Aug 14, 2014

Miss'n bloggie land!!

I miss sharing my life w/the bloggers that make life SO sweet!!  It is awesome sharing w/those that get it!!
 Still Bloomin',


Nov 27, 2013

Are Y'all busy merry making?  I am.  Just dumped an entire box of icy blue ornies into my china hutch into crystal bowls, china cups and tall pitchers.  Fun!!!!


Oct 4, 2013


This is an image I took at the farm in North Carolina where we got married, and Hubby's Momma lives.  It is a wonderful little lost oasis in our crazy..thriving...industrial...urban country.  It is the kinda place to spend an Autumn week or weekend just walking the grounds...talking to God...listening to the birds, insects..  Watching the fields sway and the clouds roll thru.

A lost art!!!