Apr 20, 2011

Rosey view

 This is my driveway bed;  this rose bush refuses to stand up.  It is right where the boys get out of my SUV.   It looks exactly like it's buddy right down the aisle but it must be a climber or creeper.   Hubby is threatening to rip all of this up and concrete a bigger driveway.  We'll need to eventually, but it is so pretty.  Pretty is as pretty does, I guess.  But, the birds love it too.
This 1 is perfectly standing up and staying back a little like it is suppose to.

Hope you have a rose of a day, with no thorn pricks, of course.

Apr 12, 2011


Happy Tuesday, Bloggers!

I went to NASA Johnson Space Center with the 5th graders and all I'm showing Ya'll today is some of the Longhorn steers on the property.  Did you know they are on-site??  It is a neat program where the local high school kids from the school district raise them in FFA.  They get to graze the grounds and delight everyone with their calm demeanor and those awesome horns.

I'm joining in at 3 or more Tuesday at

Apr 1, 2011

Pink Bloomin'

 We've got some amazing PINK bloomin' going on at Beagle Run Way!
 ..very full and lush, indeed.
And a few more bushes up front.

Happy Blog Hoppin':

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