Feb 23, 2011

For Sale on Feb 25th

Well, we've been working on our Honeymoon Cottage...aka...Beagle Run Cottage for 6 months solid to get her market ready.  3 of those months were during the Holidays and with us living at Beagle Run Way.  Wow, it has been quite the job to join my Hubby in his dream and vision for our family!!  Almost more than I could bear up under.  We have expanded our Faith...gotten our feathers ruffled but kept smiling...finished all our dream projects for this home.  We were there for 17 years so I'm really attached!!

This is the new roof, painted trimwork, new columns, shutters and black landscape mulch my Real Estate Agent asked us to put out.  None of it has been any small feat.

We have felt that we need to get our best foot forward.  The scripture about doing unto the Lord to give your best comes to mind.  It is in God's hands now.  We had a box of wood laminate flooring left over so we used it to make the stair landing sing. :)  I can't get started about how much it took to do all the trim painting the way we always intended it to be.   The entire upstairs got new carpeting.

Our son's dinosaur room is looking so good!  That volcano and Triceratops might look un-assuming but we had to call our dear friend back out that painted it all in 2004 to fix that area where the 3 palm trees are.  We had a speaker box removed from every bedroom and had to patch and paint to look like nothing ever happened.  She did an amazing job!

This was my craft room and it is staged and ready for showings and an open house on Sunday.  We have a set of wingback chairs near the front window there and this piece Hubby got me that is staged and looking pretty...not full of all my junk. lol

Blogging Buddy Love to any who will join us in our Faith and prayer for the Lord's blessing on our effort!!  My birthday was Friday, February 25th and I've felt we should have her on the market that day and I'm calling for it to blow a young family away and it will be sold by March 15th....20 day turn-around..against all odds.  Today is our open house and she is shining like a diamond!!

Well, that is how we have been using our Texas Sunshine. 
Happy Seasonal Sunday, let's go see what else is going on in other blog spots.


Feb 13, 2011

Valentine's Post

I put all of the nutcrackers up except this 1 that looked like the King of Hearts to me.
It has been fun seeing all my Val stuff corralled into this curio in the entry hall.

I made the boys red velvet cupcakes but they were gone so fast I didn't even get a pic of them.  This is technically not a gadget but my huge sponge painted bowl and Pampered Chef spatula make me so happy to use in the kitchen.  It means I'm baking and baking fo my guys makes me happy. 
This is by our tv, non-conventional Val tree.. 
on the closet near the front door..
at the front door for all the lil boys that ding dong daily.

Valentine's Day is such a fun holiday and I hope you've been having lots of fun with it..esp. in the kitchen.
I didn't send out any Valentines and that is not like me.

Happier than a Pig in Mud always has the funnest parties!!
Join the gang for the Kitchen Gadget Party.

Happy Rednesday with

xox, DeniseMarie

Feb 10, 2011

happy hearts

I got this lil glittery red tree at Hobby Lobby 80% off last month.  I used various things from last years clearance sales around town to fill this tree.  It is on my bkfst table delighting us each time we sit or walk by.

When I took down the Christmas decor I put up the Valentine festive pieces from my stash at our front door.  My boys haven't even noticed the Precious Moment boy getting an X-ray with his bootie showing. lol

More coming soon...Happy Hearts make the Lord react to us and move mountains for us!!

It's Thankful Thursday in bloggie world

Bloggie Love, DeniseMarie

Feb 6, 2011

Icicle wonder

It's Seasonal Sunday in TX.
Gotta show ya'll the way my boys enjoyed our School's Closed on Friday.  It did not snow :(..
Yougest guy got up as early as possible to see if it was snowing...what a let down.
So...we did not get a snow day as much as an ice on the car, roads and plants day.
I thought they were just bringing a piece of ice in but it was much more spectacular than that.
We found icicle stamps on our leaves!!
Wow...really cool!!
They figured out we could lift an imprint right off the leaves.  I'm not sure how they figured that out before smashing it all up.  Boys!! lol
I think we lost a few plants at both houses because we never covered anything up. :/

This is the best cold weather gear we got folks.  We are not use to the 20's/30's around these parts.
 I kept hollerin' at them out the door...remember to protect your hands and ears. lol

Spring Baseball try-outs in front of the coaches the past 2 Saturdays. 
That is Hubby hunkered down in 1 of those chairs.  It looks beautiful and sunny but was very chilly and windy.  Had to worry a little about him hanging out so much the last 2 weekends in the cold, chilly winds.  I think Baseball warms his heart though. :)

Love me some Seasonal Sundays.  Helps us remember to look back at the highlights of the week and realize how blessed we are and how much fun we had!!

Bloggie Love, DeniseMarie

Feb 3, 2011

Basketballs and a Beagle

Wow, I really miss blogging when too many chances are missed to blog a blurb.  I miss all my Buddies too. 

My head is always thinking about scapbook lay-outs.  I had to get this picture to remind me that it would be cool to create this in paper form for a double lay-out of my fav player. 

Also, last week I caught Jack Beagle in a Coup!! 

He moved his pet bed about 6 feet from it's normal position near Dad's chair and captured the opportunity to be warm and cozy.  Hysterical! ;)

Bloggie Love, DeniseMarie