Sep 16, 2010

A Swap & A Hope

A Swap..
Happy Harvest sign,
Acorn S&P shaker,
there is a gorgeous leaf tray for these that is busted in 1/2. :(
Fall Leaves Kitchie towel
Sorry, it is already in use. lol
Debby LOVES acorns and leaves as much as I do!!
I participated in a Kitchie Swap with Cindy at RickRack & Gingham. She asked us to show our kitchie items on 9/17 so now I've done that. I got to meet Debby from Ohio at

Debby took a great shot of what I sent her.  I'm glad she'll love the crochet topped kitchie towel made by Doris Sturm at Crocheting in Georgia.    I won it from her blog and didn't have the heart to use it so I know Debby will use it and love it.  Doris says no one will use her awesome stuff because it is so cute.  Doris, I love you but you may be right....I have NOT used the bumblebee scrubby on any pots yet. :S

Fall is such a magical time of year. 
It is a Happy time!!
It is FAITH that the old will pass and new will come.  The dead in our lives, in our hearts will blow away and make room for what will come.
Thank you so much, Debby!!

Texas Fall Kitchie Hugs to ya.

And, thanks Cindy for always coming up with these great swap ideas.

Youngest bought these for me &ft
also had this made for me..
There is hope that these boys will be great young men.
There is hope that my chronic illness is not making me totally fail as a MOM.

Hubby wants to turn Beagle Run Cottage into Beagle Run Court. 
We may be moving...boy, what that'll do to my blogging.  lol
We are hoping that it is not our imagination that God is about to bless us with a new home.
Hubby wants to have Youth group events and bible study fellowships and team parties and invite his Branch from NASA over at Christmas...

We'll see what happens.

Show n Tell Friday at My Romantic Home

Love to ya...DeniseMarie


  1. Thanks for mentioning my kitchen towel - I'm glad someone else will enjoy it! Nice to get flowers - I don't remember the last time I got some ... So if you're going to change your name from cottage to court, is it safe to assume you're moving into a bigger place? How exciting!

    Kind Regards,
    Doris and Gizzy

  2. LOVING that adorable (and delicious I'm sure) cookie cake!!


  3. I just love the acorn s & p shakers. Too cute! I am so in the mood for Fall. It's hot here today and I am wanting hot chocolate weather! ;-)
    I look forward to your post with your bird canisters! Aren't they cute?

    Have a great weekend,


  4. You are very welcome. I didn't take pictures, I forgot. So glad you liked everything. That towel was so soft, wasn't it.
    I love all of my things as well. We did good, hah.


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