Sep 10, 2009

Fall'n in Love with Autumn

Come on's a Fall Cloche Party, hostess is Marty at
A Stroll Thru Life.  I'm not sure who's been more excited about all of this her or all of us.
Last count is 83 participants.
This is the entry way console and my glass pumpkin jar that has Werther's Caramel candies.
Help yourself.
This is the real cloche in the house! 
We got it in North Carolina at the furniture market when we got our leather couches. 
It was love at 1st sight.  Made in Portugal. :P
I tried to stuff my fabric pumpkins up in there, it is harder than it looks, girls.
Let's move into the Mastersuite to my dresser.  I have a found objects jar going.
Lil fella loves to pick stuff off the ground from Nature.
Those are my wine corks and I found the Hawk feather at the farm this summer.
These are acorns, rocks, pecans, moss...finds of Nate the Great.  He collected an entire cup full of acorns at baseball wonder's game last Fall.  No, I don't sneak this stuff into the trashcan like my friends do.
I promised him he can keep adding stuff all Fall too.
Just above Blog Land Port o' Bliss!
I had to show ya'll Lil Fella's Jack O' Lantern globe. : < }
I think the big Cloche looks better here and it won't get banged into or broken.  The little pumpkin orange garland of leaves looks good on the empty birds nests..birds and babies have flown away.
This is a Trick or Treat station for the boys. I am suppose to make lemonade or Apple Cider in this.
I keep it set up with their ice cream and dessert fix'ns.
I hope you can see the Snoopy Cider and Country Living caramel apple dipping sauce. 
There is also a bat lurking on the cider spout and Pumpkin seeds in the Ball jar.
I gotta get in close to gross ya'll out with the blood-shot eyeball gumballs. (Marshall's)
Some of ya'll don't have to deal with pre-teen boys, they eat this stuff up!harharhar :D
My precious apple cake plate that Hubby splurged on 1 yr. serving up green apples
that need to be dipped in caramels and rolled in nuts...where are those sticks?
This is a cheese dome and mirror ensemble with pears and green apple. 
Look at my baby cloche with Riesen chocolate candies
I had NO idea what it was for until I saw a fellow Dishy using it for a butter pat.
It is from Princess House, my mom gave it to me last year.
My favorite stamp w/orange background.
I would most certainly not be this far along in Fall decor without Marty's enthusiasm.
I wish you Autumn Joy to fill your heart, home and life. xox!!


  1. You certainly have some lovely cloches.The little butter/chocolate dome is so cute!

    Truly, I did not know what clotches were...except for the "Martha Stewart" photos of a bell clotche. It's interesting how much we use these things in our everyday lives...and now, I know how to make them beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing your collection.
    Thanks for visiting my post... Fingernails, huh? At least there is no sugar in them. I'll have to remember that line. :-)

  2. Your fabric pumpkins are really cute!

  3. Very the natural one the best..May you have a great weekend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  4. Oh I love them all! That eyeball one is just a hoot! I know some big boys that would love that too. Happy Week-end, Cindy

  5. Hi Denise, I took my Wethers and strolled through honey. I so love everything. I even signed up to follow your blog. I cannot wait to see what you share next. Love the apples under the cake plate, that was beautiful and elegant looking. My fav though was the cloche with the pumpkins. Everything looks so fallish and I just love all the gatherings of special momentos. Thanks for sharing. Please stop by and see my collection, and I would love to have you sign up to Follow as well. Country hugs sweetie, Sherry

  6. Oh now you are just too clever. I love the nature one with all the wonderful "finds" in it. Your pumpkins in the bigger one is so pretty what a great idea. The teeny tiny one is precious. What a wonderful gift. This is such fun to see how creative everyone is and I have so enjoyed seeing all of yours. Thank you so much for joining the party. I really appreciate it. Hugs, Marty

  7. Your little nature collection one is a great idea!

  8. What lovely cloches you have!! I of course had to enlarge the bloody eyeballs and show my kids. My 3 year old daughter was grossed out...haha!! My 5 year old boy wants some!! Beautiful vignettes!! ;)

  9. I love the ones with all of the apples and the apple plate--so nice!! (notice, I did not say the one with the eyeballs--YUUUUUKKKEEE) I also love the thing you have for nature finds--so cute and a great idea!! I would love to do something interesting with wine corks...Ps. I have one of those glass pumpkins--mine is still filled with sea shells!

  10. Very pretty! I will pass on the eyeballs! :)

  11. I find that some of the best glass things are made in Portugal for some reason. This is a beautiful display here!

  12. You have lots of pretty cloches. I love the "real" one. I also love the nature jar and how wild is the eyeball one!!!
    My favorite is the blue square one.

  13. Love those fabic pumpkins and the nature things are great. How cool to have a hawk feather!!


  14. Cute cloches... I love your fabric pumpkins... Did you make them?

  15. Lovely! Thanks for showing us your pretties!

  16. Great cloche and apothecary jars display!..Christine

  17. Denise Marie,
    Your cloche's turned out great. Love the one with the fabric pumpkins in it.

    And your jar for the 'treasures' is great. Maybe i like it better than my 'treasures' boxes.

    Well, I bought a lot of boxes so i better use them. =0))
    Found the rest of my pics and did a separate post and listed with Marty.

    Take a look if you have time.


    barbara jean

  18. I loved all your ideals, I have one of those little butter domes, but I didn't think to use it. You are just to creative. The ideal with the treasures is a great one, you can look at them every day instead of having them packed away in a box like I do.

  19. Love all of your Fall decor ideas. Looks wonderful and ready for Fall! Thank you also for your visits and comments to my blog posts!!

  20. I think you are ready for Fall. Everything looks great! Finally having some rain here in central TX so perhaps I'll soon get into the feeling of a new season. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Glad you like the haiku. They are a fun way to express one's self. I'll look forward to reading yours. ~ Sarah

  21. Love all of the different ways you have displayed your cloches! I have a pumpkin cookie jar just like yours and never ever thought of taking it out to decorate! Love it!

  22. I just love everything that you have done! You sure do have the decorator's touch. Heck, now I am craving a big old caramel apple with your description. I just won a little Princess House cloche on EBay. Well, I actually think it is a butter dish, but it's too cute. I will have to put some toy pumpkins in it or something. I hope that you are doing well. I do so appreciate your kind words and friendship. A big hug to you Denise.

  23. Your cloche display is just fantastic! You have captured fall beautifully.

  24. HI Denise Marie. Oh, I just love all of your cloches and how you've displayed them. You have some really cute things. The eyeballs are hilarious! I'll have one please! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  25. Wow! Great displays! You are all ready for fall and Halloween now!

    I enjoyed seeing your cloche designs.


  26. Pretty cloches! But, guess what.....that apple plate.....that is the pattern I grew up with. My mother had every piece that came with it. Really is nostalgic for me! Linda

  27. How beautiful is your Fall decor' Denise!
    All of your cloches are just gorgeous.
    I really adore the sweet pumpkins!

    ~Blessings my friend, ~Melissa ;)

  28. Ooooh! I enjoyed the tour of your sweet home all decked out for Autumm! Great cloche displays!

  29. I loved the one with the eyeballs the best. Don't ask me why. I just do. lol.

  30. Adorei a variedade de cloche.
    Obrigada pela visita.
    I loved the variety of cloche.
    Thanks for visiting.

  31. Oh I just love your cloches! What a wonderful display you have AND a great blog!

    I have added you to the party list and I can't wait to see your party! You already have a head start with those eyeballs ;) Thanks so much for joining us!!

    Dust off your broom and I will see you soon!

  32. Hi Denise Marie,
    Thank you so much for stopping by at A Petite Cottage. I haven't been able to visit all Marty's Fall Cloche participants, but I am happy you made it over to my blog. I enjoyed my visit here and just wanted to tell you that you did a great job with all your fall cloche arrangements. Have an awesome Monday!

    Smiles and Blessings,

  33. Thanks for visiting me! It is taking me days to visit all our cloche party friends! Your posts are great ... love those eyeballs!

  34. Thanks for the stopping by my blog. And I am glad to see I am not the only one putting out the fall decorations. Lovin' the bloodshot eyeballs.

  35. Love the hawk feather and green apples display :)


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