Jul 22, 2009

my 1st Rednesday post

I've been excited about Rednesday ever since my buddy over at St.Michael'sWife showed her pretty red toile dishes. So, I was browsing around this a.m., coffee cup in tow and I found: my secret garden...So, I tied in: This is my Kitchen curtain that inspired the entire kitchen theme after we gutted it. I love it!
Which is why I got the 8 salad plates 1/2 price at Ballard's Designs. I also found 4 ramkin dishes for $5 at RossDress4Less that match perfectly...I think I see a Tablescape Thursday comin on. I even looked up on FoodNetwork.com what I could make in them and will try a neat macn'cheese recipe 1st for my boys.

And...speaking of my boys...here is the pride and joy of my life...Jake. He had a great All-star baseball season this year but had to take runner up at the District championship. He is not wearing it here but you'll have to believe me for now...we have about 15 red ball caps in our home, between hubby and 2 ball players. :0)
Have a Happy Rednesday!


  1. Love that kitchen curtain! It looks custom made. Did you make it? The salad plates are great too. I've got a few of those ramekins, and I've been wondering what to do with them besides putting chopped onions in them for hot dogs!

  2. You've shared some really nice reds! Those baseball uniforms are pretty sharp too! Happy REDnesday!


  3. Hi Denise! Thanks for stopping by REDnesday! I love your curtains - can see how they started it all! And the plates are so unique - you can always use them for take-out! LOL! Have a good week!

  4. Gosh those ramekins are adorable. And I love that kitchen curtain, too!


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