Dec 29, 2012

Craftroom Table/Door

Hubby & I have been tiling the insets of a $5 olden wooden door I found junking.  It's future is to be my craftroom work table\desk.  I have quite the collection of broken up dishes/plates here to pull from!   We used 1/2 or 3/4 inch plywood under the door for better stability and support and will top it with a pc of glass I just ordered today.  The piece will rest on 2 open stock cabinets with 4 drawers each we got at  Home Depot during their 25% off sale.   
 There are 2 large and 2 small inset panels on my door/craft table.   We used up our treasures pretty well.  That metalic tile is from the tile backsplash in our home we sold 2 yrs ago.  The pear plate was in a set of 8 Blue Ridge fruit plates my G'ma gave me.  I have the other 7 hanging in my kitchen.   
I have accidentally broken some favorites thru the years.  I love china, porcelain and ceramics.  The Blue Danabe onion plate was in a trio above my kitchen door for years.  The green ribbed Starbucks mug was given to me by my youngest son several yrs ago.  His lil heart broke when he saw it got broken.
We still have to grout the whole piece.   Won't it be fun to look down and see some memories.
I own a set of snowman dishes and my son has broken some bowls while on dish duty. So...I have some to show ya with this project.
Also, our neighbors gave youngest the penguin mug and it got a chip where your mouth is suppose to experience hot cocoa.  Isn't he cute playing along with the snowmen.
I look forward to showing you my dream craft space as it comes together!!
I stepped out in some favorite pink this week to drop off and pick up oldest son from baseball open field practice.  No one saw me and if they had I would have smiled and waved.  My hot pink robe and leopard slippers with pink poof on them. 

1st time back into Pink Saturdays with Beverly
Not only can U feed your pink craze but apparently your snowman fix too this week.

Bouquet of Talent Party at Life on Lakeshore
Ya'll gotta forgive me!!  I can't decide what to do about my Blog Header or name!! is still just me...

Dec 25, 2012

Oh Happy Day

Merry Christmas!!
The most precious gift of all!!
Lil Babe in the straw!!
Jack Beagle got a snowman lovie and a bone to bury. 

Dec 18, 2012

baby Jesus bed

If I could throw  stuff away without a 2nd thought...then  there would be a lot less stuff to deal with around Beagle Run Cottage.  I'd love to eventually have friends join me on Wednesdays with their free-cycle items/projects.  But, let's just get the ball rolling. 

This is a pic I took at Target to remind you of how my cradle started out.  My family loves Cuties.
Can't throw anything out, so I made a baby bed for Jesus for the Pre-K to enjoy.  It reminded me of a manger.

They loved it!  They loved pulling the hay/crepe paper out of the bed.  They gave him a bottle too.

Joining Diann for
Thrifty Things Friday


Bloom!! In your place! DeniseMarie

Dec 13, 2012

Stylish napkin find

Let me start with a prayer you can agree with me on
Dear Lord, Bless Teachers, Administrators and Parents along with students that had to return to "normal" today...we may never have a normal again. Remind us of your presence and bless Connecticut! May Angels inhabit our schools, homes and cities!! Amen 

I am happy about a recent napkin purchase.  I was in Dillard's admiring the Christmas tree decor.

Normal people were purchasing just the right touch for their 2012 dream tree.

Oh...but not I..
So, this is close to where my attention should have been fully planted! My beautiful fransiscan apple dish collection I filled the curio with this fall. I received much of this as an inheritance from Hubby's Paternal Auntie when she found out I was collecting it.

But...I tend to Major in Minor details and if you look in the wee bottom left corner you'll feast your eyes on a small sampling of another inheritance I can't stop thinking of. This is Theodore Haviland..Troy. Hubby's Maternal Auntie left it to me recently. It is not dissimilar from my wedding or anniversary china.
 I love finding after season clearance merchandise wherever I roam so I meandered to the very back corner and found gorgeous stacks of napkins by Ralph Lauren and other designers.
  That is what my heart was thinking of  as the 1st of Christmas came out in the stores.    I brought 2 patterns home to look over with my dishes and Ralph Lauren had to go back because the colors were wonderfully bold and I needed subtle.  I snagged up their entire pile of 15 of these beauties.  Ivy Hill Home.  My fav price is $1/each or less but I splurged at $1.75 because they are really big and double sided...high quality.  And...I have never happened upon something that worked so well without sewing up a storm with my Mom. 
They have that cabbage rose olden feeling I love.
They would go amazingly well with my Mom's Fransiscan Desert Rose too!
Syracuse Forget Me Not china was an anniversary find in the Eastern Shore of VA on vaca several yrs ago. 
And, Lenox Southern Vista..our wedding china.  We picked this pattern out the day we got engaged.

If I ever have a large gathering it will be fun to use all 3 patterns at different tables.

Due to technical pics aren't so great and I cannot upload the pic I took of all china together with a napkin.  I will show tablescapes as they happen.

Sneaking into Tablescape Thursday at BNOTP with Susan.

because Show n Tell Friday is loaded and closed.

and                                                  Blue Monday at Smiling Sally
Happy Merry making, Denise Marie 

Dec 11, 2012

Bear Bed

I am figuring a few things out...way rusty at the technology that continues to improve in Blogland. 
 I gotta check on all the Memes and get the buttons from my fav spots still. 
I was thrilled when I saw this child's crib toy for $5 at the flea market!  Score!
Wishing you a Beary successful week of shopping, wrapping and just enjoying the lights and sounds of Christmas. 
I hope to suprise Sue Loves Cherries with a visit to Rednesday.

Oct 27, 2012

I used my batter bowl to make a carmel apple cake today.

I am using my dishes lately so I really want to blog.

Cannot figure out how to load pics on my tab.

trying to decide if I should rev up Beagle Run or Christ is the Heart of Christmas!?

Bloggie Love,  DeniseMarie

Apr 16, 2012

Fire King treasure

I purchased a treasure on E-bay as a feast for my eyes as I bake for my boys. 
It is a Fire King Jadeite batter bowl. 
It was less than $10.
I put her to work immediately!!  Oldest had a baseball game Friday night so I baked him some mini blueberry muffins for his lil snack as he was resting up to go back to get ready.  He gobbled them up!

At Pre-K we have a unit on Pets for 2 weeks.  My Momma donated some yarn to our school and I came up with this cool art for the kids.  My lil 3 yr. olds can spell C..A...T!!  And we got a laugh at the mess our cat made on our papers. (;
We used 3 marbles to make our messy background like the cat had strung the yarn all over
This is what marble painting looks like. 
You dab random spots on the sheet and let the child gently rock the box back and forth until they feel it is finished.

We then placed our kitty and the ball of yarn. 
I cut out fleshy pink letters like a kitty nose. 
Sit to dry for a while...

Well, then....kitty needs a bath now. 
This is our sensory table.  I love coming up with what to put in here!!! 
I mean...Iwake up at night with brainstorms about it.  lol
This is pink packing peanuts from a shipment of e-bay goodies. 
I saw them as pink bubble bath for our pets. 
They had a blast giving their pets baths.

Denise Marie

Apr 4, 2012

sink cabinet

We finished the sink cabinet for my classroom.  At Big Lots this past week, I found the only roll of contact paper in the store with kitchie, retro strawberries and snagged it up for the 3 year olds viewing pleasure. :D

I scoured my Hancock Fabrics for something that had bright, cheery and playful fabric...I think I found it...what do you think? lol  I will beg my Momma to help me make tie back panels for the front of the cabinet and maybe a kitchie towel too.  We have kinda a froggie thing going in our room.  And...we sing a song about the 5 lil river frogs floating on the river logs.

Can you remember the before of the stove and sink?  The faucet was birch, black and olden metal.  When I saw this bright silver can I knew I'd use it but it finally hit me to have the whole piece go silver and I think we nailed it.  I retired my shelf liner that got me thru 1/2 the school year.  I love it still.  It is on their shelves that are in the living center still.

 I love the way the faucet turned out.  And, check out the towel ring.  I looked over yesterday and the lil rascals had stuck a potted flower in that ring. lol  The living center changes every 2 weeks into a Dino bone lab...insect science lab, flower shop, pet grooming area...who knows.  They LOVE it!!
Every morning that they arrive they run to the living center to discover our newest set-up.  It is always a big hit.  This was a very rewarding effort for Hubby and I to under-take.

I am in the throws of preparing my own dining room for Easter Supper.  Pics soon.

Mar 25, 2012

lovin' from the oven

 I had fun over Spring break re-furbishing child furniture. I brought home a stove & sink cabinet from my pre-k classroom. I simply cannot stand how ugly all the cabinets look for the 3 yr olds..esp. from behind.  I often change the placement around and we see the backs.

 2 -- 50 cent placemats at BigLot is all it took to get my juices flowing.
We realized that the top was laminate and should simply be left alone and embellished.  We made the back look like it was white all along..inside too.

awwww...much better

Engine, engine is fire engine red now!!

We left the knobs alone too.

Sink cabinet will be complete next!  Their fav center is home living. :D
Love & Blessings for your Spring spruce-ups..

Metamorphis Monday
Denise Marie

Mar 12, 2012

Blog changes

I made some changes to my Blogspot.  I don't know what to use for my Name/Title Banner.  I feel trapped by my html but don't want to start all over.  I still CANNOT figure out how to get my phone or tab to connect all my latest project photos to the computer so...I'm trying.  Our camera died way back in the Fall.

We are smack-dab  in the throws of Spring baseball around here.  Hubby is coaching youngest in his last season of Little League and oldest started high school ball.  Had a big party for him & 17 teammates over Spring break.  They played ping-pong and had a blast.

Feb 19, 2012


The backs get me as excited as the fronts sometimes!

 Dishes, dishes, dishes...dreamin' in dishes lately!!

LOVE..& great dish wishes, DeniseMarie

Feb 16, 2012

come back kid

trying a comeback.  my Tab refuses to share my gallery of pics.  will see if I can figure out soon. ;s