Jul 31, 2009

Happy Pink Day

Yes, this is me in my P.J.s...taken by Naters. That is a pink pig in the background that I'm suppose to give to Mother-in-Law (pig farmer's wife) and that dark pink Hippo on the ground under it was in Jack's Easter basket. Let's go out the front door... All the way out to the curb, this is my summer mailbox flag with pink flowers.

I'm highlighting the rain lily bulbs that my moma gave me. They multiply when you are not looking and you don't even know it until it finally rains. They come up about 2 days later as a pleasant pink surprise and then they are gone until it rains again.
In the bed I just showed there are 2 pink crepe myrtles in full bloom right now. We had to kinda prop these babies up after Hurricane Ike came thru...whewwww, we were blessed not to lose them totally (only lost 1 big limb out of a tree).

Here are some rain lillies tucked into a pot and brimming over onto the bed. Yes, dear...my garden could use some tending...but it's stinkin' hot outside, ok.

A pleasant little pop of them right before we hit the front door...the neighbors already know I troll around in my p.j.s but still...let's get back into the a.c.

Edited Sept. 2010 for The 2nd Pretty Packages Linky Party:
I had so much fun putting this together with heart punches, ribbon, a pink gingham holder, shredded white tissue and Raspberry bath products.  It makes for a great presentation. 
This is a tray tucked right by the front door for thank you gifts for friends that are driving my kids around for me and remembering me or the boys when my fibro acts up. This is a raspberry bath foam and lotion and the little tag says Berry special thanks. It will be fun to have a give-away sometime this Fall-my fav time of year.
We are journeying from Texas to North Carolina to the farm that Scott's parents live on...may be out for 2 weeks...I'll try to post while away. Love and Blessings to ya'll!!


  1. Love your pj's. And your flowers are beautiful!

  2. You are so thoughtful. Thank you for linking up to the Pretty Packages Party!


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