Sep 21, 2010


Well, I'm putting my 1st Waste Not...Want Not Wednesday
out there to see if it catches on.  We all have to watch our budgets/monies these days.  Every penny counts and the Lord asks us, "What is in your hands?"  We have more blessings than we sometimes think.  Look at what we DO have and use it or lose it.

I chose this olden image for my meme. 
I love how she's repairing her dollie's dress.  She either made it out of a scrap of fabric long forgotten or salvaging fabric from a stained/partially ruined piece of clothing.  She's not wanting to throw it out.  She's maybe making something out of nothing. 
Love that!!  If you love it too post my meme on your side-bar.
That is the point of my Meme...use what you have in your hands.
Let's fix it...create something with it
Next week I'll show ya'll what I did with the lightbulb I had to take out of oldest son's lamp.  I guess you could say the lightbulb went off as I was taking it out for him. lol  spray paint is involved.

I can't wait to share with ya'll my 1st crazy post!!
Well, every Spring we get all excited and abuzz about a garden.  We till, we pick seed packets and we plant, water and watch as things come up. 
We ALWAYS have to have CORN!! 

Hubby grew up on a corn/cotton/peanut/soy bean farm.
Jeremiah 4:3 NIV
"...Break up your unplowed ground

and do not sow among thorns.
look how full of life and promise it looked in May. :)
It was really hot this year and the corn didn't do terrific, but we got some to eat.  I was determined to save the stalks for the fall.  I have seen others use stalks to decorate their fall front door.  You know...pumpkins, hay bales scarecrows and corn stalks.  I plucked every bit of the dried up stalks and put them to rest on Oldest son's bounce back baseball net.  lol  I wanted them all together and dried out and I'd collect them later.  I've tried this on other years and it ended up in the mulch pile.
Well...later was last week. 
This is what it looks like so far.  I took the stalks and wrapped an entire roll of brown ribbon that I had and scallop punched a piece of paper with sunflowers on it to tie onto the ribbon.  I used scrapbooking letters to spell Fall.  It looks pretty scruffy but I'll spruce it up when I buy some pumpkins and put my hay out.  It is resting in a chair form that I got at a garage sale for now.  I can enjoy it each time I step out the back door.

Waste Not Want Not..Trash to Treasure?? 
We'll see when I get the whole vignette together at the front or back door.

If you have a Fall garden going...I'm having fall garden envy. lol

What can you share with us?? 
Now it is your turn...

xox, DeniseMarie

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  1. Denise love the re-cycled stalks!! I bet it will be cute!! I posted this on my blog. I think it is a great idea. If you are going to do it next week I will join in. I had already gotten one going when I found week? I love that you figured out McLinky..was it hard for you. It seems difficult for me..I am so's hard for me to think outside the

    Hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. love this idea.

    nothing like cornstalks to welcome FALL!

    thanks for linking up to the FALL FESTIVAL!


  3. Not sure if I'll be able to do this. I do Outdoor Wednesday's from Susan at but I might find some idea I want to share and then I;ll link up. It seems like a great idea.

  4. Love using cornstalks around Halloween. Yours looks great. Thanks for hosting the link party. I joined up and look forward to checking out others that will.

  5. You are so crafty with those cornstalks. I haven't begun any fall decorating yet, but I do have a mess of beautiful pumpkins waiting to be oh-so artfully arranged on the front steps. (Or just chucked there with a pretty pot of Mums would be more likely!) Thanks for visiting me. God bless.

  6. Love your corn stalks - I am going to do this tomorrow - my corn is finally ripened! It has been a slow summer in Idaho - last freeze the end of june and first one the end of August. Love your decor on your corn stalks - thanks for sharing! Paula in Idaho


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