Jul 21, 2009

My 1st second time around Tuesday

This is an old light fixture found at my fav antique shop, my hubby adapted it to work here. :0)
pic does not do it justice but I'm too lazy to re-do the shot for ya'll. It is milky with green, purple and white and has beatiful sculpture to it. I drug 3 of these home years ago and 2 are hung.
Underneath the light is this mirror gotten at a thrift shop 1/2 price...I love it! Look in the reflection to find my mother-in-laws old washboard she gave me. It has scrapbook paper and a fav scripture embellishing it. Love the rusty patina.

Like so many of you, I too LOVE re-using frames found at thrift shops esp. on 1/2 price days. I also recycled a piece of fabric that was once used in the Master bedroom. I printed a fav scripture from the computer on a piece of cardstock to do this. It sits near the "throne" for contemplative moments. LOL!

This is right outside the backdoor of the muddroom coming into my home. I decided after seeing so many lovely posts to use what I have and enjoy it everyday. These are florals I had once had in the formal dining room that is a mess right now but I made an arrangement here in this basket that was gotten at a thrift store and was once in my craftroom. I added trim gotten on clearance at Joann's fabric recently to make it even better. I love it and it cheers me that I free-cycled it from my stash. It has an embellishment just for me as I'm coming out the back to go grocery shopping or to take that trash can to the front curb...It, of course, says BLOOM and has a bee to remind me to BE CHEERFUL, BE THANKFUL, BE HAPPY!!

These old bottles inspired this post. We are looking at the beautiful (to me) old bottles in my muddroom window. Also, the stained glass window piece. I got the window at a local antique favorite shop in Alvin, TX (same place I got the light fixtures) and across the country in Virginia...Eastern Shore...I found the beach glass bottles. On the Southern area of the Eastern Shore is a family that owns a beach front home and runs a fabric shop and the son has a bunch of "junk" he sells that he finds washed up on the beach around the area. The entire eastern shore is a group of fishing villages. I snatched up as many bottles as I could for $1 each or less.
You ladies rock my world!! You've inspired me to keep Bloomin' right here where I'm planted and fan the flame of the love and wonder that the Lord has instilled within me. Go out there or into your stash and create something beautiful to enjoy.
I'm linking in to A picture is worth 1, 000 words for 2nd time around Tuesday with Diane.


  1. You've shown enough goodies to last several Tuesdays! Thanks for sharing. Happy 2nd Time Around Day. Here's mine:

  2. Wow you've found some wonderful treasures! I love those beach glass bottles and the stained glass square. I love glass pieces.

    My Mom used a washboard like that ... I bet she still has it hidden away d=soemwhere in her home.

    Great "second time around" post! Glad you were able to buy the pink refrigerator that you wrote about in your comment.


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