Jul 30, 2009

Jakes still a pre-teen

This is my precious pre-teen who will turn 12 very soon. His daddy bought 6 tickets to see the Astros play ball so we invited 3 buddies over and I did an impromptu party for him. I got out our God thinks you are special today plate for the b-day boy. And we sang, yes we did.
These boys went thru 2.5 gallons of milk while they were on the premises for 24 hours!!
Got Milk?

I had all of this party fare in my papergoods cabinet and got it out really quick as they were all arriving. I had a SpiderMan 2 cloth that we had never used so even though they are getting too old for it, I got it out...they loved it all. He picked the German Chocolate cake out. I loved these 12 gold candles when I grabbed them at Garden Ridge clearance. I love the whompy placing too.

The boys mom who runs our RA group at church (like BoyScouts) said to me when I showed it to her that they may be starting to look too old or too cool for this fuss, but they really do still love it. Ok, enough...I'm getting all emotional about my baby getting ready to spend his last year as a pre-teen. Hit my button over at the top of my blog that says Tablescape Thursday to see more.


  1. That's great!!! Most worthwhile tablescape of all - a birthday party for your son and his friends! Brings back fond memories of my daughter's parties. Oh what great times! I saw the gallons of milk and had to laugh! :)

    Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving such kind words. Appreciate it!!!

  2. I think it's great!
    And I think no matter how old they get they still secretly like their super heroes and the fuss!
    Who wouldn't enjoy a fuss on their birthday?!
    All the best,

  3. Oh how fun this party looks.
    ~Happy 12th Birthday to Jake!

  4. Happy Birthday Jake -- looks like a fun party!

  5. Now this is a fantastic table scape! I LOVE kid birthday parties, and the more kids, and cake, and milk, the better. I'll bet the boys had a blast! Happy Birthday, Jake.

  6. This is the best kind of tablescape-- a real one and a fun one! I used to tell my husband I wanted a cow for Christmas--but my boys have strong bones from all that milk:) Happy birthday to Jake!

  7. Now that is a special tablescape!

    Funny about the milk!


  8. Happy birthday to Jake! You make a lovely table for him and his friends! Such a fabulous cake and a fun party! Hope he had fun at the game!


  9. How great -- a birthday party for your son. It's always fun to celebrate children's birthdays.

  10. Happy Birthday, Jake!
    Looks like he enjoyed the party!

  11. What cute little boys! How'd you get them all to stand still at the same time? LOL! I love paper plates and chocolate cake!



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