Jan 16, 2013

Laundry Room

Happy Rednesday!!
 How fun for Y'all...a peek inside my Laundry Room.  lol
I am feeling too much winter in the air. I have a few candles burning and the fire going. Let's rev up the laundry to try to warm things up. The sun was out all day Wed!!!
I know you will love my lil laundry line.  Isn't it sweet.  Love the quilt and apron.  Craft show years ago.

This vignette is near the light switch.  My MIL says this...It'll all come out in the wash.  So, I had to get the saying up on this wall asap...tongue in cheek!!

Just below the switch is the constant reminder that I am a baseball Momma. I have to drag these things out of their baseball pants and it is an aerobic exercise..let me tell ya. lol

This is my eye candy. 
This is looking straight into the room.  Stitch works I haven't got the heart to part with yet and a reminder to pray plaque.  See my Vintage Thingy  VICE CLAMP?!  It is a junk shop find...another tongue in cheek reminder that life is messy, clean it up!!  Pressure can make ya pop or you can ride it out and rejoice when it is over.
I'll show ya more once I've cleaned up the shelves and counter top above my machines.  Of course, it is on my long list of spruce up Winter projects. 

It's a VERY cherry world...Rednesday  Let's join in!

Vintage Thingy Thursday at Colorado Lady

BLOOM, DeniseMarie



  1. How darling is that clothesline?


  2. Interesting laundry room. Wish I had one like it. When my house was built, they put the washer and dryer connections in the garage.

  3. Darling laundry room - I have to brave the dreaded cellar to do ours:) Dark and dingy a real cellar!


  4. Love your vintage vice grip, such a neat piece!
    Happy Monday...


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