Sep 20, 2009

Seedy details

Happy Monday to Ya'll!
1st item is my fun project.  I love to keep the birds fed and happy.  My hubby loves big tubs of Utz Prezels.  I also have lots of scrapbook paper and punches, ribbon and love olden china pieces...Wallaaaa...
my fun birdseed tub with china scooper.  I used left-over baby shower paper a friend gave me.  It makes me smile to think of how the birds Zoom in and out of my yard to the feeders.  I've had this odd blue tea cup
set away and my big hand fits in the jar opening.

GT 7th grade social studies class is learning about wartime hardships. 
Apparently, there were troubles getting supplies thru and Texans had to "scrape the barrels". 
They used Okra seeds that they scooped, roasted and brewed for .....Okra Coffee...
I passed on sampling.  Sounds similar to Chickory that LA puts in their coffee.

I Hope you have a blessed blue day.  :D

I know someone who is always smiling, Smiling Sally for Blue Monday go check it out.


  1. What a clever and creative bird feeder Denise!

    Thank you very much for your kind words of support and encouragement today. I can't tell you how much it means to me to have wonderful blog friends like you. You're the best!

    Love you too my friend!
    ~Blessings, ~Melissa :)

  2. What a great idea for a bird feeder! My dad has always loved those pretzels, too, and we always bought them in a big tub. I just might have to go out and get one now. :)

  3. Thanks for sending folks to Blue Monday.

    I like this bird feeder idea.

  4. What a clever idea! I hope you are having a great Blue Monday.

  5. Such a creative bird feeder, cute. and you have a handsome happy helper there too

  6. Neat idea for a feeder! Nice boy there too! My son is 13. I live in Falmouth ma, down on the Cape. Nice to meet you.

  7. You "prettifyy" (I know it's not a word LOL) the jar :-) And I don't think I've heard of okra coffee.

    Happy Blue Monday!


  8. great idea for the birds, I love them in my garden too. Your little kitty is soooo cute :) Hugs Catherine

  9. I always like finding new ways to use china cups! ;)

    Thank you for the history lesson. I'd never heard of using okra seeds as a substitute for coffee!

    Hope the rest of your week goes well!



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