Sep 29, 2009

3 Boos to You!!!

Hello Crafty Crowd

I'm on the hunt for my camera to show you how to Boo your neighbors...

I had it at Sunday's ball games and haven't spied it since.

I've got everything out and ready... just need the point and shoot thingy.

If it doesn't turn up I'll use info from the net to post later today.

I'm saying...Boo Hoo right now.

Just didn't want ya'll to think I forgot or blew it off.

Please go see some 3 or more finished projects here:

Three or More Tuesday with the final guest hostess week


  1. Oh that is sooo frustrating about your camera.
    (or point and shoot thingy as you called it) =0))

    I have had that same frustration several times, I mean several times!!

    I carry it around the store to take pics,and lay it down, and then cannot find it.
    It needs one of those beepers on it like the phone has so you can find it. =0)

    Hmmm, any smart person out there want to invent one of those??

    Will look forward to your post whenever you get it up.
    blessings and thanks so much for the "challenge". I loved it!!!

    Barbara Jean

  2. I hope you find your point and shoot thingy! I hate not being able to find something when I just had it. Fortunately I have not lost camera, I mean point and shoot thingy. Just misplace it sometimes. :-)


  3. just touching base.

    did you find your camera???

    hope you have a good day

    barbara jean


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