Jul 28, 2009

My 1st 3 or more Tuesday

This could be a post on 3 or more pieces of furniture in the cottage that could use some TLC...
Happy 3 or more Tuesday. Hope ya'll are in the mood for Tassels. I'm doing this post for Melissa'sHeartandHome. I bet she thought I didn't see her comment that she wanted to see my tassels. They bring me JOY. :0)
This 1st one is on the entry console that needs a serious overhaul. I'm gonna paint her and distress her this fall when the boys are back in school. Maybe use the rub and buff that Cindy at MyRomanticHome always uses. I also got her some new jewelry at Overstock.com in oil-rubbed bronze. The tassel was really cheap somewhere recently...either Ross or Marshalls, can't even remember. I like it's size and it has a touch of the green that I love. This is a Christmas ornament I have had out for a few years, can't put her up. This is my Master bedroom bedside lamp. When Fibromyalgia acts up and I'm sitting with a heating pad there or my temp is elevated or the boys are sceamin' and playin' wild in the house...I just glance over for God's PEACE reminder. I try to have the Peace that passes the understanding of the circumstances.

This is an Angel tassel that was on my antique desk until I placed a little order or 2. I've had this for years too. This is the display case near the bed side table. I added the ribbon for even more fluff. I guess she helps me stay calm and keep carrying on too.

Got this one in my craft room (which is a mess right now). It is just hanging out until I figure what to do with her. I think I got her for $3 at TJMaxx clearance aisle. Score!! Love everything about her.

OK, this is 1 of 2 I've ordered from somewhere here in Etsy stores. It is prettier IRL and this is the antique desk in my craft room. She watches me as I work and write and enjoy the window table. I love the way she peeks around the big ol' bow. I have a hand signed thank you note from Jen for this or the next 1. I didn't even have an account when I found them so cannot give appropriate credit but if ya'll recognize the work of these fine women let us know. :0)

This was a splurge on Etsy too. It was meant to be a Valentines decor item so I got it after Easter discounted. It is in the breakfast area. I'll open this anniversary hutch and let ya'll peek inside sometime. Does she not say chocolate dipped strawberry or what? I love her and since she looks so good with the kitchen curtain..she stays and reminds me to ...
have a happy heart and be joyful always, again I say rejoice. xox!!


  1. Beautiful! You've quite a collection there. I would have a very hard time picking a favorite.

    Welcome to Three or More Tuesday, and thanks for sharing.


  2. I love your tassel collection! So pretty and whimsical! I wouldn't pick just one favorite! I love the chocolate heart and the darling little birdie!


  3. I have a small tassel collection myself..what a great idea for 3 or More! You have quite a few & they are all beautiful but I think the birdie is my favorite.

  4. I like the one in the craft room. That shade of green is one of my favorite colors. And the chocolate covered cherry one is fabulous too.

  5. Welcome to 3 or more Tuesday. Great collections. Thank you for sharing.
    Have a nice day


  6. Have no keys or other possibilitys to hang tassels. My 11 cats things they are cute things to play with but I like yours!

  7. Hello Denise,
    Love all your gorgeous tassels my friend!
    You know the glittery red heart is my favorite for sure. It's so pretty! I just adore all of them though. ~Wonderful post.

    Thank you very much for mentioning me and my blog. You are a sweetheart.

    I have two other blogger friends with fibromyalgia. I will pray that you feel well everyday. Take Care.

    Have a wonderfully blessed evening.
    ~Warmly, Melissa :)

  8. Denise I just realized in your profile that your hubby is a NASA engineer. ~WOW! My husband applied for the astronaut program last year in Houston. He's still hopeful for the next round in a few years. His degree is in Aerospace Engineering so if not an astronaut maybe an engineer like yours. Small world!
    We shall see. He has six more years in the Marine Corps first. :)

  9. Love them. They're so cute!

  10. This was so fun for me to see my tassel in your house! Thanks for linking this to me!


Be blessed! You make my life more full of JOY!