Sep 30, 2010

lil birdie

I saw a Woodpecker yesterday in our front yard tree.  I wonder if it was our sweet Momma from the Spring or 1 of her 2 babies??  My Mom says they'll follow us to our new home but I think they are quite happy here.
It looks like he found a branch or 2 that are dead and trying to SCARE himself up a bug.  lol

Oh...and he told me to tell you:

Stop on by next week and add your Christmas Collection.


Sep 29, 2010

WNWNWed #2

It is Waste Not Want Not Wednesday#2
We are using what is in our hands or doing without today. 
I must have learned this phrase growing up because it is ingrained into my fibers.  Actually, it drives my family batty that I always have a pile of stuff I'm saving to use for something; the kids and Hubby are baffled????  What? you are gonna do what with that?? lol

Kleenex box..empty and ready for the trash...
They come in such cute, stylish and sometimes seasonal decor. 
It is your money on that cardstock quality box. 
You already spent that money and if it is not crushed by a basketball-dunking-teenage son who wants to make 3 points on it, then you can FREEcycle a bit of it. 
Kleenex brand spent serious $$ conceptualizing those boxes.
I'll have to show ya'll something I've done with the oval 1s that are kinda new.

Are ya just gonna throw it out?  Not me..
I was able to get a few scallop circles and some rectangular pieces from this box before disposing of it.  I've gotten some awesome pieces from catolog covers in parchment paper; James Avery is a local jewelry store that my boys and Hubby get me charms from for my bracelet.  I love cutting that front and back cover up.  It comes in a different color about 4 times a year. :) I use them for tags for gifts, 3-D altered art pieces.  Sometimes I double stick tape them together so both sides are pretty & sometimes the backside is what I write on.

What ya got??

Sep 28, 2010

A few good Memes

Next week...I'll have my meme up on my Christmas Blog.  If you have hopes of a Christmas collection, or a pic of something that you do or want to collect..we'd love to see it.

Also, Jamie at The Blackberry Vine will have her meme going all week too..
Get and share some awesome pretty packaging ideas.
I'll have to show my latest birthday gift packaging with a Sonic drink holder..what else? lol
Next time I'll show my BOO gifts.  They aren't ready yet. :D


I'll be here...showing my latest salvage trick.  We gotta use what is in our hands or do without.

3 or more Tuesday at The Gypsy's Corner..see what's up.

Just me...DeniseMarie


Trying to post??

Mama Bear told me all about it but...alas, when I go to get a pic for my post I have a big ol X where I'm suppose to be able to chose from my desktop or files???

Can anything just be simple....easy breezy??


Sep 24, 2010

banner over me is love

Uh, oh...I can't figure out how to load pics anymore from my computer into a post??

I'm preparing my Pink Sat. post and it ain't gonna happen??  The new options don't offer me access to my computer files or desktop so this is what peeps will see on Sat...going old school. lol 

Does anyone remember this was my very 1st Blog banner?  My buddy at Texas Preacher Woman helped me with my blog set up and she surfed thru The Cutest Blog on the Block banners until this above banner struck a nerve for both of us for me.  I used Bloomin' for a solid year and then morphed.  I'm still changing my blog vibe every once in a while.  We all should be willing to change a little.

Happy Weekend

Happy Pink Saturday with Beverly at How Sweet the Sound.


Sep 21, 2010


Well, I'm putting my 1st Waste Not...Want Not Wednesday
out there to see if it catches on.  We all have to watch our budgets/monies these days.  Every penny counts and the Lord asks us, "What is in your hands?"  We have more blessings than we sometimes think.  Look at what we DO have and use it or lose it.

I chose this olden image for my meme. 
I love how she's repairing her dollie's dress.  She either made it out of a scrap of fabric long forgotten or salvaging fabric from a stained/partially ruined piece of clothing.  She's not wanting to throw it out.  She's maybe making something out of nothing. 
Love that!!  If you love it too post my meme on your side-bar.
That is the point of my Meme...use what you have in your hands.
Let's fix it...create something with it
Next week I'll show ya'll what I did with the lightbulb I had to take out of oldest son's lamp.  I guess you could say the lightbulb went off as I was taking it out for him. lol  spray paint is involved.

I can't wait to share with ya'll my 1st crazy post!!
Well, every Spring we get all excited and abuzz about a garden.  We till, we pick seed packets and we plant, water and watch as things come up. 
We ALWAYS have to have CORN!! 

Hubby grew up on a corn/cotton/peanut/soy bean farm.
Jeremiah 4:3 NIV
"...Break up your unplowed ground

and do not sow among thorns.
look how full of life and promise it looked in May. :)
It was really hot this year and the corn didn't do terrific, but we got some to eat.  I was determined to save the stalks for the fall.  I have seen others use stalks to decorate their fall front door.  You know...pumpkins, hay bales scarecrows and corn stalks.  I plucked every bit of the dried up stalks and put them to rest on Oldest son's bounce back baseball net.  lol  I wanted them all together and dried out and I'd collect them later.  I've tried this on other years and it ended up in the mulch pile.
Well...later was last week. 
This is what it looks like so far.  I took the stalks and wrapped an entire roll of brown ribbon that I had and scallop punched a piece of paper with sunflowers on it to tie onto the ribbon.  I used scrapbooking letters to spell Fall.  It looks pretty scruffy but I'll spruce it up when I buy some pumpkins and put my hay out.  It is resting in a chair form that I got at a garage sale for now.  I can enjoy it each time I step out the back door.

Waste Not Want Not..Trash to Treasure?? 
We'll see when I get the whole vignette together at the front or back door.

If you have a Fall garden going...I'm having fall garden envy. lol

What can you share with us?? 
Now it is your turn...

xox, DeniseMarie

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Sep 20, 2010

Passion for Papers

Oh...My Oh, My...I love me some Paper!!  It frustrates Hubby because I don't like to sort home papers or clean up the piles of papers/mail around the house.  But, get me talking about craft papers...forget about it.  lol

I'm posting this for my bloggin' buddy...Cindy at RickRack & Gingham.  I'm gonna have to make her a set of cards with this paper and suprise her sometime.
Had to have this stack and I'm really not 1 to freak out and own stacks.  This is the 2nd 1 from that 1/2 price sale at JoAnn's.


Happy Blue Monday with Smiling Sally
3 or More Tuesday with The Gypsy's Corner
xox, DeniseMarie

Sep 19, 2010

A Lil Birdie told me

Is this the Tweetest lil hand-made box you have ever seen??
See the gorgeous paper detailing.  The pearls, the cut out bird and branch, the ribbon.

Now...look at the eye candy inside!!
And the gorgeous pink bottom of the box.  Love it!!

I got this precious gift from Bella the Owl who I swapped with this past Spring.  She lives in Australia and I send blessings to her and her Mom who helped her make this gift.  Her Mom works with Stampin'Up

God schooled me thru Bella's gift!!  She is a 13 year old girl with much love of the lord and much gifting and generosity of heart.  This is not nearly all she sent me all the way from Australia but this touches me the most.

God made a christian connection that we can call upon thru this swap.  Her Daddy was quickly in a terrible motorcycle accident with a bunch of his buddies after we met and I've been praying with her for him to be a great source of ministry to his buddies.  You just never know, Peeps..Whooooo God will use or bring you to to bless and be blessed by in turn.

Those pretty scrolls of paper are scriptures that I can open up and agree with the word of God for her family...her country, my children, her.  AMEN!!

xox, DeniseMarie

Sep 17, 2010

Pink it is

Well, I finally told Ms. Beverly to put me down for a weekly Pink Saturday post.  I embarrased myself a few weeks ago and promised a post and did NOT deliver it.  Now...I'm gonna know that I know that there will be PINK on Saturdays

This sits above my head when I blog.  Cindy at Rick Rack and Gingham's daughter swapped with me last season and gave me the bunny.  I love how she's watering the seedlings so they'll BLOOM.

I'm wanting to hostess a Meme myself this Fall and hope it takes off.  So...I'm watering the idea by telling ya'll about my hopes:

Waste Not Want Not Wednesdays
Dumpster Dive'n Diva
this would be on Thursdays

We would show each other stuff that should have gone to the trash, we took out of the trash, we made from something that any other reasonable person would have trashed or did. :S

You can't tell it from the above shot but if you lift the cover of this paper pack that gorgeous scallop is cut out to reveal the 1st sheet of glittery paper.  I didn't even notice the 1st time or 2 that I saw it.  I'll make it into a Matte by trimming it off the cover and using it to scrapbook or embellish something.  I'll also look at all my paper punches and make scallops or squares or circles with that blue coverstock, until I've used it all except the advertising.  I make a lot of gift tags like this.

That is how I roll so I hope I'll touch some heartstring and get some fellow bloggers that roll like I do.  lol
No badge/poster/button finalized yet...still playin'.

Which of the 2 above posters comes close??

Sep 16, 2010

A Swap & A Hope

A Swap..
Happy Harvest sign,
Acorn S&P shaker,
there is a gorgeous leaf tray for these that is busted in 1/2. :(
Fall Leaves Kitchie towel
Sorry, it is already in use. lol
Debby LOVES acorns and leaves as much as I do!!
I participated in a Kitchie Swap with Cindy at RickRack & Gingham. She asked us to show our kitchie items on 9/17 so now I've done that. I got to meet Debby from Ohio at

Debby took a great shot of what I sent her.  I'm glad she'll love the crochet topped kitchie towel made by Doris Sturm at Crocheting in Georgia.    I won it from her blog and didn't have the heart to use it so I know Debby will use it and love it.  Doris says no one will use her awesome stuff because it is so cute.  Doris, I love you but you may be right....I have NOT used the bumblebee scrubby on any pots yet. :S

Fall is such a magical time of year. 
It is a Happy time!!
It is FAITH that the old will pass and new will come.  The dead in our lives, in our hearts will blow away and make room for what will come.
Thank you so much, Debby!!

Texas Fall Kitchie Hugs to ya.

And, thanks Cindy for always coming up with these great swap ideas.

Youngest bought these for me &ft
also had this made for me..
There is hope that these boys will be great young men.
There is hope that my chronic illness is not making me totally fail as a MOM.

Hubby wants to turn Beagle Run Cottage into Beagle Run Court. 
We may be moving...boy, what that'll do to my blogging.  lol
We are hoping that it is not our imagination that God is about to bless us with a new home.
Hubby wants to have Youth group events and bible study fellowships and team parties and invite his Branch from NASA over at Christmas...

We'll see what happens.

Show n Tell Friday at My Romantic Home

Love to ya...DeniseMarie

Sep 15, 2010

Red Joy

Sue Loves Cherries!

I got this at Big Lots after eldest's baseball double hitter this weekend.


My favorite word!
Love it!

Psalm 94:19 NIV
When anxiety was great within me,
your consolation brought joy to my soul.

Have a JOY filled afternoon.

Sep 14, 2010

Halloween month treats

Cute ideas are coming from all over the place for Halloween treats.
I love Fall!! 
There is a magic in the air the 1st time you feel a cool breeze that suprises you.  Our temps dropped 20 degrees a few weeks ago with that tropical situation in the Gulf of Mexico.
Now..folks..Zone 4 Southern Texas girls gotta make a stretch in 95 degree weather. lol

Mummy Marshmallows posted previously at Style Sisters
What an inspiring thing she did.  She had a bunch of friends over to share ideas and this is just 1.

I'd love to start having fellowships here again...I think I can. lol
We have a block party and then go Trick or Treat'n together on our street. 

I'm famous for making Nutter Butter ghost cookies but can't find any pics of past years handy.
So...look what you can purchase here.
Ghost and Mummy Nutter Butter Choc dipped Cookies.
I even made spiders 1 year with chocolate colored coating and sign of a pic on internet??

After the 1st year I made these for the party there was no going back. 
Big pre-TorT dinner HIT.
Apparently, Ya'll like these best too from the comments.

New idea this year!! 
I've seen it twice now.  Look how cute, it is filled with fruit snacks.  LOVE this! 
This pic is from Family Fun Mag and I saw it last week in my new mag, Gooseberry Patch Halloween.
Wash them out after and put a tealight candle in it and it'll smell nice, huh.  That is how GbP used them.

Last...and MOST brilliant idea today..

Again..Disney Family Fun idea
Never seen this...never thought of it...DUH!!
My boys will love helping me create something like this for a family dinner even as the appetizer.  They both use to be into dinosaur bones.

Get your file going for party and family together ideas for October.

Joining 3 or More Tuesday at The Gypsy's Corner
Her 94th time.  I have to say I always love when I get to join in.

Just spotted this Sept. Wed meme..

Looks like you can join in Fall Frenzy thru Sept. 30th..great meme!

She's collection Halloween ideas.
See ya at 1 of the Parties.


Sep 12, 2010

Fall Decor Cont'd

Welcome to my Seasonal Sunday Post
Our Dear Tablescaper has continued her Sunday Meme into Fall.

So...ya'll get to see more of the clean up that went on to get ready for my 1st Prayer group session for youngest's Elementary School.  The girls knew I'd been struggling with Fibro and Sinus Infection so they were very impressed at how nice things looked. lol

To find out if there is a Moms In Touch group meeting at your child's school click and use the Find a Group feature.  It only takes you and 1 other Mom or G'ma to start a group!
I've been leading our Ele school for my 5th year now and I've prayed with Intermediate school for my 3rd. 

Cleaned and Decorated for Fall, YES I did!

Ya'll, this beloved quilt is from Cracker Barrell several yrs ago (75% clearance).  I just took down everything that was there and put this up right where my Advent quilt will have to go too.
Got out a fall cloth and pumpkin garland for the lamp table.  I scored that pillow cover with the W for $5 each from Ballard's Design (got 2 of them) and received free monogramming.  Had to move Hoppy Vanderbear "Harecrow" in here too with the happy Jack O Lantern softie.

I burned that Vanilla Bean candle a bunch so the house would smell yummy too.

Ele school mascot is a terrapin (turtle) so I have 1 on the coffee table with my scarcrow box.

This was a Hobby Lobby clearance item 1 year.
There is a cookie jar somewhere in my Fall stash too in this same series.

I used it to put my coasters into once I cleared all the junk off the table.
I took it outside to get a better pic of it for Debby at Cozy Blanket. :)
Now that things are more cleaned up too...Hubby hung these rod-iron pieces for me that I've been waiting to see hung here for probably 1.5 years.  I like them..they tie into the curtain rod and the hardware and lights in the kitchen.  We still have decorative molding to hang above and below upper cabinets. sigh.
Did anyone spot Jack Beagle in the shot eating bkfst? lol
I scored the stitch work piece behind my eldest at Canton Trade days in '03 for $3 in the back 40 Junking area. :D  I love it!...wagon full of Hay that was harvested headed to market.

My reward for the hard work after school Friday was this.. 

Not the greatest quality pic but what I see in it is my beloved Hubby and eldest laughing with a joke book in Hubby's fav chair that has been cleared of laundry piles and his ottoman has been moved back in place from the entry where it was stacked high with debris.  And, Sonic Kitty is curled up at Daddy's leg in Bliss.

I'm a simple woman...Peeps...I just want my home to function and my family to be happy.
And..Hubby took us to the mall and I got buy 1 get 1 free Yankee Candles to burn this fall season.  I had gotten a card in the mail last week.  Their in store deal is buy 1 get 1 1/2 price.

Click on Sunday Meme above to see what others are posting this Sunday.

Also, I finally get to tag into Show Off Your Cottage Monday with Cielo for the 1st time in a long while.  Let's hope I remember to do it.  lol

Between Naps on the Porch...Met Monday

Maybe some more as the week progresses.