Feb 26, 2010

B-day girl & turtles

Well, I'm older, wiser and happier this week!
Look what my guys got me for my b-day!!
This wagon dumps its load with a pull of a lever.
Hubby filled a garden tote with a bunch of tools too.
Won't I be rockin' the garden?
Think they'll be any help?
They will be on the baseball fields all Spring.
They are cute though, huh.
The Lord helped Hubby come up with this
awesome gift idea.  He's an Engineer girls and he was
out of inspiration so he looked on line and my
category was domestic diva.
That title alone would be gift enough for me!!
Isn't this sassy? 
I got it at Krogers after the Val tent was gone.
I'll either fill it with fruit or flowers.  I may be gifting it to
a dear friend's 15 yr old daughter for her March b-day.
Look what her and her daddy got me while mom was
away at work and couldn't help...
Never discount the effect you have on kids in your life!!
Just gorgeous!!
And this. 
Carpool buddy (7th grade boy) handed me when he
got in my car on my birthday!
It made everything better too!
I pray for him and his school.
I am finally working in my craft room again.
A silent auction item for Spring Fling at the Elementary.
We are terrapins and I lead the prayer group.
  Moms In Touch logo is a pink heart
with 2 moms praying. 
I wanted to offer brochures to advertise us. 
Some lucky bidder will get a terrapin statue
and a glass terrapin necklace.  Fun!
And, hopefully we'll get a mom to join our group.
MIT goal is to have a praying group for every school!

 I use a can of spray adhesive to get my papers onto
recycled containers like coffee cans & drink holders
I give gifts in these drink holders too.
I guess it is a perk of bringing carpool to Sonic. 
They have 4 spot and 2 spot holders.
I use them to hold supplies for diff projects too.
I had to cut the 2nd compartment off of this 1.
It came out pretty didn't it?
I surprise myself sometimes when craft diva strikes.

I used pink easter fluff from $ Tree at the bottom.
It isn't like plastic wrap it is like shredded table cloth
and it comes 3 colors to a package, love it.

And lastly...
This is 1 of the Anne Fannie free tags she threw
into my order for a thank you.
Check her out:

I got to add it to a shower gift with some kinda fluff
that I recycled from flowers to use as tissue.
I gave a journal with her new name to be and 2 sets
of cards I made...I'm back!

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How Sweet the Sound.

xox, DeniseMarie

Feb 24, 2010

Clover Love

Clover Love
is in
Full Bloom!
I found this 3 section clover glass candy dish at
Goodwill last week for 50 cents, I was stunned.

Sent her thru the dishwasher and stuck her up front.
And filled her with $1.50 bag of Valentines candy
clearance, the new color of love..Green M&Ms.
I got a bunch and some jewelry bags because we are
gonna give each baseball player on both teams a bag
of them for St. Patricks Day.

I got 1 of my iron display easels and put a gorgeous
ribbon on this metal sign I got for $5 at TJMaxx
last month.  I remembered the gingham after
Christmas ribbon I snagged at Ballard's Design
for 1/3 the reg. price.  Got it in Red, Green and Black.
I saw a button on a blog this week with this clover
angel but not the Irish saying.  Hope that Sunbeam
like flash is warming you and reminding you that
 the sun will shine again this Spring season.
Now, that's better.
This is my Ode to St. Patrick's Day in the entry hall.
My Grandmother's maiden name is Julia Kelley.
She will be coming for a visit during St. Pats week.
She lives in Massachusetts and is going to Florida
with Auntie so she's flying in to Texas. :)

This is last years edition and 
I just saw the 2010 today at the grocery.
There is 1 for each season and I ordered them once
I got a hold of the Fall edition.
I guess it will keep coming out each season.
I grabbed this in the craft section of Walmart for $2.
The pot o'luck can be used at Halloween too to make a
pb&j sandwich with gummy worms oozing out. 
I can use the clover to cut fruit, esp.
Honeydew melon for those fruit bouquets.
Or, I could make my crew some scones.

This looks like something right out of Tablescape
Thursday with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch.
Which makes me realize Phyllis Hoffman may have
a blog here somewhere, hmmmm.
all the dishes have shamrock clover and 3d basket weave, yummy!

Check out the cool Irish Blessings.

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xox, DeniseMarie

Feb 21, 2010

Random Blog Joy

Hey Girlies...
I want to feature a few blog buddies...
This sets above my head when I'm blogging.
5 letters that encourage me forward.  And a postcard from my stash. 
The blocks were a fabulous gift from a blogging buddy who got me
started and helped me name my blog:
This is a package I just opened from an Etsy order.
I love Vintage images, Easter Bunnies and birdie images so I finally
placed an order of 3 sets of tags with:

Yummy stuff. 
I can't wait to use some of these tags for
gifts/decor this spring.
I can make my own but love other's works too.
There is sparkle glitter on the eggs and flowers.
Much nicer in person, pic doesn't do these justice.
She gave me 2 extra tags as a Thank you for my order too.

Here's an image from my MasterSuite cabinet..
These Marriage bears were a gift for our wedding from a
bowling buddy of Hubby's.  The framed piece was ordered from:

she added the wonderful pin cushion/sachet for me.
Barbara Jean makes wonderful treasures.
These butterflies are heading up to New York to a dear
blogger that admired my cotton cloche. 
I was wondering what to do with the extra cotton my Mother-in-Law had sent,
and I got my answer with a sweet, innocent comment left for me this week.
My MIL was so proud when I told her her cotton was headin' to New York.

I got invited to help with input here by Yulia Briman who has seen my blog:

It just surprises and delights my heart.

Now, ya'll knew I had to show you that I got sparkle eggs at
Dollar Tree!  I'll put them everywhere I had the pink hearts. fun
They have bigger ones and fancier ones too.  Love the coordinating bows.

Let Love Bloom this week! xox, DeniseMarie

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Feb 19, 2010

Winter Cloche

I'm seeing all of ya'lls amazing cloche displays
and still no magic here...I'm still trying though.
Here's the 1st use of a jar my mom gave me for Christmas.

I got the SweeT tag off of a packaging label and the ribbon at Dollar Tree
and the hearts from JoAnns Fabric.
This is a message in a bottle from a dear friend...cute idea.
Cheese dome from a resale shop purchase on top of a William Sonoma clearance
pastry plate filled with cotton from Mowfield Plantation (In laws farm)
I begged her to send me some and she was curious as to what
I wanted to do with it. 

The best for last....my dreams of an Easter Tablescape.
My ruffly hearts that match the ruffled salad plates.
This is a HUGE cloche from North Carolina furninture market when we got our
couch set on the way to the farm several yrs ago. (another shameless beg)
Hubby bought me the dishes when we were antiquing on the
Eastern Shore that match these salad plates.

Can you believe that we found them.  Can't wait to put it all together.
He was in disbelief that we came across yet another
set of dishes that I could not leave at the store. : ) 

Cloche & Pink Love, DeniseMarie

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Feb 17, 2010

Bunny Winner & Resale finds

Do Ya'll remember this picture?
This is how she looks now...
I couldn't wait for Nate to draw the winner.

She's gonna be hoppin' over to ColoradoLady's place because she won!!
Which is pretty awesome because this meme has been such a fun perk
when I can get a post together.

Here is my recent vintage finding at a local thrift store:
That hankie was 50 cents and the pillowcase was $1. 
I think I want to go back and get more of the cases, they even had a match to this 1.
I had a sick 12 yr. old with me begging to leave so I wasn't thinking right.
Girls, you know I only strike gold when it is terribly inconvenient for my family. lol 

I can't get the funny 1 out of my head...
it is a donkey. 
I think it would be funny to put it on whoever's bed is giving me any fits.  lol

xox, DeniseMarie

Edit.look what I went back for...
I can double dog dare my hubby or Jr. High son to give me any trouble. lol
And, the match was still there but several were gone.
fun, fun, fun
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Feb 16, 2010

3 or more lovies

Can I just gush a moment over how fun it was to give all this to my girl sweeties that live on my street.
6 girls from 1st to 4th graders.
They couldn't wait to see what I had for them.  The card has been signed and has scripture on it and cute farm animals, they got to select a pencil and they got heart shaped ring pops...fun stuff.

Nate's Room Mom gave 1 to each classmate!
I made this fruit bouquet!
I'll show you soon all the steps.
I can't believe I was brave enough to try it.
HobbyLobby 50% off had to have.  Can't wait to buy those candy corns next yr. 
Reminded me of Sue Loves Cherries
             and ColoradoLady.
And now..all of the vintage Post Cards seen this week.
Kroger's grocery 50% off finds. 
The 4 acrylic heart glasses are gonna be cute for my family
and match up with my pink and red heart bowls.
The coffee mugs were $1 each, maybe fill and gift.
Do you realize how much a little gift blesses
those around you?
And, I also hit Walgreens ($1.50 bags of M&Ms were flying off the shelves), CVS pharmacy,
Michael's (did NOT score the Martha Stewart heart punch I wanted) and World Market for 50% off. 
I never get to hit the next day sales but I did this time because I'm all about the LOVE.

I'm grateful for bargains and inspiration I find in blogland
to Love those around me and to Bloom.

xox, DeniseMarie

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Feb 15, 2010


I heard there is snow in 49 states. 
It never snows in Hawaii.

Brrrrrr...All the kids are walking around with the sniffles here in Houston. 
Ya'll gotta know we are not use to this winter stuff.
All the birdies are trying to find food and comfort.

Let me show you somewhere that it was not cold at all on Friday...
Naters Valentine's class party.  I melted the minute I hit the blast of
87 degree air in that room...yuk, but the LOVE took over. 
Can ya'll see what I discovered on Nate? 
He took scissors to his bangs and butchered them.lol
What's a Mom to do?
check out the stash of goods!!
They were bartering with each other to make trades. lol
Spring will break thru soon and I wanted to show ya'll
 my 1st ever Give-Away:

She is very sweet!!  I love her and know you will too..not a stitch of blue on her.
BlogLand inspires me to decorate my home with love and I'm already dreamin' of Spring
and nests and bunnies.

Just leave a comment and I'll add it to yesterdays names and Nate will pick from a
baseball hat full of names on Feb 17...Do a random act of kindness and tell me about it
if you want to have your name in again.

xox, DeniseMarie

Checking in with Smiling Sally today for Blue Monday

Feb 14, 2010

postcardy and a give-away

Sink card that I showed a few days ago...
This could be marriage or Val postcard?
Precious Moment angel, not so vintage
I'd use this for Val day but too greedy to share.  I bought a set of 2 round pictures with beagles on it and covered over them with scrapbook paper to recycle them to my liking.
I hope ya'll are having a terrific Valentine's Weekend

Here's the 1st pic of my give-away!  It is only fitting that I do it at this party because my 1st win was here...
Isn't she precious!!  She wants to hop on over to someone's home soon.  She has chenille ears and 2 eggs collected in her basket.  The yellow writing on her dress says, Happy Spring.  Comment on this post and I'll have my sweet 10 year old draw your name out of a baseball cap of collected entries on 2/17.

xox, DeniseMarie

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