  Hubby got out his tile nippers and nipped at their toes.
They stacked these lil plastic disks all around the door and made sure it was all level.
I still wanted to see the craftsmanship of the joints of the wood.  Hubby molded the piece to hide the plywood support underneath the door.
I just love the patina of the old door; we did absolutely nothing to it but lay in our tile (broken dishes, cups, china)  job.  My $5 door is from a favorite junking spot, The White House, in Alvin, TX. where she gets containers sent from Europe.  This is the 2nd door I've gotten from her.  The 1st one is suppose to be out in the garden but has not been placed quite yet here at the new place.
I expect to spend many late nights and many early mornings here working!!

See my top sidebar for parties, swaps and give-aways going on now.

I'm joining

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Jan 6, 2013

I luv plates!

I absolutely am gobsmacked over plates/dishes/china.
Welcome to the MasterSuite. 
 Plates hang on my walls all over my home.  I have several sets (too many) we eat off.  Thank Goodness for blog buddies that know the feeling!!  This wall is finally coming together because I set that platter above the quilt and wedding water color.  Hubby bought me this platter yrs ago and I luv it here!!  I have some more filling in below but it is well on it's way.  I could never figure out what to add above the sweet lil lap quilt made for me by a Mom of a Pre-K friend I taught.  This was the ticket.  It sat sadly inside storage tucked away and now I can see it every single day.
The watercolor is of our wedding day on Hubby's parents' farmstead nearly 20 yrs ago.
Can't part with this cow tea set Hubby got me many yrs. ago either.  Look for it this spring in some playful tablescapes.
I need to play again...haven't used it on the table since this 1st day of school several yrs ago.

More dish stories later!  DeniseMarie

Jan 4, 2013

Progress Report

I am so excited that this is taking place.  I have procrastinated for so long it almost drove us all nuts.  We are making head way in our hoard sort.

These got emptied and cleaned yesterday.  Now, I'll be able to decide how to use them more properly than just random stuff crammed into them. 
several got labeled.  Hubby has kinda Commandered my label maker. lol  He loves it.  I took notes from Yvonne at The Stone Gable.  She did a terrific post on putting up Christmas.  If you are sick and tired of trying to decipher your 4 huge bins of Christmas...get her tips now.

There are 4-6 bins for my Pre-K teaching Themes.  I will have this stuff so organized it will realize my dreams of the last 2 years.  I will have them all on a shelf unit you get in the closet section at Home Depot.  We have 2 not being properly utilized right now.

My dishes are gonna probably end up being organized because of
Mary at Home is Where the Boat is and 1 of her latest posts...it blew me away!!

Here is the table waiting for the custom glass guys to come with my prize.  Look at my lil $19 stool we got for the backside of the workspace.  It tucks up underneath real nice and takes up no extra footprint.

Gotta run into the freezing garage & help Hubby with our hoard in there. 



Jan 3, 2013

Purge! Keep Purging!

Hubby and I are duke'n it out in the craftroom.  We have emptied more than a dozen boxes and our youngest son noticed the progress.  We have placed ALL the boxes out into the entry hall and are plowing thru them bit by bit.  You gotta understand..this is my lifetime plus...20 yrs of marriage...crafting...Mothering...collecting...U know the drill! lol
I gotta plow thru just as much today.  What is it about us Pack Rats?  I have a whole new appreciation for the term since youngest had his Gerbils. 

& since the show that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand straight up!!
 I understand some of it.  I recognize some of the characteristics.  I wonder why I keep everything!  How hard it is to part with things. 
But, enough is enough!!
This is today's river of clutter to go thru!!
Hubby is trying to make my craft space beautiful so I'll know if it doesn't have a space in here...out it must go.  I understand.  It is just hard.  We are needing to do the same thing in our extended 2 car garage and our Holiday storage attic.  Some of U gals know what I mean!!
The river just turns the corner and keeps flowing down the entry hall until I figure out what goes and what stays and where.
There is gonna have to be a place for everything and everthing in it's place.  If no place...out it must go.  I have in mind how I want the Holiday attic storage to shape up too.  I also gotta get a lot smarter about dish collection storage.
Send me your Purge..Get'R done attitude!

Jan 1, 2013

Bits of Detail

I have butterflies in my tummy.  Probably this many fluttering around!

 I am all a-flutter about the craft space coming together in the 2nd half of this game!  Will have MUCH purging to do.  MUCH re-arranging of cabinets and drawers to get it just right.  It will take longer than Hubby imagines for sure.  Good Grief, Dude...I have been collecting a lot of stuff for a long time.  It won't go away in an hour. lol  This is how things are looking:

Anyways...there is progress!
We went to Home Depot for screen molding to conceal the plywood under the door/table.  I want the side of the olden door to show it's patina and craftmanship so Hubby got as small a piece of trim we could.  While there...I spotted this:
 Reg $119, now $39...get in the belly of my cart!!  I may have my store look up inventory from other stores because for $19 there is a coordinating backless stool that would tuck under the other side of the table real nice for a buddy to join me or the boys to do homework near the computer. 

I think it is perfect for my space. It will match the custom fabric that was on the french doors and windows when we bought.  I envision a cursive D or Monogram in the middle of the back.  I may even make a flirty fabric ruffle for it or add some of my upholstry trimmings.
I learned of this lighting while on a scrapbook retreat that quilters also retreated to.  It gives full-spectrum true light.
We went to Hancock Fabrics and pd 1/2 price for a 25 watt replacement bulb..$7.50..to put in here:
No...not the pile of papers I gotta sort thru.  lol  The black swing arm desk lamp Hubby will attach to my craft table. 
I see what it will be!  I know it is gonna come together.  It is a work of the heart.
Bloomin!!  DeniseMarie