Jan 11, 2013

Live Laugh Love

My Momma's Mantra of life is Live...Laugh...Love.  She has an exhuberant, contageous zest for life.  She is always upbeat and always ready to roll at all times.  Me...maybe not so much.

Can you laugh at yourself?? 
I picked up these numbers at Home Depot the other day while getting supplies for Hubby.  Apparently, I use the number 52 a lot.  My sons and Hubby have pointed it out and it has become a family joke.  My go to number...when exaggerating is .... 52.

This is a $39 lamp from the clearance aisle at TJMaxx.  I got it for $25 because I love everything about it.  I thought it would go in 1 of my boy's rooms but for now...it is in our gathering together room.  I do need to straighten out the numbers a little, but there they are for us all to get a laugh or grin from.  I think I like them wonky..just a lil less wonky maybe.

Learning to get a Laugh out of myself more often!!

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  1. My go to number is 20,000! LOL

    Your craft desk is spectacular! Have I already been by and told you that? Well, if so, it sure doesn't hurt to say it again!

    1. I'm showing it with it's glass top finally. lol

  2. Love your quotes! Laughter and so important. Thanks for visiting.

  3. What a cute reminder!!! My husband says I have the "Lucille Ball Factor". Lots of laughs from me!

  4. That's hilarious! What a fun reminder of mom's quirkiness, right? :) Hope you have a great week---Thanks for linking up with my Homemaking Weekend. The new link is up if you're interested in joining again!

    Mrs. Sarah Coller


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