Jul 19, 2009

my 1st blue monday

our beloved beagle, Jack, cuddling in an unpainted section of the stairwell with his blankie. :0)
dear friend's boys with my boys woohoo'n on the slip-n-slide a few weeks ago. Jake w/blue lips.

And here's Nathan (Nate the Great) my youngest son being baptized last Sunday morning as his public confession of Faith and his love of Jesus. He made me stand up and wave to him so he'd know just where his moma was in the crowd. xox!!

This was my first official blue monday as I was late to the party last week. I'm looking forward to having something to show now and again, hope to enjoy ya'lls post as well. Have a blue Monday


  1. Cute post, enjoyed your profile, I've got some of that domestically challenged baggage too!

  2. How wonderful that Nate decided to be baptized and show his love for our Lord!

  3. DeniseMarie.. Oh, what a special shot that last one is of your son Nate! That makes my heart sing! PTL!

    And those other shots are cute, too. Love Jack cuddling his blue blanket, and the boys in the blue pool with Jake's blue lips. But hey, there's a blue watering can there, too! I need to borrow that! ;-)

    Happy Blue Monday! We're glad to have you onboard!


    Sheila :-)

  4. I'm so glad you joined us. The picture of your sons baptism is really special. I hope you'll be a regular on Blue Monday.

  5. It's so special that you could share this picture of your son's baptism for Blue Monday!

  6. Jack looks so cute on his blue and white blankie. I am having a blue and white giveaway so come on by my blog.

  7. Hi Denise...thanks for peeking into my world and for your sweet comments. Some days are better than others in my world also so we shall set our gaze on Him instead of life. LOVE your blue post....especially the baptism image....I LOVE stained glass and those moments of our children's choosing to die to themselves and live for Christ are THE BEST PICTURES a mom can have. I'm also lovin your dog...and his blankie...and people think I treat our dog like a diva...lol Hope you have a grand day with Him...you are loved.

  8. Tears always come when I see young people taking a stand for Jesus! What a blessing.

    Happy Blue Monday!

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  9. Welcome DeniseMarie to your 1st Blue Monday!!
    LOVE your photos...just so sweet! Your profile is precious!! I am a new follower...I am a Mom of 2 grown boys, so I know what it's like to be the Queen of Pink in a House of Blue!

  10. Howdy Denise Marie
    Happy First Blue Monday to you .
    Wow this was so awesome .
    Jack is a cutie with his blankie :)
    Love the photo of the baptism.
    It just fills my heart so full of happiness to see this.
    Nate The Great what a precious moment for him !
    Friends sharing fun in the summmer sun.
    Blessings of joy to you and yours for the rest of the week.
    Thank you for sharing your sweet family.
    The photos were all simply wonderful.
    Happy Trails

  11. Welcome!!!

    The first shot...all I can say to AAAAWWWW, cute!

    You must be a very proud momma.


  12. Welcome to Blue Monday, what a great first post.

  13. Welcome to the Blue Monday gang! Nice looking sons you have, and Jake too. :)

  14. Hello Denise Marie,
    It's so nice to meet you! I really appreciate your kind visit to my blog. You're always welcome anytime. I hope to see you again soon.

    What cute blue photos! Your dog is precious and Congrats to your son. How wonderful!

    I'd love to see your pretty tassels too.
    Aren't they fun to display?

    Have a blessed evening.
    ~Warmly, Melissa :)

  15. Hello, Happy Blue Monday! Welcome to your first blue monday! Beautiful blue post, thank you for sharing! Have a great week.
    Bless you, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  16. Hi Denise Marie!
    These are such cute and special photos!! It just goes to show that everyday events can be just as memorable and as special ones!!

    Thanks for stopping by to visit me! Please feel free to any ole time! Welcome to blogging!



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