Sep 7, 2009

Make me over

Well, this is a little wall off the entry into the livingroom area.  I am a sucker for cross-stitch.  I can hardly stand to see them thrown in the corner for $1 at the resale shop.    All 3 of these are 2nd time treasures. 
I added all the bows and had to hoop the bottom bear that I got for .50cents.  My girlfriend at StMichael'sWife helped me see that LOVE is my theme in life.  She helped set my blog up and brightened up my world. ;D  Anyways, I'm much too busy chasing dust bunnies and blogging to paint the frames sometimes.  Of course, I'm also showing a corner of the wall that still needs painting.  oops!
Below is a recycled frame from resale shop also.  I used a fav pc. of scrapbook paper to show a blown up picture of g'pa with his tractor and trailer haulin' the g'kids and burn pile of limbs. I used photo corners and a flower and brad to finish it 3D.  I don't get worried about glass either, sometimes. 
This last 1 I'm showing was a 90% off Hobby Lobby frame.  I got it for like $6 for this poster that I cut down to fit.  I've been trying to figure out how to get it displayed for quite a while.  The light hit it funny and there is usually a big glass jar full of ribbon in front of the nick.  I have a thing for doors, pass ways and homes too??  This is the crowning jewel in my recently done craftroom. (A whole other story)
I love Tuesdays and look forward to what I'll share and what I'll see.  I'm linking my post to Three or More and Second Time Around Tuesday.  Please check out the hostess blogs by hitting the top buttons.  Say Hi to Tam and Diane.  Looks like there is an official button now too for 3 projects in 3 weeks from Barbara Jean at Treasures from the Heart..check it out.  xox!


  1. Hi Denise Marie,

    Love your little counted cross stitch finds.
    They are so precious.

    Post is up and running for 3 or more, and for 3 projects in 3 days. Thanks for mentioning it.

    Barbara Jean

  2. I feel the same about quilts as you do about cross stitch. I see these hand stitched quilts at thrift stores or yard sales and I can't help but buy them because they need someone to love them! LOL

  3. Denise, Morning, I wish you had left word that you are in Texas. I have that Special List and I am always looking for Texas bloggers to add to it. Well I got you now. Your cross stitch is beautiful and your bargain frames are great.

    Come back and see me.

  4. You made a nice corner with those cross stiches! I have done some in my time too but I'm more a quilter at heart.

  5. How lovely all these items are! Love the delicacy of the cross stitch, but I'm fascinated by those unusual frames too!

  6. I used to cross stitch like a maniac! And knit and crochet...and pretty much any other thing that required string and
    then I had kids...and no time...or patience to round up all my threads all over from all the "helping" lol
    great post today!

  7. Hey,
    Thanks for coming by to visit me. I really like your cross stitch. I am in awe of anyone who can sit still and make all those little stitches. Your corner looks great. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Love your little cross stitch and your JD tractor. We have the sm one for
    our little grandkids to scoot around the yard...

  9. I have a stack of cross stitch patterns to do. Great big old fashioned Santas. Good job on the upgrades.

  10. Hey Girl.
    Have you been over to my place today??
    News about winner. =0)

    Blessings, and great guessing!

    Barbara jean


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