Mar 25, 2012

lovin' from the oven

 I had fun over Spring break re-furbishing child furniture. I brought home a stove & sink cabinet from my pre-k classroom. I simply cannot stand how ugly all the cabinets look for the 3 yr olds..esp. from behind.  I often change the placement around and we see the backs.

 2 -- 50 cent placemats at BigLot is all it took to get my juices flowing.
We realized that the top was laminate and should simply be left alone and embellished.  We made the back look like it was white all along..inside too.

awwww...much better

Engine, engine is fire engine red now!!

We left the knobs alone too.

Sink cabinet will be complete next!  Their fav center is home living. :D
Love & Blessings for your Spring spruce-ups..

Metamorphis Monday
Denise Marie

Mar 12, 2012

Blog changes

I made some changes to my Blogspot.  I don't know what to use for my Name/Title Banner.  I feel trapped by my html but don't want to start all over.  I still CANNOT figure out how to get my phone or tab to connect all my latest project photos to the computer so...I'm trying.  Our camera died way back in the Fall.

We are smack-dab  in the throws of Spring baseball around here.  Hubby is coaching youngest in his last season of Little League and oldest started high school ball.  Had a big party for him & 17 teammates over Spring break.  They played ping-pong and had a blast.