Jan 1, 2013

Bits of Detail

I have butterflies in my tummy.  Probably this many fluttering around!

 I am all a-flutter about the craft space coming together in the 2nd half of this game!  Will have MUCH purging to do.  MUCH re-arranging of cabinets and drawers to get it just right.  It will take longer than Hubby imagines for sure.  Good Grief, Dude...I have been collecting a lot of stuff for a long time.  It won't go away in an hour. lol  This is how things are looking:

Anyways...there is progress!
We went to Home Depot for screen molding to conceal the plywood under the door/table.  I want the side of the olden door to show it's patina and craftmanship so Hubby got as small a piece of trim we could.  While there...I spotted this:
 Reg $119, now $39...get in the belly of my cart!!  I may have my store look up inventory from other stores because for $19 there is a coordinating backless stool that would tuck under the other side of the table real nice for a buddy to join me or the boys to do homework near the computer. 

I think it is perfect for my space. It will match the custom fabric that was on the french doors and windows when we bought.  I envision a cursive D or Monogram in the middle of the back.  I may even make a flirty fabric ruffle for it or add some of my upholstry trimmings.
I learned of this lighting while on a scrapbook retreat that quilters also retreated to.  It gives full-spectrum true light.
We went to Hancock Fabrics and pd 1/2 price for a 25 watt replacement bulb..$7.50..to put in here:
No...not the pile of papers I gotta sort thru.  lol  The black swing arm desk lamp Hubby will attach to my craft table. 
I see what it will be!  I know it is gonna come together.  It is a work of the heart.
Bloomin!!  DeniseMarie


  1. Denise, I can not wait to see your room! There must be a lot of crafters redoing their rooms this year. My hubbie has started working on mine. He just got my new storage cabinet put together. I can let go of all the little storage shelves I have now.

    1. Awesomeness, Susan. I wanna see what happens w/urs too!


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