Oct 31, 2009

Cards that inspire.

This is a pretty color combo.  I like the chocolate making the pink pop.

Someone worked hard on these beauties.

I love the glitter and the lil' froggie poppin' off the page.

Happy Pink Saturday...go see how many entries at Beverly's today.

Oct 30, 2009

Love, Hope and Joy

This is my guy!! 
We were taking bluebonnet pictures and this field full of yellow flowers was behind us and he spontaneously took off running and dancing thru the beauty of it. I pray this dude soars on wings as eagles, walks and does not grow weary and reaches all his dreams and aspirations and knows the presence of God profoundly.

He's such a great guy but I hope he doesn't walk in my shadows.  You know...the places I've been that I don't want my kids to ever tread.  He wears his heart on his sleeve like me...I hope he'll learn to tuck it in better and let the Lord have his hurts.

I'm hopeful for him!  I'm prayerful for him!  He inspires me to be better, live fuller and get over myself.

Here's hoping you are off to a terrific weekend of Joy.  xox!

Please join the Hopeful Friday gang at Charli and Me.

Oct 28, 2009

An Apple Today?

This is the breakfast table when I was decorating for Fall several weeks ago.  It was fun getting it all out and then separating it into different areas of my home. 
There is a little Red in there.

I took this shot during our Labor Day trip at a mall across town.  I asked to take a picture and was too embarrassed to take 2 or 3 shots.  There were racks in front of this full of apples.  I'm dreaming of making caramel apples for our Halloween block party Saturday.  I'm trying to work up the nerve to do it.  Look at these beauties!!

Have a happy Rednesday and go see what
Sue Loves Cherries and gang have on display today.  xox!

Oct 26, 2009

Blue box

Happy Blue Monday

I almost bought this blue box to put in my son's room.  They have a bazillion clone troopers and army men and vehicles that end up all over my home.  The raw wood amunition box is cool too.

Head on over to Smiling Sally for blue monday posts.  I love all the different things we catch and show each other.  xox!

Oct 23, 2009

Pink girls in the hood

Happy Pink Saturday

Last year our street was going wild before Trick or Treat time!!
Is this the cutest shot of these 2 neighbor girls or what??
I hope ya'll are gonna be ready for children to ring your bell.

Look at most of the others of the youngest possie.  They are hanging out in the neighbors truck bed.  They all have a thing about our trucks. :)

Well, hope to make rounds to see what ya'll are showing today at Beverly's How Sweet the Sound.

xox!!  keep bloomin' girls...we are not home yet.

Oct 22, 2009

Blue Ridge dessert plates

Happy Vintage Thingy Thursday

I wanted to show these 2 plates today, even though they are hanging to prove to us that we never have put the molding up near the ceiling to finish our cabinets. :)  These belong to a set of 8 dessert plates that my Grandmother gave me.  They all feature different fruit, and not the prettiest ever but oh, so sentimental.  They are Blue Ridge Southern Potteries.   Is that funny or what?  Ya'll know I'm a southern gal but my G'ma is anything but...she resides in Massachusetts and has her whole life.  I had the rest displayed in my dining room until I moved that antique wardrobe you can see thru the door.  It now lives in the dining room to hold dish collections.  I'll showcase my dining room for ya'll as it comes back together.

I love Vintage thingies!!  Modern...bluuccckk
Hope to make the rounds at
 Colorado Lady, Vintage Thingy Thursday. 

Oct 19, 2009

Halloween capers

Ya'll may have seen some of these pics before.  Still no camera and hubby is bauking at buying another.

This plate stands on a holder right as you enter the living room, it greets you.

Bloody eyeball gumballs that went quick. We also have had gummy worms.

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Oct 16, 2009

Hello Pink Saturday ladies.  I hope you are all having a fabulous Fall season.

Is this so funny?  My son and his buddy found my Muffy VanderBear stash of bears and accessories.
They had scenes all over the livingroom for hours.

There is a lot of burgandy in this shot.  But also lots of pink flowers in the pots on the print.  I just love this shot of the doorway.  I imagine a huge courtyard on the other side with a water fountain and bricked path.  Also, the little pink home-made sign in my flower pot is a scripture I love that reads, "Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise, give thanks to him and praise his name." Psalm 100:4

This is a painting my girlfriend gave me from an Estate sale.  It is in my dining room that is in transition right now.  I love her.  I love the colors.  I'm not sure how I missed having the whole thing in my shot?

That is it this week.  Have a happy Pink Saturday and there are 157 posts at Beverly's How Sweet the Sound..go see for yourself.  xox!

Oct 14, 2009

Red-y, set...post

Hello Rednesday gang.  I've got card recipes to show you today...

this is a really nice set to make as a gift.

I love the simplicity of this and the colors.

this one is layers and layers to do in stages and lastly...

I have this stamp set of trees and love this layered look.
Well, that is it.  I hear it snowed in South Dakota and kept my mom's co-worker from gettting back to Texas for work on Monday so I know it is snowing somewhere.

Please go see more red at Sue Loves Cherries xox!

Oct 10, 2009

Pink Hippo

My 1st Pink Sat Post is below my Fri post.  Did not mean to cause confusion at all.

I posted it on Thur and don't know how to fix and am on my mom's computer and can't access photo to redo.

If you go the extra post down to Thur...you'll see Jack Beagle with his hippo!!  xox, Blessings!!

Oct 9, 2009

Let the heavens rejoice...Let the earth be glad.

"There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God.. "--Psalm 46:4

Have you ever seen a scarlet tangier?...this was my 1st.

"I am perfect in beauty." Ezekiel 27:3

On Christ the solid rock I stand..all other ground is sinking sand.

"He is the Rock, his works are perfect, and all his ways are just." Deuteronomy 32:4

Dear Lord, you know our goings out and our comings in...you ordain our path.

"Ants are creatures of little strength, yet they store up their food in the summer." Proverbs 30:25 

All these images are from last Fall when we camped outside San Antonio, TX at the Frio River.

I'm joining in for Hopeful Friday this week for the 1st time at Charlie and Me  xox!  Have a fabulous wknd.

Oct 8, 2009

Pink hungry hippo

Jack beagle got a pink hippo for Easter this year. 

Cindy is trying to get Hound Dog Thurs up and running at... a House with 2 cats.

I saw this pic in my archives and had to share today. 

I am also posting my 1st Pink Sat too with Beverly at How Sweet the Sound  xox!

Oct 7, 2009

Red Lightnin'

This is my precious pre-teen.  His baseball skills are amazing and given by God. 
He works hard and just love it!!

Hubby's truck became the gatorade station this summer for All-Stars.  #32 Rocks my heart.
That's lil brother in the back of the truck. :)

Nice shade, huh.

Intense game face.

Have a fantabulous Rednesday.  Please go see what's Red at

Sue's...It's a very Cherry world   xox!

Oct 5, 2009

Got Truck?

Hey Gang...
Searched my archive photos and found some trucks.  We went to a local showing to meet a friend that then went to the Truck Rally.  It was hot, hot, hot.  It was summer '08...the boys look like babies. :0)

I'll leave you with Batman and the Red, White and Blue waving byebye to ya.

Have a terrific Blue Monday and have fun looking thru the other entries at Smiling Sally.

Oct 3, 2009


Hello Gang.  I hope it is a lovely day wherever you are today.  It is the Lord's day today and I'm tagging in to Spiritual Sunday with Charlotte and Ginger.

I received a word from the Lord this week and it surprised me.


1. to persist in anything undertaken; maintain a purpose in spite of difficulty, obstacles, or discouragement;   
    continue steadfastly.

2. to persist in speech, interrogation, argument, etc.; insist.

3. to bolster, sustain, or uphold: unflagging faith that had persevered him.

Why am I surprised?  Because after 2 years of intense illness...I'm not healed and I may not be healed tomorrow when I wake up...He is asking me to persevere thru it.  He is not gonna move the mountain.
Kinda like this shot my hubby thought was hysterical of me having a cup of coffee and hammerin' away at the tack strip that held our old carpet down and was in the way of our new beautiful flooring.  God loving on us is kinda like when we work on our home...does it really ever end?  1 project leads to another and next thing we know we have to not only have the floor in the living room but the closet, front 3 rooms.  Everything ends up all a mess before it looks beautiful again.

Hence, the name of my blog...Bloomin'

Lord, I'm still bloomin' right here where you planted me and I'll persevere until I've run the race

1Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.

2Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.  Hebrews 12:1-2

I won 2 things!!

Hey Ya'll!!  I won!! Twice...

I won the book Blogging for Bliss from Joan at Anything Goes Here, check out her awesome blog.  I just saw today that she is about to hit her 100th post and 500th follower...that means another giveaway coming soon.

I'll try to share some cool stuff I learn from this book.  She also sent some really cool bug tags that I may use on my Boo grams. (see yesterday's post)

I won a contest from Barbara Jean at Treasures from the Heart

 She had watch faces/crystals and we had to guess how many were there and I came closest without going over.  I think she'll do this kinda thing again...be "watching" for it. hahahaha

I won some of the watch faces and placed them in my fall display glass apothacary jar with the acorns and rocks.  She also made me a potpouri sachet...black and white toile.  Love it!

I also bought a toile black and white framed piece from her.  Check out her store.

She is also following thru with Get R Done projects...go check her out and be inspired.  I think she's coming up on 200 followers.

Keep your camera close, girlies!!  xox!

Oct 2, 2009

Boo Grams

Well, no camera yet. 

 I'm getting my Boo grams together anyway because I gotta be the 1st to attack, right.  I have buckets from the $1 store that look like ghosts.  I have bags that are pumpkin or black that I've saved.  I also have those take out boxes and mine have bats on them.  I let the boys pick a friend or 2 each.  You should start with 3 to get it going, but there is no rule.

I've collected halloween socks, hair bows, candy, Peep marshmallow pumpkins.  You can get stuff everywhere.  Wal-mart, $Dollar Tree, drug store, grocery items. 

I had a friend give apple cider that had a halloween theme with cookies before to her neighbor. 

Give a decoration they can use or vampire teeth or gummy worms or eyeball gumballs.

I typed in Boo To You on google and this came up:

It has all the instructions you need to start a whole new trend in the neighborhood.

Beware:  it is exciting trying not to be discovered Ding Dong Dashin'.

Have a happy weekend!!

Oct 1, 2009

Random Thrifted decor

I cannot find my camera.  So, here is a draft I never posted.
A little corner of my kitchen cabinet.  I got the bread cross-stitch at the resale shop for $1 on 1/2 price day.
I got that creamer for $2 or $3 bucks somewhere.  The little iron was from my g'ma in Oklahoma. :0)

I love this funky scale.  I found it at a general store in Weldon, North Carolina near the MIL's farm.
I usually have a bowl filled with apples up there.

This is our fun marina themed bathroom for my boys.  Yes, that is a bright color and it is on the walls and ceiling too.  There is white beadboard all around the bottom of the room.  This funky sign is above their window.  I got it from a junk guy that thrifts in from the beach at Eastern Shore, VA while fishing and beach bummin'.  I also got a bouy from him...I guess I forgot to get a pic of it.

Have a fabulous Thursday and please check out:

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see blog names and my upper side bar to refer and go into their posts. xox!