Jul 28, 2009

Seein' Red Today

I had soooo much fun making these bags for the walkway for my 4th of July BBQ. I got the $2 flags at BigLots and took all 3 colors of the bags from a bag of 50 from Michael's clearance a few yrs ago and used my big star punch to cut the "holes". I used 2/$1 flameless tealights from Dollar Tree to put inside for a safe flicker.
They aren't quite in a good enough place of honor but peeking out of the corner of my craft room hutch is Ragedy Ann and Andy. My MIL gave me these. The Andy was my husbands when he was young. And, she had Ann made for me about 10 yrs ago to match him...is that precious. They usually read books to each other or pass love notes.

This is a pic of someone's lego room found on the net when I was browsing around for Nate!! Can you imagine the money and time in this room? They painted the window trim bright red and put a ton of them up on the plates of the wall. Wow, I thought we were into legos.
Hope ya'll have a Happy Rednesday!! Please join suelovescherries to see more red. xox!


  1. Very cute! I adore the bright fun colors. ;)

  2. Denise would you like to follow my blog as well? You sure are welcome to my friend. It's such a useful feature that I do use daily.

    ~Blessings, ~Melissa :)

  3. Cute decor and raggedy Ann and Andy.
    That Lego room is really something!!

    Blessings on your week.
    Barbara Jean

  4. Love the Ragedy Ann and Andy they're so cute. If you have the time come by and check out my blog. I've become a follower of your blog, maybe you can do the same THANKS!!! Geri

  5. I wish that I still had my old Raggedy Ann and Andy! They are
    so cute! I love the bags that you made! Cute idea! I love that Lego room! WOW!

    Come by and sign up for my 1st giveaway!

    Lee Laurie

  6. Oh, you are so clever and thrifty with your holiday decorations! Good job!

    I'm so glad you have Andy and Ann!

    Hmmmm . . . red window trim . . . uh, oh! LOL!

  7. I love the red, white and blue bags! I'm going to have to remember that! I've made luminaries with brown bags but those look so much better!

    That lego room is amazing! I still have a huge box of my son's legos from when he was little (he's 22 now)!

  8. A nice red Wednesday show. You came up with some really neat items.

  9. Love the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. :)

  10. I came by to thank you for visiting my REDnesday post! That Lego room is something else. Kids must really love that. They can really have fun with changing the designs on the wall. Budding artist, or maybe budding architechs. LOL! Hope you are having a great week.

  11. Great idea for the 4th! And I love your front entrance - very inviting! We kept our daughter'w big Raggedy Ann for years. When she was 3, it was as tall as her, so I took the clothes off and put them on her and put make up on her cheeks, and she went to school on Halloween as Raggedy Ann. Blessings to you!


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