Jan 29, 2013

knock me over w/a feather

I'm excited today!!  Got a package in the mail...way faster than I expected it.  Sweet Bee Cottage has an Etsy from her Estate sale finds.  She found me a perfect piece and didn't even know it.

It is a beautiful transferware/ironstone platter.  I've never seen a piece quite like this.  I love Transferware and drool over the patterns I see.  This hit the mark for the tablescape I'm building.
If you love her too...You recognize her packaging that matches her newest header.  Sweet lil Bee tag buzz'n by.  She included a recipe from her home (isn't that the coolest idea?) and a note for me.  

I'll share my Spode Woodland pattern soon but I have more pressing matters!!

Why do I swap?  I get so nervous!!  Everyone is so extremely talented that I get all butterflies in my tummy and scared they won't love my creations.  I am trying to put together a banner for my Val. swap and gotta get it in the mail ASAP.  I just need a wee lil last inspiration to pull it all together.

I missed the deadline to put an entry into the Dollar Tree Val Party at DebbieDoos.  I had a youth retreat here and couldn't pull myself from the house full of teenagers to do a post. lol
1 of the things I'm doing when I send out Valentines is send a set of Spring flower seeds to my Grandma in Oklahoma and MIL in North Carolina.  I got the seed packets 4/$1.  I can't send my Grandma in Massachusetts a set because she is in the middle of moving homes with my Aunt.  They get to move Coastal.
Happy Rednesday at Sue Loves Cherries



  1. What a fun visit for Rednesday. Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Great purchase you received in the mail! I need more transferware, but it somehow always falls to the bottom of my priority list.


  3. Oh! So that's where you got the platter from. I was admiring it on Facebook!

  4. Love the idea of tucking see packets into your Valentine's!

    Don't be nervous - everyone is anxious about their creativity no matter who they are. Embrace your creativity!



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