Jun 27, 2010

Let's Play Ball

I am delighted to share that my lil guy got to play in his 1st ever All-Star baseball game last night.  He's watched big brother make the team for 4 years and finally this year he made his own team.

He got to wear his uniform and get his name called out to stand for the anthem and Little League player pledge.

He finally gets to have his name on a star on the special banner. 
He got a fantastic base-hit, played left field and even got to be 1st base coach!! 

I'm sooo proud and it is all about prayer, faith, hope and never giving up.

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xox, DeniseMarie

Jun 23, 2010

Uncle Sam Nutcracker

My lil guy loves Nutcrackers so how could I resist this?
He looks like Uncle Sam. lol

...which led to this at my front door.

basket: goodwill $1
red star balloon weight: Dollar Tree $1
red fluff: resale shop 25cents
red, white, blue flowers: Dollar Tree $1
star picks: Hobby Lobby 1/2 price
Nutcracker: JoAnn's Fabric 40% off
BestBuy bag: free
I've been collecting the star stuff for my baseball all-stars too.  I like to make a big deal of it while they are sweatin' their hearts out every single  evening until the tournaments.

I am incredibly Grateful for the freedoms that we've been privileged to have in our country!!

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xox, DeniseMarie-Bloomin

Jun 20, 2010

Summer Swap reveals

I've been swappin' and meetin' peeps all over the world and country lately.  I've enjoyed every single minute of it and will continue to do it!  It brings me tremendous joy to make a package and anticipate receiving 1 back.

Kitchie Swap at Rick Rack & Gingham
Cindy has been a delightful Hostess to get to know.  She's a Texas Gal.
Her precious daughter, Wendy at 4kidstonsofjoyandchaos, sent me my kitchie gifts from Oklahoma.  I have lots of family in the Tulsa area on my Dad's side. 
My box was full of Green Tea~Orange, Passion Fruit & Jasmine.  Can't wait to make Iced Tea out of these bags. :-)  I also got a teaspoon/teabag  holder with a Rooster.  I got a Rooster kitchen towel and photo holder.  She gave me a gorgeous ceramic basket that has a liner and a pair of bunnies for Jack Beagle.  lol

Thanks Wendy! 
To see pictures of the kitchie box I sent go to Sweet Bee Cottage.

All American Jess put together a rockin' swap!
I was partnered with Paige in Kentucky!  You can find her at
Lots of fun here.  I forgot to take pictures for ya of the stuff I put in her flip flop box.  I know I sent turquois flip flops and lime stuff and 4th of July votive bags.

She sent me my favorite color sandals and polish and some Vera Bradley notecards.

Thanks Paige!!  Thanks Jess!

Linda at A Swap for All Seasons puts on awesome swaps.
If you've never swapped and want to get started make sure to check in with her on August 1st for her Fall swap...can't wait.
I got paired up with The Mermaid and the Alligator from Deleware. I've got lots of family in New England area on my Mom's side of the family.

This is my fav thing that I sent to my partner.  She loved receiving the Cameo jewelry set and I loved the vintage box that was lined in velvet and gorgeous from top to bottom.

Wow, I really got a beautiful package!!  See the olden hankies and a ceramic high heel shoe and a kitchen book and spa socks.  Can you see the gorgeous jewel box and broche that was in it?!
Not to mention that she looked up family for me and sent news clippings that delighted my mom and grandma.  What a blessing!!
Thanks Carol!

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Happy Swapping Wishes!!
xox, DeniseMarie

Jun 17, 2010

Seeing Stars

I hope ya'll realize how vulnerable I am showing you my real life lately. 
I haven't been able to put together a post on my dish love or vintage love nor do I have time to clean anything up to show you or cook something awesome. lol
I'm a Crew Chief at VBS this week and here's my awesome crew.  My whole church sanctuary is full of kiddos.....love it!!  Our theme is High Seas Expedition.
I waited, longed, prayed and hoped for 3 years to be able to snap the next shot...
All-Stars!!!  He finally got a cap that he can wear around with pride.

Never give up.....Keep believing that the Lord will make a way.

xox, DeniseMarie

Jun 15, 2010

Owl always Love you

Hooo is enjoying SummerTime?

Hoooooo among you is an Owl lover?
I am having a blast getting my next swap package ready.  I get to prepare something for Bella who lives in Australia and loves Owls.

I love swaps!!  I love blogging and do not feel like friendships found in blogland are any accident.

My mom loved owls about 25 years ago when they were in style then.

I have to say that owls are creatures I don't get to see.  I'm not much of a night owl. LOL

xox, DeniseMarie

Jun 11, 2010

Pink Saturday and Summer Sunday

Here's my lifemate!!  We will be married 17 years in 1 more month.
This is a HOT date...out to lunch during school hours earlier this month!!
This is a good reminder to me that my blogiversary is getting close too; that means a give-away will soon ensue.

Memaw's Zinnias in her garden in North Carolina the Summer of  2008

A glorious row full of more zinnias than you could ever want.  The hummingbirds and Yellow finches and bees and butterflies go crazy here.

I love to pick flowers and make bouquets the first day we get to the farm on vacation.
We don't go this year until August.

1st...we gotta get thru the dog days of All-Star baseball season here in Texas.  Tomorrow the heat will feel like 103 degress...uggghhhh.

Happy Pink Saturday with Beverly

Happy Summer Sundays at Tablescapers
xox, DeniseMarie

Jun 10, 2010

All-Star Dreamin' Girls

Girls, do I have to tell ya how hard it is when 1 of your kiddos is a Super-Star at something like baseball and the lil guy coming up behind him runs after his big bro's baseball jersey for his own Glory???  It hurts a mothers heart to watch.  I wish Hubby would separate sports so we wouldn't have the eternal comparisons.  
Here's what happens instead:
He becomes the head Coach for lil guys team!!  He invents like 3 contraptions to use during practice sessions...

Of course...he still is Asst. Coach for big brother's team too.

We rally behind both of them best we can and encourage them and get them lessons and Hubby rushes home from work to go out back and work with them.
Hubby lives, breathes and dreams baseball (He's an engineer and comes at it from that vantage).

because eventually...All Stars MUST be selected!  Prayers go up...hopes run high.  A wife and Mom tries not to worry about feelings and dreams but have hope this will be the year for lil guy too!!
If your name gets called in a few days...
You get to be on THE TEAM!! 
You get a HAT...Jersey...T-SHIRTS with YOUR name on them to wear for years until they are shredded.
Yes girls...hopes are HIGH that this guy will not just be a spectator and fan this summer but get his own shot at Little League All-Stars braggin' rights!!

xox, DeniseMarie

Jun 8, 2010

Please...Come In.

Thought you gals may enjoy seeing what hits ya the minute you step into Beagle Run Cottage.  I did buy my sconces and hung them and put battery candles into them.  I cleaned up the console top and can show it off now.

Keepin' it real for ya'll!! 
This is what happens when we are running around like crazy.  Can ya'll see that those boys feet are as big as mine now.  It is hard to tell who's is who's except for pink and flowers now!!  LOL!

Sconce Love!! 
What is it about the Acanthus leaf details.  Was it not enough that the frame and the wallpaper had the busy details.  I love that these anchor my picture.  A dear friend gave me the print and I love it.  It starts the bunny hunt right up at Beagle Run Cottage.  I got these out and hung them myself without hubby being involved.  Then I straightened up in here so I could take pictures for ya'll.

Looking at this print reminds me that I have a cabbage plate I could put up here to trade out with the Faith Hope Love piece.  You gals can see that my beloved console needs some love.  I'm soooo torn...do I paint it out or sand and re-stain.  Hubby loves the burled details.  If money was hanging on a tree out back I'd pay someone to make me a marble top!!  I like to trade out the fabric runners from season to season.  Looks like I should take away the spring bird theme and do something different for Summer.
I even decorated the air return and thermostat across from the console.  I got the watercolor dogwood piece from Mother In Laws neighbor because Hubby proposed on the dogwood trail 17 years ago.  Even the frame looks like dogwood blossoms.  And, I love those hair pin trays I found a few years ago antiquing locally.

Hope you enjoyed my tour of the front entry.  I'm blessed to have a nice little entry room to my home.  I'll do some more straightening so I can show off more.

xox, DeniseMarie

at a Stroll thru Life

with Amy at New Nostalgia

Jun 7, 2010

Happy b-day friend

Here is a dear baseball buddy, Andy, that has been really fun blessing and having sleep-overs with and Hubby was his Coach this season and last.  He's buddies with my youngest.  He has a single mom raising him.  She's a Rock Star Mom!!  She never missed a minute of her son and all his accomplishments on the baseball field and he rocked it!!
Here she is..McKinsey Burke!! 
I have NO excuses when I compare myself to her.  She never complains about how hard it is!!  She is about to sign papers on a new house for her and the kids!!  Praise the Lord.  Please pray God blesses her and her 2 kids.  They'll move out of our baseball league into a new one with this blessing.  Her landlord is selling right out from under them but she will have her own place.  She even lost her job last year and we prayed together and I worried but she never flinched and got herself the next job very quickly.  You cannot keep a good woman down. 
I adore her strength and joy!
My oldest loves to play with his brother's buddies.  He is a leader for sure.  Youngest gets so jealous when his friends look up to big brother and want to connect with him.

Maybe oldest likes hangin' out with the younger ones too because he is a late bloomer.  He hasn't grown in a few years much.  This is at our church and He's the 3rd in line.  When all his buddies are together he looks like a shrimp.  It will shock me when he starts to go straight UP!

Happy Blue Monday gang!!  Go see Smiling Sally

xox, DeniseMarie

Jun 5, 2010

Retail Eye Candy

This is the gorgeous Honeybee Serveware Collection from William Sonoma that I saw today at the mall.  I bet all the Dishies/Tablescape Divas have seen it along with all their other glorious sets.  I've seen bee glassware and maybe even silverware.  How nice and earthy and springy and backyard party inspired.

1 other item really caught my eyes and delighted me!!

Check out this gorgeous oval stoneware bread basket from William Sonoma as an exclusive item that comes in 4 colors and retails for $49.  I was junking at my Goodwill last year and snagged a very similar piece for $2 that needs to be spray painted and could look like this easily (it is a terrible hunter green color).

Retail eye candy!!
I went into the mall for $6 wallflower refills from Bath &Body Works.  Have ya'll seen the awesome fragrances for summertime?  Hard to figure out which 1.  I love Sea Island Cotton for my boys bathroom and bedrooms.  Their grandparents are retired Cotton farmers so special touch for them.  We always go to the Eastern Shore when we go to the farm each summer.  I got my mom some cool summery fragrances.  I'm pretty sure 1 was the above Island Nectar.  Her birthday is today!

I left the house bound for Kirkland's but while I was out I shopped until carpool time. 
 Dangerous endeavor!

These are the sconces I went for to use my $10 coupon and add ambiance to my front entry wall.  They were already $10 off so I get them 1/2 off reg price. 

It takes a lot of running around to get your cottage just the way you are dreaming.
I'll post a pic later if I get 'er done and hung!!

Cottage xox, DeniseMarie

Jun 3, 2010

Almost Summer

Here's the kitchen window box. 
It would flower more if I'd get out in the terrible heat and humidity to feed it and not just water it.  I added the lil kitty in the background and a Mary Engelbreit tag (We have been friends together in sunshine and in shade).  Please show your pretty face again purple lantana.  You cannot neglect watering even for 1 day in Texas heat or you'll lose your beloved flora.  Right under here is a water spicket that leaks a drip constantly into my 2 gallon watering bucket so I can water on my way to the car. lol
I'm totally lovin' my Beautiful Window Box!

I know, I know...this is a thru my front window shot while waiting to pick up 5 of those gorgeous kiddos!!  Jr. High is a crazy time to get us moms ready for High School.  I hope this boy doesn't torture me all summer with those snotty looks and defiant quips!!  Were it not for the freckle face...man!!  I know there is a tremendous amount of love under that terrible attitude.  So...us moms keep rockin' it out, right?

I love the flags flying proudly. 
As I'm typing this I realize ya'lls flag polls may proudly display a different state flag that would look funny to me.  lol  Holly at Banner Haus just shared that we are a republic so we can fly our flag under the U.S. flag..maybe ya'll can't...hummmmm.

Summertime Joys...it's a beautiful thing!! 
1/2 day and that's it..

xox, DeniseMarie