Sep 1, 2009


This beasty was on my list of things I needed. 1 day last fall I spotted it for $5 at a garage sale and snatched it up. She probably got rid of it for the same reason I stuggle with it...she's a big girl. But, I saw newbies for $45 and couldn't even find cream or white...they were black...yuk. And the fabric is better than my old one. So we dance together all around my muddroom doing our laundry duty. :0)

Hello Tuesday gang! I'm joining in to 3 or More Tuesday and 2nd Time Tuesday with an interesting post. Ya'll know I just let it hang out sometimes for you. It keeps me honest, relaxed and solving my own dilemnas. Got Shoes????

This is a cube system I saw in my sister-in-law's muddroom. She has 3 pre-teens so there are 5 of them with their shoe messes. She had like 8 cubes going because she's got more room than I do. My lightbulb went off. In my home there are shoe messes at the front and back door and everywhere in between. Now that my pre-teens are wearing the same size as me...we got issues. This cube system was "thrifted" from lil' fellas room where it was in use. I've got more of these boxes somewhere that I found 1 yr. at Big Lot. I think Target had them too.

Now, everyone gets a cube and better not leave shoes around the house for me to trip over. And we can put things onto the top that go in and out the door and it is not on my bkfst table.

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  1. nice laundry hamper. i agree, black, not good for laundry day. (it's gloomy enough.) =0)

    Shoes, oh yes. i never thought to show my shoe closet. =0))
    I'm getting my frame projects done for next week.
    How are you doing on your projects?

    Tam i joining in with us somehow. we are working out details.

    blessings on your day.

    Barbara Jean

  2. That is a great idea! My shoes are always all over my bedroom :P

    Have a nice Tuesday,

  3. Shoes are always a problem. Even with just my husband and I we have shoe problem. We have a shoe basket. If it is left lying around into the shoe basket it goes. At least we know where to find them!

  4. We too have a shoes issue. I have a wood firewood box, a vintage brass box that has become our shoe box by the back door. It looks good and I just thought of something. I will post it next Tuesday. Thanks for the idea. Happy dance here.
    Your laundry bag is a steal and it looks great. a great find.


  5. My husband and I both have a habit of kicking off our shoes in the house -- so we end up with shoes all over the place. I used to keep a beautiful big basket at the foot of the stairs at our former home, so the girls would toss their shoes in there, and it was easy to tote up stairs to the bedrooms. But now that big basket is at my daughter's apartment. Hmm, time to shop for another one, before I trip over my husband's boat shoes!

    PS Laundry bag is great! What a buy.


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