Jan 3, 2013

Purge! Keep Purging!

Hubby and I are duke'n it out in the craftroom.  We have emptied more than a dozen boxes and our youngest son noticed the progress.  We have placed ALL the boxes out into the entry hall and are plowing thru them bit by bit.  You gotta understand..this is my lifetime plus...20 yrs of marriage...crafting...Mothering...collecting...U know the drill! lol
I gotta plow thru just as much today.  What is it about us Pack Rats?  I have a whole new appreciation for the term since youngest had his Gerbils. 

& since the show that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand straight up!!
 I understand some of it.  I recognize some of the characteristics.  I wonder why I keep everything!  How hard it is to part with things. 
But, enough is enough!!
This is today's river of clutter to go thru!!
Hubby is trying to make my craft space beautiful so I'll know if it doesn't have a space in here...out it must go.  I understand.  It is just hard.  We are needing to do the same thing in our extended 2 car garage and our Holiday storage attic.  Some of U gals know what I mean!!
The river just turns the corner and keeps flowing down the entry hall until I figure out what goes and what stays and where.
There is gonna have to be a place for everything and everthing in it's place.  If no place...out it must go.  I have in mind how I want the Holiday attic storage to shape up too.  I also gotta get a lot smarter about dish collection storage.
Send me your Purge..Get'R done attitude!


  1. You go girl! I'm with you in spirit!

  2. Envious! We so need to do it too. Have started gathering things. Wish you much success & hope it's contagious! :)

  3. I'm starting this process at my house too! Keep up the good work. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Now following yours!


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