Jan 30, 2013

Computer/Craftroom Walls

No...this is not getting my Valentine Swap completed.  No Siree..it is not.

This is the wall I'll feast my eyes upon as I walk by to sit at my stool at the craft table.  I love olden china pieces I can find for a buck or 2..even $5.  I have collected all of this over 20 yrs.  I am still on the hunt for a box burried in the garage with the last bits of my china pieces that were on a wall in my previous craft room.  I can't wait to find it all so I can finalize a few spots thru-out my home.  I will add until there is no space left here.

Wanna get close up to a few walls??  No...I do not have time for this!!  lol
  This is what I see if I look towards the entry way when the boys holler...MOM?!  I also get a kink in my neck at the computer when they Holler...Mom.where are you?  And, I jerk my neck from the computer that is on the wall next to/under this wall. 
Look at this..is it SWEET or what?  It was my Hubby's lunch box at some point.  It did have 1/2 of the handle on it but it literally crumbled off.  Wow...talk about Old School!..Vintage!!  They have gone from metal to plastic to nylon thru the years.  My oldest won't carry anything but a plastic bag to throw out when he finishes eating.  I cannot send a re-freezable ice pack or anything of value with him.
Got this from a sweet Blogger but I have not seen her anywhere lately.   I was collecting black and cream Toile for quite a while.  Same reason I have the Toile clock to admire right in the middle of this display. 
Do you LOVE vintage post cards as much as I do?  OMG, I can spend too much time at Antique Malls pouring over every single 1 to get my favs..even when there is no a/c.  This has a special cover on it..hence the glare.  It reads Happy New Year in glittery letters with a purple bloom.  I have a set of 2 round framed prints of Beagles that I covered over with scrapbook paper and added fav post cards.
And...behind my head would be this platter.  I have it front and center.  I got it junking after Christmas for $2.  It reads Joy to the World.  I thought it a great reminder of my Christmas blog and inspirational for Memes and give-aways and swaps.

I'm sure there will be more to share soon.  Now...where is that box???

edit:  I did complete my banner...Yay!  Will share that soon too.

Gotta pop over to The Colorado Lady for Vintage Thingy Thursday





  1. Do you have roots in the midwest? Like in Wisconsin? When I was growing up we used the term "olden" and store "boughten" and I don't hear it much from others.

    Also, you are DeniseMarie and I am KeethaDenise!

  2. What great treasures on the walls. Your collection looks great grouped together, and it looks like it could even inspire me to create something. How wonderful to have a room for your crafting. Good luck finding the box. laurie

  3. LOVE all those sweet pieces on the wall, especially the lunch box that was your Rocket Scientists!

    Enjoy your day!


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