Sep 7, 2009

Cool Gate

It's all about what is in front of the blue skies and water!  Can you just imagine where it leads? 
I found this googling palacial gates recently.  What country is it in? 
How long did it take to build these architecural places?  
Trust ya'll had an awesome Labor Day weekend like we did.  : P 
I'm really late for Blue Monday, please click my top button to see more awe inpiring shots and moments.  Smiling Sally, we are so grateful that you hostess this weekly event.


  1. Why it leads to my home of course :-). I hope you've had a wonderful weekend.

  2. Oops, you forgot to link this post to Blue Monday. Please add:

  3. Oh boy can my imagination run away with me here! Happy Blue Monday and Labour Day.


  4. I still haven't heard from Border's about your book...I am going over there tomorrow to see if I can find out something. Thank you so much for coming by to visit. i am sorry about the delay.

  5. Hi DeniseMarie! Oh, that would be so awesome to visit! I wonder where it is? Great photo.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad you enjoyed my 2 shops (TJMaxx & Marshals). That was such a blast!

    Hope you have had a wonderful holiday weekend!

  6. Great photo! Thanks for sharing. If you have time stop by the QCI blog for a late Blue Monday post. Happy Blue Monday! ~ Sarah

  7. I love counted cross stitch -- the LOOK of it, but I hate to DO it. Luckily my Mom loved to do it, so I have several wonderful pieces that she did. I, too, can't resist hand done items at thrift shops or yard sales. Just gotta take them and give them good homes!


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