Sep 9, 2009

letters spell words too

I am late to the party...
These are front and center.  I found the W at Carolina Pottery this summer.  I've been a Block Mother
for years.  I love the kids at the Elementary and Jr. High schools I pray for with!!
I got the mat for $5 at Ross recently and have had the birdcage clock for yrs.  xox blocks. :P
Late Spring I had this Tommy Hilfiger bag monogrammed.  They did a terrific job matching the straps.
This hangs in Nate the Great's room
This is above the entry door that I must put our numbers onto.
This was a dusty blue until blog land.  I painted it cream and sharpie markered w/a stencil and added scrapbook stickers.  The boys love to be served their snacks on this. :P
scraps of  paper and some letters...needs to be updated for Fall.

Always remember to Bloom where you are planted and Pray without ceasing.  Blocks say 16 LUV because this summer was our 16th wedding anniversary.

Loverly blog party and congrats to pulling together a wonderful showing!! Go to Vintage Junky to see even more letter and number postings.  xox!


  1. How cute is that tray?! Thanks for joining in!


  2. You have some great pieces with letters and numbers! Happy 16th anniversary this past summer!!

  3. The tray you made is wonderful. Thanks for dropping by, and leaving ma a comment.

  4. I was also a block parent for years. Unfortunately our program was cut some time ago.
    Simple words can truly mean so much which leads me to "thank you" for stopping by my site.

  5. Ooops I forgot to add that unfortunately you didn't win the cards this time but I am totally with you in describing to people what a blog is and what I do. What we do is brilliant yet when I describe it my words make it sound juvenile. I need cards too.

  6. Great post my dear.

    Love the lettered plate. How easy is htat!
    And or course love the clock. =0))

    Barbara jean

  7. Thanks for coming by for a little swing!
    First I've heard of the Vintage Letters/Numbers Party. What fun!!!
    Moms in touch...a wonderful thing. And love the anniversary blocks, think I might steal that idea ;-)


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