Feb 14, 2013

Valentines swap

I participated in a fun swap at Cookies & Cream Crafts.
What a great way to start off the swap'n new year.  I can only hope that my partner liked what I made her.  I love what she sent me!!  I got to meet a Mom of  2 lil girls in Colorado.  Sarah Cody is the founder of www.Storkologie.com and her and Hubby have an Etsy together.. Stitches N' Twigs .

I squealed with delight and can't believe she made me this!!!

Really??  I could NOT have imagined a more perfect piece!  She got me!! 
Those are hearts in her pony tail!!
She is growing irridesent heart buttons!!  yummo! (can't fix pics)

I made my partner a banner.  I have admired all the banners that are all over pinterest and blogs for a while.  I have been putting 1 up in the breezeway between my breakfast room and living room.  Mostly when we have a baseball party.  I spun off of that idea.
I used the prettiest clothespins I have ever seen.  Got them at Michael's.  I placed a sachet right in the middle of the banner.  It is filled with aromatic Lavender.  Her business and passion led me to this. I hope when she opened the package..it was a great smell that hit her 1st.  I used strips of fabric like I see so many peeps doing and tied them on like I usually do ribbons.
She loves dragonflies so I added a few and some heart buttons.  I hope you can see the bunny butt.  I glued the lil pom pom on there hoping her lil girls will see it.  She loves bunnies like I do.
This is a piece of me.  I love the colors and cardinals are a fav bird.  Kinda like sending her my love.  Now I can see I should have made a lil banner piece with the birdie that said Texas love & my blog name on music paper.  Darn..
This is a piece of her.  She loves elephants from time spent in India.  It can be enjoyed from both sides.

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Happy Valentines Day..Girls..Bloomin'



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