Jun 7, 2010

Happy b-day friend

Here is a dear baseball buddy, Andy, that has been really fun blessing and having sleep-overs with and Hubby was his Coach this season and last.  He's buddies with my youngest.  He has a single mom raising him.  She's a Rock Star Mom!!  She never missed a minute of her son and all his accomplishments on the baseball field and he rocked it!!
Here she is..McKinsey Burke!! 
I have NO excuses when I compare myself to her.  She never complains about how hard it is!!  She is about to sign papers on a new house for her and the kids!!  Praise the Lord.  Please pray God blesses her and her 2 kids.  They'll move out of our baseball league into a new one with this blessing.  Her landlord is selling right out from under them but she will have her own place.  She even lost her job last year and we prayed together and I worried but she never flinched and got herself the next job very quickly.  You cannot keep a good woman down. 
I adore her strength and joy!
My oldest loves to play with his brother's buddies.  He is a leader for sure.  Youngest gets so jealous when his friends look up to big brother and want to connect with him.

Maybe oldest likes hangin' out with the younger ones too because he is a late bloomer.  He hasn't grown in a few years much.  This is at our church and He's the 3rd in line.  When all his buddies are together he looks like a shrimp.  It will shock me when he starts to go straight UP!

Happy Blue Monday gang!!  Go see Smiling Sally

xox, DeniseMarie


  1. Golly Thanks girl! That really warms my heart and helps me to remember..why I keep on trucking! LOVE YA! Kinsey

  2. What a super woman Kinsey is! Happy Blue Monday, Denise Marie.

  3. Happy Birthday Andy! Kudos to Kinsey, way to rock it Andy's mom. Congrats on the house and getting a job right away!

  4. Sounds like she is a wonderful person. Glad you're all friends in the Lord.

    Happy Monday and have a blessed week!

  5. A nice post about a terrific person. It warms my heart. Blessings to her and her children for sure. One of my five didn't grow until the summer of her 16th birthday.
    She grew 4 inches that summer. Not a single piece of clothing fit her. She was still a size 3. LOL. He will grow, don't worry.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  6. She sounds like such an amazing woman! Those that refuse to give up even when the going gets tough are true heroes.

  7. A wonderful post... Looks like Andy had a great party, has a terrific Mom and despite circumstances, perseveres. ~Karen

    ... and I wondered when my son would ever stop growing!
    He did, finally... at 6'6". I am so glad his wife has to feed him now. ;-)

  8. Thanks so much for becoming a follower. Looking forward to having you be a part of "Summer Sundays".

    - The Tablescaper


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