Sep 15, 2009

Turkey feathers?

Here is some of my boys Turkey art that I love that stays in the Fall box until Nov. 1st...
So, Why are all these turkeys hanging around?!  It is His Majesty's fault. 
The $2 platter I found this summer.
Remember...I got him at a junk/resale shop in N.C.?
I also got that awesome planter that is shiny for like $2 at a junk shop in West Texas
on Hwy 287 outside of Witchita Falls one Spring Break trip.
Goodwill snag with all the right colors.  30% off too.
...splurged on 2 of these plates to coordinate at Marshall's with some mustard colored
salad plates that will match unless I can find 2 more.
This is where my brain ought to be!  Getting ready to Boo dear friends in the neighborhood.  And,
below....this is still the shape of my get it done 3 banners...
Hope ya'll are better on task than I am.  I am tuning in to 3 or more Tuesday with guest hostess Barbara Jean at The Gypsy's Corner and 2nd Time Tuesday with Diane at APicture is worth 1,000 words..  Go make sure everyone else is doin' it up right and comment galore.
Love xox!


  1. hey girl
    thanks for coming by.

    sounds great about the buckle and toile.
    just so you know it is hwite background toile. will that be ok in your room?
    It is about 5X7 and is $8.00.
    Sold first one, now you are gettin one, and I'm working on a gold one now with music background.
    I'm getting a littel more adventuresome with my creating and it is sure fun!!

    I'll email you if you have one listed before this gets any longer.
    Glad you stopped by. Always nice to see you.
    Can't wait till the 29th and see what everyone has been up too.
    Thanks for being the instigator of the whole thing.


    barbara jean

    PS sorry so slow to get your little something off to you.
    still owe some pay it forwards too.
    tyranny of the urgent??
    or just too busy? =0/

  2. Enjoyed the turkey feathers! With the hint of fall in the air, I'm eager to pull out some fall holiday decorations. I posted my Three or More Tuesday post at the QCI where I am guest blogger this month. If you get a chance stop by to see a charming collection of collectable tins from Brittany, France. ~ Sarah

  3. Hi Denise Marie! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your "turkey day" finds! Okay, I need to know, what ar your "BOO"S" for neighbors? :)

  4. Oh...Denise are such a tease! LOL. Now I can't wait until next week to see what thes "Boo's" are!! LOL

  5. the Turkey platter for $2.00 is quite the bargain.....I love the planter too...I can't wait for the holidays!!
    Sue @ Rue Mouffetard

  6. a few years ago when my kids were already adults, i decided we were all going to make coloring paper and apple turkeys. i bought small scissors and paper for everyone, gave them crayons and turned them loose. it was so much fun. i guess we never lose our turkey making skills because everyone did a good job! we had a lot of laughs!

  7. What a beautiful turkey platter! And a great price ;)


  8. that is a great platter!!! wonderful price...but the ones your kids made..are priceless!


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