Sep 2, 2009

Red background

Happy Rednesday...Its a very cherry world and our hostess has the cutest blog. Go check her out. See my top sidebar button and enter in.

This is a snapshot I had to get of a gorgeous flower outside a bbq joint in Alvin, Tx that my mom and I love. The layers, the delicate colors. Is there an entire universe in flowers or what?? I'm trying my hand at bulbs. I need to give them more TLC in this Texas heat. Comments say this could be a double iris, an orchid or an exotic day lily..all plausible.

I'm a little choked up at how spoiled I was when posting before. All of a sudden the picture won't display for me instead I get 100 letters and codes and now I can't "paint" any of my words red. At least the posts go thru. Cause I gotta blog!!


  1. Wow, amazing flower. I'm glad I stopped by :)

  2. I have those same flowers and I was told it is a daylily. But I am not an expert so I don't know. They are pretty though. Mine are in an area where it is getting over grown. I don't know if I will be able to dig them out. Too big. Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  3. See, you found that bit of red. Lovely flower, no matter what it's called. The squirrels or voles get all my bulbs. Oh, well they have to do something besides chatter! LOL.

  4. Wow! the red really makes the pretty flowers pop! Thanks for sharing and Happy REDnesday!


  5. Wow, that's an iris? I thought it was an orchid! It's gorgeous, and a great picture against that red background! I always love seeing a great flower picture!
    Happy Rednesday!

  6. Very pretty. Love the center of that flower! I'm seeing a lot of purple and reds together this fall.

  7. I just love this photo. :) It's so beautiful and happy. That red really makes the flower stand out.

  8. You had a very interesting post today. The platter is a treasure and would look good full of turkey.


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