Nov 19, 2009

locks of love

This is me bravely driving to see my girlfriend at the hair salon.  I looked up the locks of love web-site to remind myself how long your hair has to be for them to accept a donation.  I thought it was 12" but it is 10".
Hubby didn't want to give up the pony and I really didn't either's only hair.

It does my heart good to know that this braid will go to a precious child under age 18 that has lost their hair and self-esteem due to medical reasons. I myself will be checked into the hospital on Sunday to do extensive testing on my brain so with at least 16 electrodes hooked up to my head I thought I'd sacrifice my pony.

I know the Lord will bless me and may he bless your heart today.  xox!!

Nov 12, 2009

I splurged on this guy so I could have a turkey with some substance to him. 

It seems a lot of people are putting their daily Facebook status as the Thankful challenge.  I think it is a secret in life and in God's plan.  If we can learn to be thankful in all things then we tap into what it is really all about.

If I catch myself whining or wanting to whimper about anything lately I remember what one of the baseball coaches said to my youngest:  Is the whawhawha-mbulance coming or something??  That'll shut you up real fast, huh?  Blessings to you, xox!

Nov 9, 2009

Blue eyes shining

Wow, I got a blue Monday post together.

Sponge Bob looks good on our neighbor, huh?

Optimus Prime and Commander Fox.

Nate cracks me up.  He gets all razzed up about Trick or Treat'n and makes 2 streets and circles back home to sit with hubby to see the costumes coming up. :0)

Well, as you can see Halloween night was a joyous time at our place.  Now, I gotta get my Turkeys in place of the Jack O'Lanterns all around the house. 

I missed ya'll while I was out of shots to share. 

Sally must have some good blue Monday shots to share.  xox!

Nov 5, 2009

Dogs and peanut butter

Happy Hopeful and Foodie Friday

I'm joyful because I finally have a new camera.

These are my famous ghost nutter buddies~!  It is a box of nutter butter classic shaped cookies and a bag of almond bark.  It is really easy to chop and melt the bark in the microwave for 20 second intervals, then stir in between and is ready within a minute to then dip your cookies mostly into leaving the bottom undipped.  You insert 2 mini chocolate chips for eyes and whalla.  Halloween Block Party food.

These are my infamous mummy dogs.  I was impatient with the mustard eyes so they got messy.  Hubby actually wrapped these for me.  It is a pkg of pillsbury crescent rolls and 2 pkgs of hot dogs.  The kids grabbed all of these up before trick or treat'n.  They didn't even bother with the ketchup "blood" tubs to dip in.  They just grabbed and kept running around.  My neighbor makes chili in a huge pot and we bring the extra goodies.  The weather was gorgeous.

We had more than usual at our block party that has been going on for about 5 years.  It keeps growing.  I still envision apple bobbing and pumpkin carving.  This is just part of the crowd.

Here are some of the kids on our block.  For me to be the one who's driveway everyone comes is very cool and funny to me.  I'm the shyest of all of them and not the best hostess...lots of love but not much organization or hospitality skills.

Happy Hound Dog Thursday too.

Jack Beagle is pathetic lately...I have to pet him constantly.  He gets on my lap on the couch and up in my face begging for attention.  I need to convince the boys to walk him daily!!

Look at him on top of me and almost on top of 7th grader trying to do homework.

This is why I blogged about my 4th grader and my hopes for him.  This is pumpkin orange but is no pumpkin.
He was practicing on his Heeleys and down he went with all his weight onto his left wrist and buckle broke his arm.  He has hardly complained except for the itching of this new cast...4 weeks to wear it. ;P

A friend loves at all times. 
This is a buddy from baseball.  They became fast friends and are like 2 peas in a pod.  This is them at lil' brothers baseball game helping hubby..aka Coach.
My son has had his share of heart break as he watches his friends go thru divorce of their parents.  This kid was sent into our lives (like so many others have been) on purpose for us to pray over, welcome and love on.  He really needs it.
Now Lord, heal my body and help me clean up the joint to be proud of the home you keep sending all of these young lives to hang out.  xox!! 
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