Sep 18, 2009

Show'n Sonic

Ya'll this new family addition was suppose to be for Nate.  He got to pick him out of a litter of 7 boys.  My friend had the same thing happen that we had a few yrs. ago.  Litter...awwww, cute kitties.  What?? Another, we had to help her out, right?  Meet SONIC...

Our other logic is that Jack Beagle could use a buddy.  He is lonely when the boys are at school.
Right now....Jack is skeptical and feels neglected.
Sonic is rockin' that $1 store red, black and silver blingy collar.

SUCKER!!  But, he loves me and is sooooo cute and sweet.  He woke me up with a kiss on the nose just this am and he'll look all over the house for me and take a nap near ME!  Nate tries to sleep with him but Sonic just meows at the door for escape.  9yr olds are a little too rough.

The afternoon after we got him I woke up from a little nap and there he was at my legs on the comforter. 
This comforter is starting a whole new look in my mastersuite!  I've been saving things to go with it for a long time.  I'll show ya'll some stuff next week. ;D  I love Toile and vintage anything.

Jake tried to act all pre-teen and uninterested...but look at him with Sonic.
Jury is still out with Jack Beagle.  But, this is what we look like when we are trying to pet both. ;P
That is the bedspread I've had for yrs. from Christopher Lowell's line...LOVE IT!! 
It is called Asian Loom but I feel like it looks like Victorian, vintagy thistle.

Can ya'll believe all the new toys and stuff you can get for your pets?  This is a litter box.  Remember the
$1 box...not anymore?  This thing looks like an egg or igloo or space toy.  He gets in there and whirls around and around chasing his tail and then jets out with a Sonic blast.  Boooyaa....

Isn't he a cute lil' stinker?  I had to get out the sharpie markers and mark his turf.   Which is the funniest thing to tell ya'll.  The biggest sucker of all of us is hubby!!  He went to the pet store and got him all kinds of stuff including the litter area.  He swore this was strickly an outside cat...not welcome in the house. 
Hummmm, that took, didn't it? 

Well, girlies...I've tagged into Show and Tell Friday with Kelli (fellow Texan) and will try to do

Man Cat Monday with Cindy.
Oh my...hound dog Thur too.  I think I see a post coming on.

Ear/Sinus infection still clearing up...this antibiotic better kill all the yuckies so I can blog better!!

Love to ya...can't wait to show something vintagy next week.  Was I born in the wrong century
or something?  xox!


  1. That is a sweet looking kitten-boy.
    Those new cat boxes are so odd looking; my son calls them nuclear reactors!

  2. How cute ! what a nice new family member !
    I hav e never seen such a litter box, looks very interesting.
    You should have a look on my cat blog I have a group of cat lovers who once a week on tuesdays write about their cats. It's called Cats on Tuesday.

  3. Hi Denise Marie! Nice to meet you, your guys and Sonic! Thank you for your comment on my blog and for becoming a follower! I'll be back to visit some more.
    Kindly, ldh

  4. Baby kitties just rule the world!!! Enjoy!!

  5. Hi Denise Marie!
    What a nice addition to the family. He looks like a very lovable cat.

    By the way, I just LOVE your bed comforter!! Where did you find it? It's beautiful.

  6. Sonic is just too cute! What a little lover he's gonna be. My DH was the same way when we brought home our twins and he's their favorite resting spot!


  7. Sonic is so sweet! Look at those ears!!! My Henry had ears like that as a baby. Beautiful pictures of your family and pets.

  8. Sonic is a little sweetheart. I love that cat box, but alas, my big boys would get in there and get stuck. I am glad he gets to be an indoor pet. They do live much longer that way.

    I enjoyed your pictures a lot. Thank you for sharing.


  9. I love kittens. They are so funny...but they sure keep you busy! Great photo!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Young cats are such fun; I'm getting a new one today, too.

  11. Oh what a darling little kitty! I just love furry friends!


  12. Congrats on the new addition! Oh how sweet is teeny little Sonic Denise! I'm so happy he found a new and loving home with you all. It looks like he is thrilled!

    We have the booda dome box as well. Chestnut just LOVES it but he makes me take the lid off because he is such a BIG cat at 21 pounds and needs the extra room. He's a bit picky. LOL! ;)


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