Jan 4, 2013

Progress Report

I am so excited that this is taking place.  I have procrastinated for so long it almost drove us all nuts.  We are making head way in our hoard sort.

These got emptied and cleaned yesterday.  Now, I'll be able to decide how to use them more properly than just random stuff crammed into them. 
several got labeled.  Hubby has kinda Commandered my label maker. lol  He loves it.  I took notes from Yvonne at The Stone Gable.  She did a terrific post on putting up Christmas.  If you are sick and tired of trying to decipher your 4 huge bins of Christmas...get her tips now.

There are 4-6 bins for my Pre-K teaching Themes.  I will have this stuff so organized it will realize my dreams of the last 2 years.  I will have them all on a shelf unit you get in the closet section at Home Depot.  We have 2 not being properly utilized right now.

My dishes are gonna probably end up being organized because of
Mary at Home is Where the Boat is and 1 of her latest posts...it blew me away!!

Here is the table waiting for the custom glass guys to come with my prize.  Look at my lil $19 stool we got for the backside of the workspace.  It tucks up underneath real nice and takes up no extra footprint.

Gotta run into the freezing garage & help Hubby with our hoard in there. 




  1. Thanks for the links.....I feel in an organizing mood, myself and since I am moving my craft room and rearranging the other two rooms, I need all the tips I can get. Hubby is to help with moving some things and this morning, he said he wasn't in any hurry...I let him know that I am since I can't do any creating in there until I'm done.
    Mama Bear

  2. You Go Girl!

    I've been making lists of things to do, but the actual doing has been put off due to the stomach bug! - Ugh!!!

    Happy New Year!

  3. BTW - I'm your newest follower:)

  4. I kinda laughed at 4 huge bins of Christmas stuff.....I probably have 30 or more bins of Christmas and now, in this new home I have a DISH ROOM to store all my dishes:):) My hubby is a very understanding man. He has collections too. We both enjoy it, but it doesn't take over our lives or house:):) XO, pinky

  5. Glad you are so organized - it feels really good to know put everything in its place. That's a great use for the door, too.



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