Nov 26, 2010

Thankful sweat equity

Missing Ya'll so much!! 
Moving and having all kinds of hang ups, set ups, and mess all goes with the turf of making changes. 

Had to have our new fridge repaired???  Whatever.
But a tiny JOY in the middle of it all...Ballard's Design order came to my door.
These are $20 switchplates that they had on clearance for $5 each.
I also got a few other treasures on estate sale prices. :)
this was my 1st package at my new spot.
I ordered 4 of them for the laundry room, this odd hallway to the kitchen, the muddroom and the potty off the kitchie hall.

What was there was fine but the Dental Molded ones are heavy and fit in like they were always there.

Baby steps...a little fun at our new place because lots of work is going on at Beagle Run For Sale sign in the yard yet.

xox, DeniseMarie

Nov 13, 2010

A turkey, A beagle and A Happy gerbil

Here is Tom Turkey at Beagle Run Cottage. 
No time to make his Eat More Ham sign yet. 
And...Jack Beagle trying to get use to his new digs. 
He is getting use to the doggie door.
And..Speedy the Gerbil is doing ok too. lol
When it was time to get more Gerbil fluff I told Hubby to get pink and he got a huge bag of it so ya'll may be saying Hi to Speedy when I can't find other pinks. :0)

Miss ya'll...crazy busy!!
But...certainly, Happy Pink Saturday and thanks Bev for Hostessing.

Nov 2, 2010

owner of 2 homes

Well, we have possession of 2 homes now and are working hard to est. the new place yet get the old place straightened up for sale.  We are extremely humbled by this move.  We wanted a gameroom and pool for the boys and their friends and the youth group of our church.  I believe God was pleased that we said we'd open our homes to the youth.  He made a way where there seemed NO way.  Immediately, the neighbors almost formed a parade of welcome!!  Our baseball friends live all around us now.  I kept thinking that this is the wrong direction for us to go!!  I am NOT high fallootin'!!  But, Hubby coaches these boys and I pray for their schools so I guess I'll get out of my comfort zone.

Now, we just have to work fast and smart to get Beagle Run Cottage sold so the neighbors will be blessed with the family that will love our home as much as we did.
This was my favorite nook of the house.  Both boys had their nursery in this room and we will stage it as a playroom.  Nate confiscated it from me.  I use to have my craft room here while he was bunking with brother in another room. lol  Jack beagle is glad to come with us.